Station Nopan Exhibitionism


Though presumably not as numerous as their male peers, female exhibitionism maniacs do at times menace Japan’s public transport with their intimate exposure.

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  • fairy commented on November 16, 2013 19:58

    ........ More

  • Anonymous commented on December 17, 2009 05:37

    In japan it's never a surprise.... More

Lolicon Chikan Gropes 5-Year-Old Girl


A man has been arrested for groping the rear of a five-year-old girl, offering in his admission of guilt “It can’t be helped.”

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  • jr2nd commented on November 19, 2015 06:14

    maybe he got 2D confused with 3D? lol... More

  • Anonymous commented on January 18, 2014 12:48

    O.O... More

Female Chikan Gang Rapes Man


Police are hunting a gang of five women who knocked a man off his bicycle and proceeded to strip him of his clothes and sexually assault him.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 20, 2011 11:40

    moral is...... if a man is dying, no one cares....... so even if you are man... There's nothing you can do. Never. (sorry for my english )... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 20, 2011 11:36

    i hope they get hit by some random cars or other things like that...... All misandry/minsadrists must die.Imho.... More

Upskirt Panchira Chinese Style


China is fast catching up with Japan in several key respects, as the photos below amply demonstrate.

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  • cpc65 commented on June 20, 2012 19:06

    I noticed that too. And "her" shoulders seem kinda manly as well. I'm betting that when the guy in the last pic got a good look at the photo he took, he saw a suspicious... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 20, 2011 21:26

    no, it is awesome... More

Teacher: “I Just Had Her Massage My Privates…”


A teacher stands accused of indecent assault after he dropped his trousers in front of a schoolgirl and asked her to rub his nether regions.

He denies the charges, explaining that he was just asking her for a massage.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 1, 2009 13:06

    Fukuzawa Yukichi was reported at the scene of the crime , he was not available for questioning.... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 3, 2009 23:49

    i think theyre just horny... More

13-Year-Old Mentally Disabled Lolita Seduces 71-Year-Old


An elderly man arrested for sexually assaulting a schoolgirl protests that the mentally disabled girl in fact led him on like a precocious young Lolita.

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  • tyciol commented on November 22, 2010 06:24

    It's not as if handicapped are completely disabled, they are able to be sexy and seduce. People should not assume this guy is a liar. Of course, regardless of that, it is a good precaution for... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 1, 2010 11:13

    It depends on what region of Japan he was in. In some Japanese jurisdictions, the age of consent IS 13. What's rape isn't her age, the rape comes from the fact she was mentally ill.... More

Chikan Attacks Schoolgirl with Sextoy


A man who brazenly assaulted a schoolgirl on one of the capital’s packed trains using a sextoy has been arrested.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 7, 2011 09:45

    He avoided sexual assault charges? You'd think the use of sextoys would fall into that category. I'm just assuming that the line is where things stop being "invasive" and start getting "violating", and sextoys definitely... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 13, 2010 10:20

    - It is estimated that only 1% of all date rapes are reported to the police. (Diana Russell, Sexual Exploitation: Rape, Child Abuse and Workplace Harassment, California, 1984.) - 93% of sexual assault survivors do not report... More

Loli Gagger Arrested: “I Did It Over 100 Times”


A lolicon who indecently assaulted little girls by grabbing them on the street, covering their mouths and groping them has finally been brought to justice; he admits to carrying out his attacks over a hundred times…

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  • Anonymous commented on February 25, 2013 20:53

    Loli pick 2.... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 31, 2011 18:24

    LOL! I pick 2. Give it to me during the next mission.... More

Man Arrested for Sharing Rapelay


Japanese police have arrested a man for sharing a rape game on P2P networks, thought to be Rapelay, though they claim to be motivated by his sharing of an uncensored version of the game.

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  • Anony commented on July 11, 2009 07:11

    lol. Now waiting for rapelay2. They should really start using 1920x1080p resolutions instead of limited games to 1024x768. Also they should add some directx 11 tessellation and physics.... More

  • Panda commented on July 11, 2009 01:12

    seriously though this is bullshit... More

Akiba Skirt Slicer Captured


A man who developed and exercised the disturbing fetish of cutting the skirts of women he stalked about town has finally been arrested.

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  • Anonymous commented on January 23, 2012 06:32

    he's fucked lol... More

  • Anonymous commented on January 24, 2011 01:57

    “I did it to satisfy my lusts. Cutting skirts gave me pleasure. I did it many times…” HAHAHAHAHAHAH... More

Chikan Hentai Train Molestation Gallery


The supposed orgy of depraved groping and raep which blights Japan’s train network is the subject of lurid illustration in this gallery, packed as it is with not entirely far-fetched images of chikan orchestrated violation.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 20, 2015 01:26

    Ahn. I would love to be raped on a train.... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 20, 2015 01:25

    You can do it to me. I would love to. Hehe ~ <3... More

Lolicon Steals 500 School Uniforms


Police have arrested a man for breaking into the club room of a school volley ball team in order to steal their school uniforms; searches of his home soon discovered he was a maniac and had stolen over 500 uniforms, but police soon realised that the thief was part of a much bigger trade…

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  • Neko commented on May 1, 2011 12:12

    Don't worry Phoniex is on the Case!... More

  • Dia commented on June 6, 2010 17:29

    They don't actually know, but Conan is on the case.... More

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