“How Men & Women Rate Partners”


The process by which men and women rate prospective partners has, by the marvels of science and simple arithmetic, been reduced to an equation of unparalleled accuracy.

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  • Chen-04 commented on July 26, 2013 18:55

    Those guys rarely encounter any women in their lives, so the equation looks about right.... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 17, 2011 20:38

    Just divide by the normalizing factors and you get a scale from 0 to 1 in both cases. What matters is only that you get an ordering in each case, the rest is a matter... More

Sultry Temptress Who Seduced & Slew 5 Men Revealed!


Miyuki Ueda, the woman who allegedly seduced and murdered at least 5 men, ranging from lonely otaku to helpless old men, has been arrested in connection with yet another slaying – cameras caught the murderous temptress at the moment of her arrest:

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  • Anonymous commented on December 2, 2010 09:09

    that must have been one VERY lonely otaku... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 12, 2010 05:55

    Or just learn guitar, really. I picked up guitar three months ago and I've had more girls in the last three months than the rest of my 19 years.... More

Vengeful Girlfriend Destroys PS3 with Hammer


Once again a violent girlfriend apparently takes out her frustrations on her boyfriend’s console, in this case a “hot Asian girl” smashing apart her boyfriend’s PS3 with a hammer.

The video:

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  • Anonymous commented on January 12, 2012 18:46

    Stop making sense!... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 7, 2011 02:22

    Yes please.... More

Otaku Popular: “They Can Only Cheat With 2D Girls!”


Otaku have consistently been amongst the least popular men for Japanese women, but at least a few have kind words for them, praising their “conscientious” nature and inability to cheat on all but 2D girls…

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  • Giovi commented on November 18, 2010 12:07

    This is exactly my way of thinking, I would never cheat on my girlfriend, unless...to say Haruhi were to arrive then she's pretty much screwed. GOODBYE!!! I'll be sure to let her know that...... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 4, 2010 02:43

    I've been in a relationship where monogomy wasn't an issue it hurts when all your partner wants is more so stfu PIG... More

Top Male Fashion Faux Pas: The Rucksack


Japanese fashion experts surveyed on what they consider the worst fashion choices a man could make have slated the rucksack as the most unsightly despite its handiness, also rubbishing a variety of other fashion blunders.

Curiously, their list all but mirrors the fashion most associated with otaku

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  • Hawke commented on September 3, 2011 02:46

    I dont think Ive EVER seen anyone dress like that in real life... IF you have more bags than a woman, I can see her being turned off.... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 25, 2010 17:56

    Jezus-titty-fucking-Christ on a crutch, chill out. Man, you need a life. You're all "oh no! Someone said something on the internet that I don't like." u mad?... More


Citing the fact that she was “sick of being bored” and “ignored” by her gamer boyfriend, this maniacal young lady took matters into her own hands and smashed apart his beloved console whilst he was away, rejoicing at his despair at returning home to find the console in pieces and his girlfriend gloating over his misfortune:

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  • Anonymous commented on February 10, 2011 02:12

    girlfriend quit... Think not.. Wife or Kids (Yeah I would then) She's not either, so waste of life or time. Notice she won't marry him at this point in her life, in other words... bullshit... not even funny and... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 7, 2011 01:08

    Never the less the console by the way to Americans the wii has the worst games not saying it sucks we just dont get good games for it so fuck the wii but it was... More


A study of how much skin needs to be exposed in order to have the best chance of attracting men has found women who bared some 40% of their flesh to be the most alluring to men.

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  • Raul Rayven commented on July 15, 2010 14:58

    I'm not a pervert actually, but what this article all about were true to me.... More

  • Anonymous commented on January 9, 2010 15:11

    About 40% (2 arms [sleeveless] + 1 long slit along the side exposing 1 leg + thigh) No wonder I find women in cheongsams/qipaos/chiness dresses so alluring. :D... More

Otaku Marries Nintendo DS “Nene is My Wife!”


A man besotted with virtual maiden Nene of Love Plus, the hit schoolgirl relationship simulator for the Nintendo DS, has married her at a Guam church.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 27, 2012 06:50

    How can you wish a video game, happiness?... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 30, 2012 22:42

    Wonder what would happen to him if his gamecart would be damaged ?... More

Top 10 Professions Japanese Men Most Want to Date


Japanese men asked what profession they would most like to date give a rather depressing but not altogether unexpected list of costume fetishes and sexual fantasies, in stark contrast to the female list of glamourous top earners

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  • Anonymous commented on July 25, 2011 18:31

    A beautician applies make-up to a model.... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 25, 2011 18:29

    Otaku's must be speaking in one voice.... More

Top 10 Professions Japanese Women Most Want to Date


When asked “what profession would you most like to try dating?” Japanese women gave a less than surprising list of the most glamourous and lucrative professions they could think of, apparently supporting the all but universally held notion that material wealth is the key to success with the ladies…

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  • Anonymous commented on April 22, 2012 05:04

    making everything you use every day all of the time with no credit ftw! GO ENGINEERS!... More

  • John commented on April 8, 2012 00:14

    I wonder what are my chances of me being an architect... More

Swindler Cons 20 into Sex “My Father Needs Sex to Live”


A conman who duped 20 women into having kinky sex with him by posing as a young man whose father needed sex to stay alive has been arrested. He was also found to have swindled some 6 million dollars from them, and to have blackmailed them with incriminating photos in order to keep them quiet.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 16, 2010 23:48

    yes and let him his ASS fucked to prevent rectum cancer (funny excuse, eh : )... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 21, 2009 11:51

    You guys are too naive. This has to be fake news.... More

Young Japanese Women Hunt Middle-Aged Men


Middle-aged men are enjoying great popularity amongst younger Japanese women, with some 40% of women preferring older men, and 20% of these only being interested in men at least 10 years older than them, with men in their forties being particularly popular.

Observers speculate that this may be due to the “manly aura” of such older men as compared to the effete younger generations, and of course that women know that the Japanese pay structure vastly favours older men.

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  • Tim commented on May 30, 2013 13:21

    Let me translate this for everyone's basic comprehension: "Woman wouldn't be like this, had we not given them equal rights. :D We gave them rights, and they became power/money hungry meanies." We didn't teach women accountability, to the... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 3, 2013 10:12

    They asked loaded questions.... More

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