Hyakka Ryoran‘s 2nd volume is here, featuring a comparison with the TV broadcast for those with an eye for detail to thoroughly examine, as well as some embarrassingly sexy extras.

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  • PirateKing commented on July 31, 2013 02:36

    Not everybody wants to see that...... More

  • yuriphoria commented on July 30, 2013 00:00

    @ Anon 11:39 I have a dream...a hot one...... More

Senran Kagura Bouncier Than Ever



The 4th Blu-ray of hyper busty shinobi anime Senran Kagura has been released, and has been upgraded enough to elicit thorough comparison, as well as including some highly animated extras…

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  • Anonymous commented on June 30, 2013 20:03

    Ah, that quote shall remain legendary. [Pyon!]... More

  • yuriphoria commented on June 29, 2013 23:27

    Indeed, nobody is going to buy this BD and not try to fap to it so why not going with full frontal nudity?... More




Hyakka Ryoran‘s 2nd season has ended and its first Blu-ray has arrived, with an analysis of the difference between the disc release and the ink-smeared TV broadcast revealing all it has to offer – quite a lot as it turns out.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 20, 2013 14:19

    I cant find that bathing scene............ More

  • Anonymous commented on July 9, 2013 23:09

    I don't see why they cover the crotches on the girls since there's not a vagina to be seen.... More

High School DxD OAD Devilishly Seductive


In anticipation of its upcoming new season, High School DxD‘s new 15th volume OAD/OVA has been released, and is loaded with plenty of the top-heavy and underdressed antics fans have come to expect.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 8, 2013 10:25

    Dat Akeno... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 7, 2013 12:42

    I'm no supernatural expert but then again I'm not so much a novice to question how can a Devil be possessed by a Mummy? Devils don't get possessed, they are the ones that do the... More

OniAi Sleepy Docking Anime


The 6th volume of generic harem anime OniAi brings more yuri love, uncensored nipples, and includes an extra about a sleepy heroine who can’t seem to keep her clothes on – what more could fans ask for?

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  • Morgadeth commented on June 3, 2013 07:38

    Are you channeling Fox News or CNN?... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 2, 2013 08:17

    the girls where men befoe!... More

To Love-Ru Darkness Total Ero-Anime




Despite the massacre of the TV broadcast by censors, To Love-Ru Darkness is now completely reborn on Blu-ray with the arrival of its final volume which features more erotic content than ever for fans to drool over.

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  • Woody commented on June 13, 2013 20:15

    I'm a young boy.there so crazy... More

  • Woody commented on June 13, 2013 20:15

    I'm a young boy.there so crazy... More

Date A Live Director’s Cut Quite Uncut


Supernatural harem anime Date A Live‘s first Blu-ray boasts a “director’s cut” edition with redone visuals, new scenes – and, of course, a thorough decensorisation.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 3, 2013 11:08

    Maji hiku waaa ^_^... More

  • Jordy commented on July 21, 2013 02:52

    how can you say it's not so different? it's so crucial. because not only just censored matter but also scene deletion. have to wait bd version after watching it so frustating... More

OniAi Abuzz with Upgrades



While not as yuri-packed as previous disc releases, generic harem anime OniAi still manages to keep up the erotic upgrades in its latest Blu-ray with the help of a curious bee and three unsuspecting girls, along with the usual comparison.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 1, 2013 14:35

    Lack of generic, bitchy tsundere girl makes this anime more enjoyable than other harem anime out there.... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 28, 2013 11:30

    L9lawi... hadchi m9awwad, Anime ghi d l7wa..... More

Da Capo III Barely Upgraded




The latest Blu-ray of Da Capo III includes added lingerie service to tempt Katsuragi Himeno fans, though many are likely hankering after pink of a different kind…

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  • Anonymous commented on April 27, 2013 20:56


  • Anonymous commented on April 27, 2013 17:52

    Don't underestimate the insanity of sankaku users... there are guys here who fap to barbie dolls.... More

To Love-Ru Darkness Blu-ray Limitlessly Sexy





The 5th Blu-ray edition of bestselling ero-manga To Love-Ru Darkness arrives, featuring the obligatory bathing, sexy Yami night-time foreplay, and some exceedingly provocative teacher-on-student action (even if the student is only the pathetically chaste Rito), all of which is finally uncensored.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 11, 2013 04:20

    Goddamit just make a full-blown hentai of this!... More

  • Marcos commented on April 27, 2013 10:14

    money, money, money nothing more... More

Senran Kagura Shinobi Tentacle Rape BD Action




Hyper-boob anime Senran Kagura‘s 2nd Blu-ray contains the usual BD extras (though not the most obviously in demand additions), as well as including tentacular extras involving one of the buxom shinobi girls acting wildly out of character…

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  • Anonymous commented on June 28, 2013 15:40

    Tentacle Rape? I see some tentacles but the title is an exaggeration… Nice handkerchief box by the way. Oink.... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 28, 2013 03:21

    Who is this anime aimed at? With this much exposed skin and sexual suggestions, I would never allow any child to see this program. If it's aimed at adults, I'd like to think they can... More

Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Uncut Imouto Sex



Fans of Tomodachi ga Sukunai have been keenly picking up on all the extra service that has found its way even into the relatively tame content of the 1st volume, most notably in the form of of Sena’s imouto eroge appearing fully uncensored…

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  • Anonymous commented on May 3, 2014 09:38

    "WHAT IS DEFINITELY NOT LEGAL YOU PRUDE FCK?" Your brain is not functional. It's amazing you can type. He said "illegal", and not improper or some such. English, learn it.... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 3, 2014 09:36

    "-and an eighth-grader in Japan would be legal to have sex with anyways at 13 years old. lrn/2 laws of consent dipshits." Because laws of consent are the same as laws covering child porno. You're such... More

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