Sony Offers Free Stuff to Victims



Sony has formally apologised for leaking the personal details of its 77 million PSN users to criminals, and is planning on offering free content and a month of free PlayStation Plus membership in the hopes its victims will forget all about it.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 7, 2011 07:42

    wow i lost 500€. But its okay i got 1 month of free PlayStation Plus membership.... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 4, 2011 11:57

    All I know is that the Sony Execs. are thinking in their collective heads, "there goes Golden Week."... More

Dream C Club Boob Jiggle Upgrade DLC Quite the Eyeful


Hostess alco-seduction sim Dream C Club looks set to seize the title of best platform for nickel-and-diming otaku ero-gamers from the now ill-fated IdolMaster franchise, with a huge variety of saucy costume DLC now available – some even going so far as to actually upgrade the cup size of the girls whilst generously adding even more jiggle and ever more scanty costumes…

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  • Imyou commented on April 2, 2011 08:55

    Not as many as they made it with... Isn't it odd how when you're focused on one girl, you can tilt the camera about... 5 degrees up and down? How useless... Or when you're holding that... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 31, 2011 13:28

    From what Magazine are those pictured from? (And what issue of said magazine)... More

The Toy Wars of Haruhi Suzumiya


Figure-styled shooter Toy Wars has announced a Haruhi collaboration which will finally offer players the much desired prospect of shooting Haruhi.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 24, 2011 22:29

    this looks awesome... More

  • Ben commented on April 3, 2011 09:56

    Whoever translated the novel into English shouldn't get shit either.... More

PlayStation Phone Ideal vs Actuality


Sony Ericsson’s upcoming PlayStation Phone is coming under fire for its tacky design – particularly when compared to some of the svelte mockups which were circulated prior to it becoming a real product.

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  • Zavulon commented on June 12, 2012 06:52

    I have this thing, kind of sucks as a playstation phone but the buttons make playing GBA games a joy :D... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 5, 2011 23:32

    smart ass... More

Square Enix: “Item Charges Will Save Us”


Square Enix profits have plunged and its stock price is at rock bottom – fortunately CEO Yoichi Wada has a plan to reverse this, including a dramatic increase in the company’s reliance on micro-transactions and item charging in its games.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 10, 2010 23:36

    Fffffffffuuuuuu time has scarred SE.... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 17, 2010 10:01 Readers of this site (SKKC) that actually believe this drivel are nothing more than a bunch of sheep.... More

“Undead Nightmare” Indeed: Zombies The New Moe


Zombies really are apparently the new moe – their undead taint now even spreads into such an otherwise completely unrelated title as Red Dead Redemption.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 5, 2010 17:56

    What the FUCK. I HOPED it was a joke.I hoped. Fuck that shit, that's not even funny.... More

  • Klingengeist commented on October 2, 2010 08:00

    Dont forget: "THE LAST WILL BE FIRST"! ^^... More


Square Enix has torn up its promises of DLC for Final Fantasy XIII, and also its promises that the game would still be a PS3 exclusive in Japan.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 15, 2010 16:59

    They probably just figured it was time to cut their losses on this horrible sinking ship and never look back. Or at least I can hope and pray such.... More

  • tomasse commented on September 11, 2010 09:44

    a f*uckin discrace on SE for the path they have chosen to follow through the years...they could have done so much more but they decided not to....!!!... More

The Future of Atlus? New Persona Title Unveiled


Index, the company which just announced the dissolution of beloved RPG maker Atlus, recently unveiled the latest title in the Persona franchise – Persona 3 Social, a mobile phone game promising the latest in “social” gaming with the advanced graphical capabilities of a mobile phone handset, and with players nickelled and dimed for each item.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 17, 2013 08:07

    Am I correct in stating that what we need is not a social game what we need is a real game?... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 4, 2010 05:06

    SMT4 was Strange Journey, n00b.... More

PC Game Downloads Now Half of All Game Sales


Digital sales of retail PC games now all but equal retail sales in the US.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 20, 2014 13:05

    Depends on ur internet. I can d/l most games in 5-20 mins. Also this is for Download games not buy a physical copy of the game. So if ur internet is fast enough, u can... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 7, 2012 08:51

    Used to be a pirate when I was a poorfag, then I got a job > Installed Steam, I'm having hell of fun playing original games and supporting the industry, most of the games I... More

Namco Bandai: “Selling Full Games is No Good”


Echoing recent comments by Codemasters, the CEO of Namco Bandai has also candidly stated that selling full games is old hat and that games should really be nothing but vehicles for DLC.

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  • warjoke commented on April 20, 2012 12:19

    ...And about those "Tales of Unemployment" and "Tales of Bankruptcy" puns I was talking about...... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 5, 2011 09:24

    Ah fuck you douchebag. If they make shitty games of course they aren't going to sell well.... More

Publisher: “Selling Unfinished Games Will Defeat Piracy”


The CEO of Codemasters has been caught saying that he thinks selling “unfinished” games to customers is a much more effective strategy than investing in DRM.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 21, 2013 00:21

    Pirating DLCs is not much of a problem. If you can pirate the game- you can pirate DLCs as well.... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 8, 2011 06:46

    There are a surprising amount of people who actually don't have internet or don't want to connect their consoles online. So these people are just getting the shaft then?... More

Sony Pulls Queen’s Blade After Giving It Away


Sony has hurriedly deleted an uncensored episode of Queen’s Blade it was giving away for free, having belatedly realised the show is no mere cartoon but instead a top tier yuri ero-anime.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 29, 2011 01:46

    good dub? microsoft works? military intelligence? religious education? etc... More

  • Lawence Codye commented on November 17, 2010 04:32

    I remember this, got a PS Store update E-mail saying it was available but didn't immediately jump to the opportunity & now I regret it... Oh well, there is always the DVDs...... More

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