Media Invents Eroge Ban


The recent reports of an “eroge ban” in Japan appear by all accounts to have been (almost) entirely fabricated by the mass media, presumably a consequence of wishful thinking.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 25, 2009 20:58

    That's even worse! lol. Guess I'm kinda the opposite. I only play eroge games that have a good storyline so the ban doesn't really affect me since games like that can still be produced, just... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 28, 2009 01:29

    some one should make a law to stop people from Bitching too much! its the same thing as guns don't kill people, people kill people.... More

Rape Eroge Banned


In responses to the recent media hysteria over “rape simulator” adult games, the main industry and ratings body in Japan has opted to completely ban the making and sale of titles featuring rape and sexual violence.

Estimates are that games affected could be “10-20%” of the market, meaning 20% of eroge could end up being banned, with themes such as BDSM and similar becoming completely off bounds.

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  • Anonymous commented on February 16, 2011 02:57

    Feminazi's strike again. Wait... the BL games aren't affected with this are they? ... Absolute Obedience, Enzai and Nitro+Chiral are still there... Yaay~ I'm a happy yaoi fangirl.... but... the hentai fangirl inside of me is crying... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 28, 2010 05:05

    Why do you like them in the first place?... More

American Guilty of Loli Manga Possession Faces 15 Years


The trial of an American man arrested for ordering loli manga from Japan has ended after he pled guilty; he now faces a possible 15 year sentence, along with a $250,000 fine and the loss of all his precious loli manga.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 15, 2015 08:39

    You meant the REAL "MOLESTERS" pedo"phile" is love not crime. Rape is a crime love is not.... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 27, 2015 00:49

    Just Murica... More


International fans of panchira fighting anime Ikkitousen are voicing their anger at the decision of a game censorship body to effectively ban the latest game in the series, Ikkitousen: Shining Dragon, for the PS2.

Rather than tone down the content of the oppai fighting game in order to garner a more workable rating, the localisers instead opted to cancel the English language version.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 24, 2011 20:05

    AOs aren't going to be on display in major markets that don't specifically deal in sex-related things anyway, so they already know what's what about that. Ikkitousen, however, is far more known for its echiness... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 24, 2011 19:54

    But it won't make a lot of money, especially since you can pretty much bet it won't show up at Wal-Mart.... More

“Rape Games Far More Dangerous Than Normal Porn”


Japan’s Koumeito party, long a member of the ruling coalition, has condemned adult games featuring sexual coercion and violence as being a highly negative influence on Japan’s tiny rates of sex crimes. They are calling for a ban or further restrictions on their sale.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 13, 2013 01:37

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  • Anonymous commented on December 15, 2011 02:53

    In canada they consider touching sommeones ear a rape... More

“Japan Forces Poor Countries to Translate Hentai Child Porn”


The Philippines has launched into a hysterical drive to demonise Japanese erotica, with their legislature proclaiming that “hentai is child pornography”, but now there are even claims that Japan is forcing poor countries to service their international child pornography empire, with the Philippines supposedly the number one victim of this monstrous exploitation.

A ludicrous example of this supposed practice is proffered in the form of a lady who is “forced to translate hentai loli manga to support her family”:

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  • Anonymous commented on March 18, 2014 05:59

    Loli manga is translated with google translate. I don't know, how she types kanji (OCR? well, I don't know jap, but can reliably recognize kanji), but if she knows english, she can make something understandable... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 13, 2014 04:21

    Are you crazy? $300 a month for just translating comics would be a godsend for me.... More

Google Humiliated in Japan: Must Redo Street View


Google has been forced by public pressure to retake the entirety of its Street View photographs in Japan, with the camera lowered 40cm to prevent people’s homes being exposed to the world by a camera peeping over their fences.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 25, 2010 01:52

    yeah... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 25, 2010 01:47

    There are many many people in this world if you didn't know. Out of those there are a looot of chances of an embarrassing shot being taking, like you tripping over for example, it's a... More

Equality Now: “We Should Censor Other Countries”


Anti-free speech feminist group Equality Now has earned well deserved infamy with its suppression of adult game RapeLay, but now its legal representative in Japan (the group has no actual office there) has laid out the group’s position, claiming that Japan is poisoning the world with its filth and must be stopped, something we have heard before.

She puts it as follows:

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  • Anonymous commented on April 3, 2010 17:14

    have to agree with you, these feminists should waste their energy doing stuff that are ACTUALLY helping women around the child prostituition in poor countries or sumthing... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 13, 2010 22:06

    Oh lets just let the feminists take over the world already. I'm tired collecting garbage and laying bricks and railroads. Let the women do all these things while I stay at home making sammiches. How... More

Feminists Force Ban of “RapeLay”


The anti-free speech feminist group “Equality Now” has apparently succeeded in forcing the publisher of “rape simulator” game RapeLay into withdrawing the game from sale, as the game has quietly disappeared completely from the publisher’s homepage, and the pages of most retailers.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 29, 2012 08:48

    well its not banned in Canada I bought the game in a local Wal-Mart just the other day.... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 29, 2012 08:46

    ill just play an adult sex game made in america called 3d sex villa 2 and rape those women .... More

Feminist Group: “Japan Must Ban Adult Games”


A US-based international feminist “human rights” group, Equality Now, is demanding the Japanese government ban adult games (and manga and anime by extension) which “promote violence against women,” and violate the human rights of women.

They demand Japan institute a ban on material “promoting” rape and “Loli-Con” sex:

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  • Anonymous commented on December 20, 2014 04:28

    They're not even taken seriously here in the United States.... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 23, 2013 11:12

    Thats stupid, the femist are funny because they only complain about hentai games "lolicon" and "rape" whit womens,but they not talk or complain about "shotacon" or "rape yaoi" jajaja equal femism its bullshit.... More

K-ON! Mio Shimapan Panchira Delights Fans



The latest episode of Mio anime K-ON! finally exposes the pantsu of fan favourite Mio, and reveals them to be tastefully striped shimapan. Fan ecstasy knows no bounds.

There are also moderately fetishistic cosplay choices on display, such as sukumizu, maid, and nurse…

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  • zeroryoko1974 commented on May 10, 2009 14:09

    all your sweets are belong to coal guys... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 10, 2009 01:49

    @ ZeRy: It was summer, they say in episode 3 that it is summer and they are going to the beach, then they do o_O... More

Queen’s Blade Censorship Frenzy: Even Pantsu Banned


Terrestrial viewers in many regions are reeling with the latest onslaught of the censors on hapless oppai anime Queen’s Blade.

The most recent episode, acclaimed for erotic massage of oppai pharoah Menas, has suffered more heavily than ever under their hand, and now it seems even gratuitous panchira, the very lifeblood of the series, are no good.

You can see a detailed comparison of the two versions below:

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  • payne commented on May 8, 2009 05:32

    don't block the da goodies... More

  • Artefact commented on May 8, 2009 04:13

    Experience demonstrates we can actually have two articles on every episode, one for the episode, the other for the censorship.... More

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