Iori’s Birthday Prompts Otaku Devotions



IdolMaster’s tsundere idol Iori Minase‘s birthday falls on the 5th of May, prompting the usual displays of obsessive jubilation amongst otaku fans.

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  • XxLolimasterxX commented on December 8, 2015 06:49

    I do not know what in Taiga's nips I am doing here.. But I seem to have come from the Future.. So,Hi.... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 24, 2010 04:58

    what a d-bag... More

Rozen Maiden Lolita Doll Gallery



The doll heroines of Rozen Maiden have been recreated with near total authenticity as actual dolls, exquisite in every detail, along with such loli icons as Sakura, Ruri and Henrietta.

They can all be inspected below.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 20, 2012 12:39

    Desu. Desu desu.... More

  • Bolero commented on March 17, 2011 03:43

    There's Desu, Sakura and Gunslinger Girl! 8D... More

The Evolution of the Otaku Room


The evolution of the otaku room from 1985 to the present is tackled in the below series of illustrations, showing just how far otaku have come (or, possibly, fallen).

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  • Anonymous commented on August 4, 2013 19:48

    Wouldn't evolution mean progress. Looks all the same to me.... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 13, 2012 20:43

    Look at the source code of the page.... More


Japanese women asked what they would feel most dejected about finding in their boyfriend’s room or residence reveal they consider the presence of anime posters rather more troubling than cockroach infestation…

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  • Anonymous commented on April 4, 2013 00:10

    6. He has products intended for women around the place Well I keep some of those travel/hotel sized woman hygiene products around incase I have a lady friend stay the night unexpectedly.... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 12, 2013 20:05

    how to mention the same thing 10 times xD... More

Ultimate Eroge Collection


The latest maniac to lay claim to some dubious record or other emerges – this time with a rather impressive collection of bishoujo games.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 1, 2010 15:07

    I actually counted 632 disk cases from the two images above. Imagine every case was $100, then we have $63 200, with an uncertainty of $40 per case which gives us an value with accuracy... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 30, 2010 11:06

    Having a tiny monitor makes perfect sense... aren't many of these games 800x600 at the most?... More

Otaku Terror Room


One otaku seems to have taken his devotion to eroge heroine Feena Fam Earthlight to unheard of heights, turning his entire room into an eerie character shrine with Feena staring back from every surface.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 22, 2011 02:39

    Sorry, your doing it wrong. If you want to write Japanese then at least spell it write and use propper grammar...XD... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 22, 2011 02:35

    I like the cold over hot stuff. I mean it just feels more immersive and it calms you down.... More



Virtual idol Hatsune Miku’s latest live performance, “Miku’s Day,” has proven a huge success, with otaku attendees enthusiastically queueing by the the thousand and being driven into a frenzy by the spectacular performance the Vocaloids offered.

One particularly obsessive fan reported a virtual epiphany…

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  • Anonymous commented on March 10, 2011 08:32

    I was thinking the same, unles his face is reaaaly ugly, he has good atributes. So I guess is 100% madness and no social circunstances his worshipping.... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 10, 2011 07:18

    Did you get a glimpse of what she was singing? There's no way she could keep up with "The disappearance of Hatsune Miku".... More

Top 10 Worst Things to Find in a Girl’s Room


A survey asking Japanese what they would be most aghast at encountering in a single woman’s room leaves little doubt about the kind of woman the masses despise.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 12, 2016 08:57

    I don’t a fuck about all of them What matters is she's not a slut and her physical/personality is appealing.... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 3, 2013 16:58

    I agree, I'm surprised Yaoi / BL isn't #1. It's #1 for me. Other than that, too many pet clothes and idols can be odd, but the rest of the stuff seems okay.... More

Rei’s Breast Fetches $4,500


Ayanami Rei‘s left breast has fetched ¥403,000 at auction, probably some sort of record.

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  • Sylar commented on March 12, 2010 00:05

    Rei is all powerful.... More

  • Sylar commented on March 12, 2010 00:03

    We all know who the original is.... More

Top 10 Worst Things to Find in a Guy’s Room


Japanese asked what they consider the most unpleasant and shocking things to find in single man’s room deliver an unambiguous verdict: anything anime-related or girly is sure to reduce a man to pariah status.

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  • Anonymous commented on February 24, 2013 15:12

    BB Guns didn't get to count on that list. Then my room is okay, right ?... More

  • Zeta986 commented on December 15, 2011 16:52

    Because otaku`s where everywhere!... More

Nagato Action Fetches $3,600


Frenzied otaku have collectively spent many thousands of dollars on limited distribution film cuttings of the Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi, with the ambiguous Nagato Yuki scene pictured finally changing hands for ¥356,000 in an online auction.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 21, 2010 21:00

    fuck you... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 4, 2010 05:38

    Geeks with too much money. Can't wait for it to come out on Blu-Ray? $3500 can pay for at least 5 3-somes with 2 nice chiks.... More

Otaku Celebrate Chihaya Kisaragi’s Birthday



The ronery hordes of 2ch have celebrated imaginary idol Chihaya‘s birthday (25th February) with the usual plethora of decorations and delicious cakes, including a full legion of Nendoroids…

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  • Hong Xiang Yue commented on July 19, 2012 19:51

    This is crazy! full legion of Nendoroids!?... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 16, 2012 05:40

    Your friends invading the iM@s-ota rooms are walking into a trap. An entire legion of my best nendoroid troops awaits them!... More

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