27% of Men Admit to Rape


South Africa has the disgraceful distinction of being the nation with the highest rates of sexual assault in the world, but a recent survey only serves to compound this: 27% of men asked freely admitted raping women or girls.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 24, 2012 11:24

    "Africa is proof that blacks can't rule a country successfully" "And you base this on............." Massive ignorance and bigotry.... More

  • CHANblog commented on February 12, 2011 08:30

    "Africa is proof that blacks can't rule a country successfully" And you base this on................ More

“Black Widow” Rapes Ten Men


A woman who serially raped at least 10 men using drugs and bondage has been dubbed a Russian “Black Widow”, though not all of her victims complain about her attacks…

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  • Anonymous commented on October 21, 2011 11:20

    That's brilliant...... More

  • LanSlyde commented on July 31, 2010 15:57

    Easy boys, Think before you act. Your all the type that enjoys your young, submissive, moe styled girls right? Thats not Russia.... More

Girl Wakes with 53 Unwanted Tattoos


A teenage girl is suing her tattooist she claims tattooed 56 stars on her face after she asked for three.

The girl is suing for over $15,000 in damages for “the graffiti that ruined my life”, after the tattoo artist allegedly thought nothing of giving her eighteen times the tattoos she requested.

The man responsible for the ‘graffiti’, himself covered in tattoos and piercings, insists he only complied with her instructions, and at the reasonable price of $90.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 10, 2012 05:09

    We all know now that Kimberley Vlaeminck lied, she did want those stars tattooed on her face. But she didn't expect the reactions of her family and friends. I saw her on a TV interview, with... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 3, 2012 18:17

    Probably nobody else wanted to look like a nit-picking troll.... More

Chinese Foot Binding Lives On


The thousand year old Chinese practice of foot binding may be long since abolished, but its grotesque legacy lives on in the few surviving ladies who were subjected to this crippling treatment.

Some of the last victims still live on, and the nature of the practice can be readily ascertained from the graphic photos below:

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  • Anonymous commented on December 2, 2011 02:25

    not that it doesn't need bashing...... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 2, 2011 02:24

    yeah, but this website tends to bash china more than any other country... More

Woman Loses Virginity Six Times, Nearly Dies


A woman who lost her virginity six times with the aid of repeated surgery finally found herself at death’s door after her weakened immune system succumbed to disease.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 19, 2011 20:50

    It's not very clear if you're trying to imply that the personality trait you're mentioning is good or bad. Either way, I don't think that there's anything wrong with losing your virginity, no matter how it... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 18, 2011 14:41

    Virgin who f cares, give me a girl who can perform in bed. Oh stories like this just make my day.... More


A lolicon swimming instructor who used his position to take “tens of thousands” of photographs of the young girls using the swimming pool where he worked has shocked Dutch media, particularly as it emerged that he had already been subjected to an investigation some years prior for allegedly assaulting young girls.

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  • putana commented on December 1, 2009 13:17

    let the teacher fuck the lil girls...they are happies too ... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 29, 2009 02:52

    It's Kimura-sensei IRL!... More

“Male” Baby Born With No Penis


A baby born with no penis has been proclaimed male, mainly on the basis of his DNA. The baby was also born without a right thumb and ear and without properly functioning eyelids.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 19, 2016 05:48

    That's what I was thinking. Islam is A-ok with cousin marriages.... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 19, 2016 05:05

    this must be the origins of yurifags.... More

“K-ON! is Our Raison D’être” & Other Anime Truisms


The conclusion of K-ON! has brought a new epithet for the series, “K-ON! is Our Raison D’être”, which has been accepted as official by 2ch.

However, there are many other such anime truisms circulating on 2ch, and a list of them has been circulating for years. Periodically, new anime are added to the list by a decision making process which is not fully understood, but as it has given rise to such self-evident (to 2ch at any rate) truisms as “Clannad is Life“, “Touhou is Religion” and “Hatsune Miku is the Light of Truth” it is clearly worthy of further study.

Below you can see the full version of the list in its latest iteration, fully translated.

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  • maid-mio commented on June 11, 2010 13:25

    Anyone have an updated list?... More

  • L33tminion commented on July 1, 2009 13:01

    ひぐらしは論理学 Higurashi is Ethics Except 論理学 (ろんりがく, ronrigaku) is logic, not ethics. 倫理学 (りんりがく, rinrigaku) is ethics. So which one is the 2ch truism?... More

Pantsu Mugger Tears Off Woman’s Underwear in Street


A man has been indicted for mugging a lady for her underwear in the street, tearing off her pantsu whilst she was still wearing them in a brazen act of pantsu theft.

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  • Anonymous commented on January 17, 2010 10:31

    adawd adsad w ryt tyhj fgh gfh f... More

  • tyciol commented on December 12, 2009 15:26

    Yes, just like I can go out and steal someone's car if they're my age.... More

Rain of Tadpoles Strikes Ishikawa



Ishikawa was recently witness to a strange weather recently: a rain of tadpoles with a chance of fish.

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  • Cinaed commented on June 19, 2009 18:08

    i doubt anyone will read this since its such a late reply, but this happened in bonita CA a few years ago we had shad fingerlings falling in peoples backyards (shad is an anadromous species) brown... More

  • jing.boy commented on June 18, 2009 17:34

    i doubt about it, may be is alient coming and time for action heroes rising :P... More

What Was Tsumugi Doing? 2ch Investigates


One recent discussion from the think tank that is 2ch centers around a most puzzlingly enigma – What exactly was Tsumugi doing in episode 10 of K-ON! rocking her hands sideways and chanting “Yoisho-Yoisho?”

Many hypothesis were thus produced, encompassing  such a wide spectrum of possibilities that, in all likelihood, one of them is correct. Some personal favorites include:

She was massaging Yui’s oppai from afar.

She was sending electronic transmissions to E.T.

She was playing a game with faeries that can only be seen by the truly pure of heart.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 3, 2010 05:15

    she whas rubbing a ghost cock.. WHY WOULD U INVESTIGATE SUCH DUMB SHIT LIKE THIS?... More

  • UncommonOtaku commented on June 1, 2010 12:23

    what I want to know is WHY is her hands always drawn small? o.o*?... More


Professional oriental monk impersonator and Hollywood actor David Carradine was discovered dead under mysterious circumstances early this week in his Bangkok hotel room.

Bangkok tabloid newspapaper, Thai Rath, was one of the first news sources at the scene of the ongoing investigation and printed a front-page photo, which allegedly shows the actor hanging from a fixture in his hotel room, in what appears to be a wig and women’s clothing.

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  • ARBO commented on June 21, 2009 16:49

    OMG!... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 13, 2009 14:22

    Jesus Christ, say dong or cock or junk...anything but Johnny!... More

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