Top 20 AT-X Anime of 2014


Elite premium VIP anime station AT-X has provided a rather insightful ranking of their top 20 best anime of 2014 as voted by their faithful subscribers – with even the compelling VRMMOFPS action bested by sheer moeblobbery thanks to the Type B purebloods who support this esteemed station.

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  • Haborym commented on January 11, 2015 15:49

    Not everyone hates Shinji.... More

  • Anonymous commented on January 5, 2015 04:24

    Hmm what about hellsing or hellsing ultimate ? btw those are not seinens , how tend up being uber dark and all kind of f**up stuff. There are dif genres and demographics and those here... More

Top 20 AT-X Anime of 2013


Obsessive watchers of premium steamless anime station AT-X have been given the privilege of voting for their favorite show of the year, with the top 20 being conveniently sorted into a ranking – and thanks to the unique tastes of this elite group even the almighty Shingeki No Kyojin has been knocked from the top spot.

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  • Anonymous commented on January 9, 2014 09:40

    coppelion was pretty bad . .... More

  • Anonymous commented on January 9, 2014 07:28

    Just noticed that I haven't watched to the end even ONE show on this list...... More

“AT-XXX” Yu-Shibu Total Nipple Anime



Retail service fans have been delighting in the now all but uncensored AT-X broadcast of Yu-Shibu delivers, delivering the goods to fans even before the disc release.

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  • Chris commented on January 6, 2014 15:44

    Are you from Canada and a dane?... More

  • Spid3r commented on December 27, 2013 15:07

    Make same omake pls: [img][/img]... More

Yu-Shibu Nipple Extras Confirmed




Yu-Shibu fans are in a tizzy upon learning that they too will not be spared the power of Blu-ray – with the AT-X broadcast being all but uncensored and leaving nothing to the imagination or disc release for once.

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  • skyhunter commented on December 2, 2013 01:06

    good yes... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 28, 2013 03:05

    Apparently not actual eyes either, but you don't hear everyone complain about that...... More

Freezing 2 Total Abuse Anime

Freezing 2 Episode 6 139

Freezing 2 Episode 6 141

Freezing 2 Episode 6 076

Satellizer becomes nothing more than an obedient puppet in the latest episode of Freezing, setting the stage for some choice BDSM action…

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  • Anonymous commented on December 27, 2013 10:49

    I think Satelizer is ugly now eww ugly whore now to me your jut a big tit waste of stamina needles... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 27, 2013 10:36

    HELL YEA... More

Freezing Topless Training Anime

Freezing 2 Episode 3 015

Freezing 2 Episode 3 138

Freezing 2 Episode 3 147

The girls of Freezing have evidently been working out a lot to maintain their sexy frames, although there seems to be no danger of them losing fat where it counts….

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  • Anonymous commented on October 24, 2013 21:59

    Boooooooooooooooooooooooobs!... More

  • Reo commented on October 23, 2013 23:36

    0091.jpg something wrong is there!!... More

Freezing 2 Returns Hotter Than Ever

Freezing 2 Episode 1 009

Freezing 2 Episode 1 045

Freezing 2 Episode 1 061

The ladies of Freezing make a suitably hotblooded comeback for the second season, showing off their charms right from the get-go.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 21, 2013 08:38

    I and a lot of other people would appreciate it if Sankaku posted more from Freezing Vibration... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 11, 2013 12:46

    you are wrong cos in the manga, there is another nova clash... More

Ultra HD Anime on Japanese TV “By 2014″


Anime in 3840×2160 “2160p” UHDTV resolutions should be available by the summer of 2014, as the Japanese government is pressing for the rollout of 4K UHDTV 2 years ahead of schedule in an effort to save the TV industry from collapse.

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  • Chen-04 commented on December 22, 2013 00:45

    yeah.. though I would be fine if they started to sell hentai on BD already.... More

  • Chen-04 commented on December 22, 2013 00:35

    40 inch monitors with 4k is like mobile phones with 1080p ... utterly pointless. You need >120 inches.... More




Those anticipating the nipple-filled uncensored broadcast of To Love-Ru Darkness on premium anime channel AT-X have been outraged to learn they will be “enjoying” the same steamily overlit show as everyone else, much to their despair.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 17, 2012 08:59

    THE LIGHT! IT BURNS!... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 12, 2012 20:53

    I'm a happy fapping virgin with big-ass balls and cum like a horse. Cute girls and sexy elements are always a plot!... More

H ga Dekinai Sex Anime


H ga Dekinai may have finally managed to get over its titular impotence, but even AT-X couldn’t completely show its most explicit scene so far, something which will presumably be corrected in the Blu-ray version.

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  • akirasayumi commented on September 22, 2012 20:05

    wow... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 13, 2012 17:25

    The God of Light is still alive!? i thought we killed it and he died already...... More

Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai Sexy Shinigami Anime


H wa Dekinai is fortunately anything but, with plenty of topless nipple baring action to keep things interesting at all times.

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  • Cabulb commented on July 15, 2012 19:41

    moar bondage and rape ye... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 15, 2012 18:50

    "Everyone of these anime posts always have a bunch of people saying that that an anime is garbage. Fine... its garbage, support it." You don't need to tell us twice to not support it. "Dont just... More

Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai Overflowing with Sexiness


Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai (loosely “because I can’t do any ecchi” – or the even worse English title of “So, I Can’t Play H?”) has not been gaining much praise for the quality of its bizarre plot so far, but fortunately it has boobs and a sexy heroine, along with something else none of the season’s other anime have so far – nipples (on AT-X at least).

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  • s0beit commented on July 11, 2012 21:29

    I like both of the shows, actually. Koneko is a goddess by the way.... More

  • Daisuki-chan commented on July 8, 2012 12:31

    So now a tsunami is going to hit the southeast coast of South America and devastate Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay? Couldn't you have just bounced him into the Sun instead?... More

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