Radical Revy Bikini Figure


Black Lagoon’s honky tonk woman Revy has earned even greater notoriety thanks to New Line’s latest stimulating figure, featuring the tough woman donning a daringly small bikini (familiar to art fans no doubt) whilst grasping an automatic and stylishly smoking a cigarette – the super cool Revy can menace those around her into a purchase this October.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 1, 2015 03:06

    Great. They weren't able to correct her face or her balloon boobs ... so they gave her bikini a paintjob instead. Now it's a completely new figure totally worth our hard earned money. I feel sorry for the... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 29, 2015 03:34

    it's crap... More

Blood-Soaked Roberta Maid Figure


The hardcore maid Roberta of Black Lagoon‘s special OVA series “Roberta’s Blood Trail” has had her implied path of carnage realized in figure form courtesy of New Line, standing 29cm tall and showcasing the lovely lady drenched in the viscera of her foes – Roberta will arrive in May, likely leaving none alive in the process.

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  • Anonymous commented on January 6, 2015 13:18

    What no loli maid apprentice?... More

  • Anonymous commented on January 6, 2015 04:11

    the scariest. And the saddest.... More

Top 20 Coolest Anime


“Anime” and “cool” in the same sentence may still strike some yokels as oxymoronic, but that has not stopped anime fans from voting for what they believe are the coolest anime of all time for this latest ranking – which not only again manages to include “that” anime, but even manages to see some recent blockblusters displaced by venerable classics…

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  • Anonymous commented on March 12, 2013 22:18

    >Tiger & Bunny >cool HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 14, 2013 16:15

    Star driver? make a robot look totally gay is cool? lol wtf happen to this world. Pd: I remembed Scryed more to the opening who looks like a Ricky Martin song... More

Black Lagoon Finally Restarts


Almost a hiatus of some 3 years top gun play manga Black Lagoon has finally restarted, much to the delight of its many fans.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 6, 2015 19:09

    The world needs moar Black Lagoon.... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 14, 2013 15:00

    What the hell is "TUDE"? And there are english dubs you can watch that don't have any engrish.... More

Sexy Black Lagoon Revy Big Cowgirl Version


Black Lagoon’s trigger happy heroine Revy gets her latest figure incarnation courtesy of A-Label, depicting her in a revealing cowboy outfit and presented in relatively gigantic 1/4 scale.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 8, 2010 20:45

    Her normal outfit looks so much better/sexier then this stuff though. Seems almost needless on so many different levels..... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 5, 2010 15:09

    meh DO NOT WANT!... More


Black Lagoon mangaka Rei Hiroe has told manga pirates in no uncertain terms that they are thieving swine and that “I hope these guys pirating manga get pancreatic cancer soon.”

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  • Chen-04 commented on August 9, 2013 22:43

    Only if localizations ain't messed up to the point were it isn't enjoyably anymore.... like 99.97% of all manga are.... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 1, 2013 02:09

    As long as there's a treasure in the sea, The Pirates will taking it for free....... More

Black Lagoon OVA Nipple Action


The first instalment of Black Lagoon – Roberta’s Blood Trail, the Black Lagoon OVA/3rd season, has had an advance airing which soon delighted viewers a spot of nipple exposure, visible below:

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  • Anonymous commented on January 21, 2013 23:59

    I hope they're not crispy too..... More

  • Erranty commented on September 2, 2012 10:02

    Balalika too, if she even has nipples left...... More

Revy Busty Bikini Figure Poses Fatal Attraction


Black Lagoon‘s murderous heroine Revy is set to receive a figure depicting her in a sexy pink bikini in July 2010, by New Line. She is also well armed, of course.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 25, 2010 17:24

    Good looking, but ultimately it fails to capture the source material is what I and what 90% of people commented. TRY AGAIN Newline...... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 9, 2010 05:18

    I wonder how this one passed below my radar o_O though it lacks of expression, good choice of weapons Avtomat Podvodnyj Spetsialnyj http://world.guns.ru/assault/as69-e.htm)... More

Revy Black Lagoon Cosplay


Black Lagoon‘s murderous female protagonist Revy (or Levy, Rebi or Rebecca) has proven the inspiration for a wide variety of sexy cosplay, with her difficult tattoo and ample bosom the only real obstacles cosplayers face in their efforts.

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  • Erranty commented on September 2, 2012 10:04

    She's a little TOO close to Revy as far was her wicked smile though. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-9eCRhBHHSvs/T57XQe8jDwI/AAAAAAAALfA/xeK899IEA8M/s1600/Revy_Black_Lagoon_Cosplay_Omi_Gibson.jpg That pic right there.... More

  • motherfuckingcomplex commented on July 3, 2010 04:38

    number two party party party in my pants cool_killzign_cool... More

Black Lagoon Season 3 Details Unveiled


Details of the long awaited continuation of pirate oppai anime Black Lagoon have been revealed.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 28, 2010 15:15

    pirate oppai anime Black Lagoon "pirate oppai" WTF???!!! It never was one! Neither first, nor second season... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 20, 2009 00:29

    It will deal with the killer-twins I think...4th season if ever produced will be pure Roberta-rampage... More

The Melancholy of Balalaika


One of the more bizarre, yet skilfully executed, crossover OPs to grace Nico. Black Lagoon’s Russian mafia queen Balalaika stars in her very own anime, inexplicably in the style of Haruhi…

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  • Anonymous commented on July 4, 2009 09:40

    ... Oh, fuck. What's next, R-Evy, with Revy on Lead, Roberta on drums, Balalaika on keyboards, and Gretel (or Hansel--can't tell 'em apart) on Bass?... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 15, 2009 14:10

    not in nico!... More

Black Lagoon 3rd Season On


Black Lagoon has had confirmation of its third season; other details are yet lacking. Not particularly surprising given the commercial success of the series, or the amount of manga available to work with, but still.

The rather laconic source (not that this report is any better).

  • Firaku commented on July 18, 2009 13:33

    I was thinking the same thing after reading that.... More

  • o.o commented on June 4, 2009 12:43

    srsly wat the fuck are you snorting..... More


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