Highschool DxD Born BD Brimming with Magic




The 4th BD for busty battle anime Highschool DxD Born has made some noticeable alterations to its art and animation, boosting the quality to ensure only the best for its loyal buyers, additionally offering a bonus animated short featuring mahou shoujo – and the show’s staple nudity, of course.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 29, 2015 02:22

    Akeno best girl... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 28, 2015 06:42

    Ishibumi has made several online posts that seem to hint at the Sitri-Gremory Rating game getting an OVA bundle with a future novel and then season 4. Note these are hints to complaints and questions... More





The arrival of Youkai Watch to the USA has subjected the children’s anime to a wealth of truly preposterous censorship, with the exposed midriffs of bikini-clad girls and entire upper bodies of muscular men apparently being regarded as corrupting to young vulnerable minds.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 30, 2015 12:36

    Well at least they censored the men. You know they would've gotten a lot of shit if it were just the women.... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 26, 2015 16:24

    Thanks Buddy! That was a great help! Now armed with these "copyright symbols", I can finally stop procrastinating and write that corporate cyberpunk thriller!... More

Monmusu BD Sexier Still




The magnificent monster girls of Monmusu have put their monstrously delectable assets on full-display once again thanks to the arrival of its 3rd BD, applying some sexy subtleties as well to greatly boost the viewing experience beyond that of the woefully censored TV broadcast.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 24, 2015 00:50

    What about hentai BD releases? Does no one compare those? I guess not since you already get to see the nipples, or little change.... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 21, 2015 22:59

    @anon 06:57 The topic isn't what is or is not new but the oversaturation of the genre, which means Shinmai still counts.... More




One dedicated King of Fighters fan has made a video comparing the moves in the upcoming King of Fighters XIV and the previous KOF XIII, showing the new game’s faithfulness with its highly similar animations but now possibly giving it room to be lambasted for its “lack of new content”.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 15, 2015 07:21

    I liked the MI series; I hope it comes back. I can't offer any particular analysis of if it "failed" or why, only that I'd like to see my Space Elf Waifu Luise Meyrink return.... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 14, 2015 15:14

    The biggest thing is the 3d characters don't stand out over the backgrounds at all. Makes it hard to see what the hell they're doing.... More

Atelier Sophie Gameplay: PS4 vs Vita




Atelier Sophie has acquainted RPG-fanatics with more of its thrilling turn-based action in addition to comparing the graphical differences between its PS4 and Vita variations, naturally drawing skepticism from those wary of developer’s tendencies to flagrantly falsify such imagery.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 6, 2015 11:47

    Is that Eric Cartman?... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 6, 2015 02:47

    Yeah, what I heard from Japanese artist/dev friends is they get a lot of jobs for mobile/cell phone games. Same shit happening in the West. Damn phone gaming ruining everything!... More




The 2nd BD for adorable mahou shoujo spin-off Prisma Illya 2wei Herz has provided supportive buyers with another luscious animated extra, as the show’s wondrous girls try on more dubious outfits, with some tasteful full frontal nudity also being present should that not prove interesting enough.

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  • jr240483 commented on November 3, 2015 19:10

    at least the fanservice havent changed. however the odds of this thing getting a US release cause of the uber loli fanservice is preety much slim to none.... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 3, 2015 16:43

    she'd probably blame and kill him even if he was on the other side of the world, unable to see exposed illya neko.... More

Highschool DxD Born BD Boasts Bonus Pussy




The consistently stimulating Highschool DxD Born has combated the evils of censorship yet again with its 3rd BD release, for once possessing some clearly distinct visual upgrades and offering another sexy animated bonus of the nekomimi pettanko variety.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 26, 2015 12:23

    Koneko is the best girl on the series, thus the reason I have some cleaning to do...... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 2, 2015 16:08

    Where an I watch the Koneko short?... More





The recently arrived Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water has (somewhat unexpectedly) been subjected to an excessive abundance of censorship, after many believed the skimpy DLC costumes would be the only victims – unfortunately, according to Nintendo, the mere sight of a girl in a bikini is all too hazardous to the M-rated game’s impressionable western audience…

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  • snugdarkly commented on November 2, 2015 03:39

    Unexpectedly? It's Nintendo.... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 31, 2015 11:28

    Skin and boobs have to be censored at all cost. But with the bootie they can do whatever they want.... More

Monmusu BD Busts Out




The scandalously busty escapades of Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou have gone uncensored yet again with its 2nd BD release, meeting the expectations of many watchers by amplifying the anime’s already absurdly intimate scenes, no doubt inflaming hunger for a second season in the process…

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  • yuriphoria commented on October 17, 2015 03:38

    Miia and Cera may have the T, but Papi's the one with the T.... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 16, 2015 12:21

    Isn't that a text-only flash thing?... More

Prison School BD Absurdly Sexy




The sexual enhancements provided by Prison School‘s first BD have been deemed downright criminal by many, depicting the anime’s luxurious females in the nude and decimating the abhorrent censorship of its TV run, though proving unsurprising to those who have witnessed the show’s broadcast on NicoNico.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 7, 2015 06:58

    Manga still sexier... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 5, 2015 19:16

    If only this show didn't have those stupidly oversized breasts ....... More

Anthem of the Heart 2D vs 3D Real Life Locations



Recently debuted anime film “Anthem of the Heart” has inspired otaku fans to scour Japan for the geographical area that the movie was based around, procuring phenomenal results as indicated by their near exact comparison photos – doubtless all about to become the cause of a minor regional tourist.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 30, 2015 03:02

    The artwork in this movie is amazing. In some of the pictures I actually had to think for 2 seconds before I identified which one was real.... More

  • itachixmaster commented on September 30, 2015 02:47

    i want to see this movie soo much :<... More




Fate/stay night mahou shoujo spin-off Prisma Illya Zwei Herz has unleashed its feral side as its first BD comes packed with a wealth of naughty nekomimi escapades (perhaps an ode to a previous bonus short), along with the annihilation of all the dastardly censorship that previously obscured all the magic.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 29, 2015 14:48

    I agree. Kuro would be worth it man.... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 29, 2015 14:47

    Fucking hawt.... More

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