Uber Otaku Melonpan Abandons Otaku Ways



Mega-otaku Melonpan, famed for his dakimakura fondling and dating a Nia dakimakura, appears to have some inner turmoil regarding his hobbies and has announced his separation from posters, figures, dakimakura, pantsu, moe and anything else that stands as proof of his once-proud otaku-ness.

Given Melonpan’s dubious status as one of the most identifiable foreign otaku in existence, his departure will surely be met with disappointment by many.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 6, 2016 16:08

    If it were an ex-christian it would throw away all it's religious dolls too.... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 13, 2012 02:40

    B&E?... More

Newlywed Wife Sells Husband’s PS3 for Fun


The tale of a newly wedded husband whose wife secretly sold his PS3 and games to watch his shocked reaction when she told him has given rise to a storm of outrage, with thousands uniting in disgusted condemnation of the deed.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 8, 2010 14:06

    I'd divorce and sue her to get the money for buying a new one <_< If she would just have sold some games that are easily replaceable it would be forgiveable but selling everything including the... More

  • tyciol commented on December 12, 2009 17:28

    I'm sold, plus the controllers vibrate so you can put it on your crotch during automated combat sequences like Legendia and get those 2 minutes.... More

Fake Mangaka Autographs on Yahoo! Auctions Fetch Fortune


Collectors have been shocked to discover a sustained campaign of signed goods forgery, with the perpetrator selling off his fraudulent handiwork as the genuine article.

The fraud appears to have been perpetrated on an almost industrial scale, with sales reaching a million yen a month ($10,000).

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  • Anonymous commented on May 6, 2009 09:51

    But that's the reason they would be sold at high prices, in the first place... You know how otaku are.... More

  • shalala commented on May 6, 2009 06:10

    They will buy anything if sighed by a mangaka... More

Shotacon Kleptomaniac Sports Fetish Thief Busted


A 21 year old science major has been arrested in Mito City, Ibaraki prefecture, for mass theft of schoolboy baseball and soccer uniforms.

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  • Dexty commented on March 23, 2009 11:14

    Wow I suppose that all seemed pretty normal in his head, but at some point you have to wonder if going around stealing shota's undergarments is a little crazy!... More

  • Vaare commented on February 26, 2009 12:44

    Obviously! I would'a done it.... More

Maniac Otaku Buys 39 Copies of Idol Master SP


Desperate for every last item of Idolmaster merchandise, one otaku bought no less than 39 copies of the new PSP Idolmaster title(s), Idolmaster SP, with most of his haul being in the form of telephone cards limited to specific outlets.

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  • Anonymous commented on January 28, 2012 09:16

    You come to an Otaku oriented site to rant about Otaku content. Its like going to the church and rant about the bible.... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 9, 2010 08:18

    yeah i wish i had that much money to waste...... More

Dakimakura Raep Guide


Dakimakura expert Melonpan provides a practical guide to the proper use of a dakimakura, utilising his extensive harem of Sky Girls amongst others.

Those with lesser power levels will want to pay close attention…

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  • Anonymous commented on October 30, 2011 00:31

    this guy is sick... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 25, 2011 13:23

    goddamn, i know im damaged beyond repair socially/relationship wise but holy fucking shit i just literally (literally as in literally not figuratively) gagged when i saw that guy licking that pillow. i actually laughed at... More

NES Game “M.U.S.C.L.E.” Fetches $10,000


Bandai Famicon game キン肉マン マッスルタッグマッチ / Kinnikuman Muscle Tag Match, or Tag Team Match M.U.S.C.L.E. as it is known outside Japan, has fetched an impressive ¥921,000 at auction. There are said to be only eight copies extant in Japan…

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  • Muzaffar commented on February 17, 2009 00:05

    Oh lawl, I can't even imagine who bought that for $10,000. I remembered playing this game on a "Mega Joy" (an NES emulator) before I got a PSX, and also have this game for my... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 16, 2009 19:21

    I wonder if the game even works, nowadays...... More

Otaku Heaven: Mai Room


This is the room of Swiss uber-otaku Melonpan, of dakimakura waifu Nia fame. His dakimakura harem is rivaled only by his enormous collection of figures and manga, enough to put the most ronery of 2ch otaku to shame… Behold, “mai room”:

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  • Anonymous commented on October 27, 2011 14:10

    I'd like to go there when I die if possible.... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 20, 2011 23:24

    I know you did. You zoomed in on the PC pic to try to see what GPu hes running. Don't deny it!... More

Complete Famicom Game Collection Selling for $7,200


A Mandarake store in Tokyo is selling what is billed as a “Famicom (NES) Complete Cartridge Set” for ¥650,000 ($7,200). The set contains 1,051 different cartridges and is reported as having every Famicom ROM cartridge commercially sold.

It is a pity they are Famicom games and not compatible with the Super Famicom that recently went on sale for $5,500, as that combination would have been enough to cement a gaming otaku’s credentials for life…

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  • Anonymous commented on July 11, 2016 03:53

    Legend of Zelda didn't come out on the Famicom so strike that concern (it was a Famicom Disk game in Japan).... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 10, 2010 22:16

    Dood, blowing on the cartridge works, but only if you are the owner, otherwise, it don't do jack. Of course, if you are the owner and it doesn't work, that means the cartridge does... More

Amazon Selling Super Famicom for $5,500


Amazon.co.jp is listing Nintedo’s classic Super Famicom (SNES), now nearly 20 years old, for the extravagant price of ¥500,000. The item in question is described as “new”…

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  • Anonymous commented on March 21, 2017 12:55

    http://www.veiovis-liberi.de/index.php/component/k2/item/267-xbox-one-unboxing-microsoft-s-promise-to-dominate-your-living-room/267-xbox-one-unboxing-microsoft-s-promise-to-dominate-your-living-room?... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 21, 2010 03:50

    meh, i can buy one for 100$ here with lots of games... More

Rare NES Game Fetches Over $4,000


An extremely rare game for the original Nintendo Famicom (the NES) has just fetched a bank-breaking ¥401,010 (some $4,250) at auction.

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  • Chronomaster commented on May 5, 2009 06:50

    Honestly, I'm more curious about the reason for a converter than I am about the game.... More

  • Anon commented on January 20, 2009 06:39

    Using consoles to train employees. The Japanese truly are a generation or two ahead of the rest of the world.... More

Yagami Hayate Nanoha Otaku Obsession


This maniacal otaku bought no less than five of the newly released 1/7 scale 八神はやて / Yagami Hayate figures, each in the region of ¥10,000, marking him out as an otaku’s otaku indeed. Stacked, the boxes reach a height of some 2m. Is he perhaps trying to communicate something?

Observers are speculating as to just what he needs five of them for; one to admire, one to save, one to show off, and… ?

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  • Anonymous commented on March 29, 2011 20:53

    1. To rub on others' faces 2. To Display 3. [Spare] 4. To Fap with 5. To cum with... More

  • KIRA19 commented on August 23, 2009 13:12

    any, it is a life style!!!... More

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