Loli BiriBiri Stripped


To Aru Majutsu no Index has been gradually ramping up its service content as the series progresses; the latest episode sees fan favourite Misaka Mikoto (or rather, Last Order, her loli counterpart) bereft of clothes and charmingly unhappy about the fact.

If the sight of a blushing ten-year-old desperately trying to preserve her marriageability appeals to you, be sure to take a look:

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  • Anonymous commented on July 15, 2009 22:42

    That reply made me laugh. XD... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 26, 2009 03:46

    * <3 misaka blood scene & arc, needs more xD... More

Kaori Kanzaki Kotobukiya Figure


The third and latest figure from Kotobukiya based on A Certain Magical Index was released a few days ago, and quality review photos have since surfaced online, showing the shapely swordswoman Kaori Kanzaki in excellent detail.

This latest figure is the third out of four announced Index figures from Kotobukiya, coming nearly 4 months after the release of the previous defrockable Index moe figure.

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  • CC commented on February 10, 2009 22:22

    Love the expression in pic 06.... More

  • Azuri commented on February 10, 2009 17:15

    Heck YEAH!!!... More

Blu-ray Quality Index Oppai


Fans continue to wistfully offer up their impressions of how the Blu-ray edition of To Aru Majutsu no Index will compare to the DTV version; certainly it seems likely that the  DVD will contain some enhancements, but whether they will be on this scale is another matter…

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  • LoveLongSought commented on February 9, 2009 09:54

    Well I own the First 3 episodes on blu-ray and the first press edition at that... More

  • basilio commented on February 9, 2009 06:29

    Lol, well, I highly doubt they will show Mikoto's breasts on the Blu-ray version.... wishful thinking.... More

New Toradora! / A Certain Magical Index OPs



Quality loli tsundere and loli moe nun anime Toradora! and A Certain Magical Index (or To Aru Majutsu no Index) have introduced new OPs for their second cours, both starting at episodes #17.

You may see both below in HD and compare/contrast to the original OPs…

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  • MaidNiac commented on March 12, 2009 11:57

    Quality animation by JC Stuffs..<3 Btw, Shirley from Code Geass in 0:34.... More

  • iragedsohard commented on February 2, 2009 12:13

    Get back to /b/.... More

To Aru Majutsu no Index Blu-ray vs Digital TV


A comparison of the difference between the recently released Blu-ray edition of Index-tan anime A Certain Magical Index (on the right) and the digitally broadcast version (on the left) emerges.

The difference is as night and day… In fact it seems a little extreme? Poor encoding, perhaps?

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  • Anonymous commented on April 10, 2010 14:22

    I agree. I can't really tell the difference except on the first and last pics, and even then I don't worry about that kind of stuff when I'm just watching it for basic amusement.... More

  • H8gwb commented on April 25, 2009 10:39

    Sure, there are differences, but anybody who really cares is a BluRay fag.... More

A Certain Magical Index-tan


The first Blu-ray volume (and DVD) of nun-ism anime To Aru Majustsu no Index is currently delighting fans with the addition of an extra in the form of an Index-tan (chibi Index in a similar vein to chibi Shana, and even Haruhi) bonus DVD.

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  • Lero commented on June 7, 2009 01:48

    Index-tan 2 is alreasy out!!... More

  • NUBFIGHT4 commented on May 10, 2009 14:02


A Certain Magical Oppai Bathing Scene: Kaori Kanzaki


Just as we saw most of the flatter cast of To Aru Majutsu no Index alluringly appear in the beach episode, now we have something for fans of the overdeveloped feminine form in episode 16: Kaori Kanzaki’s oppai exposure bathing scene.

A legend in the making?

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  • Anonymous commented on June 13, 2009 05:40

    "Look at that sideboob'' -Peter Griffin... More

  • monban commented on March 1, 2009 05:34

    me like sideboobs view... More

A Certain Magical Leek


The latest episode of To Aru Majutsu no Index has fans absolutely perplexed as to why the “ID Search Engine” featured here bears a Miku-esque picture of Index bearing a leek.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 26, 2009 10:35

    Ask any film/TV maker and if there as honest as the one that I met, the answer is always, "'cause we love to fuck with chu".... More

  • Ohkikaze commented on February 18, 2009 18:07

    aah nice research^~^ didnt know wales is known for its leeks... More


In light of the recent post regarding A Certain Magical Index’s bikini episode, I decided to translate a doujinshi from the series this week. It is available for viewing on the Channel here.

This is probably one of Digital Lover’s more humorous releases. Enjoy!

  • Anonymous commented on May 3, 2010 11:43

    Thank you a lot yo' x333... More

  • Quen commented on January 20, 2009 20:55

    Very nice Raiken, and a very cute doujin too.... More


A nekomimi themed maid café in Akihabara will be holding a special “Toradora x Index” event next week, with the menu offering the likes of “Minori‘s Purin” and “Index‘s Donburi”.

The maids are sure to be dressed in appropriate cosplay, plus there is the promise of limited edition presents to customers, and even the opportunity to pay $40 to eat from the “Purin Bucket”, better known here as Minorin’s Raep Bucket.

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  • Ohkikaze commented on February 17, 2009 07:20

    damn it i have to whip myself to learn proper japanese already so i can finally move over!!! I really love the details like the description of the taiga sweet curry and the Bucket, it shows... More

  • Tommy commented on January 17, 2009 19:01

    The purin they serve look appetizing. I want to go T_T. 4000 Yen for the rape bucket is quite expensive and they just make one a day only.... More

A Certain Magical Index’s Loli Ero Mizugi Special



The much anticipated 15th episode of Index anime A Certain Magical Index has dispensed with story in favour of loli oppai ero. Casualties are reported amongst fans.

You can see the devastating images, including the obligatory animated .gifs, below:

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  • Clead DE. HeavenHell commented on January 18, 2009 09:34

    well, illegal is a little too much, but in a way they were using too much fanservice stuff, i was thinking that toume screwed more his head... More

  • basilio commented on January 17, 2009 16:17

    Whaha!! Man, just saw this episode and it was awesome! Especially loved the "little sister" role of Mikoto.... More

Evil Index


Nun moe icon Index, of A Certain Magical Index, reveals a hidden side in this latest capture. Speculation immediately centres on this sinister appearance; is she not a malign spirit, sucking the life (not to mention money) from protagonist Touma for her own diabolical ends, some wonder?

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  • Anonymous commented on December 24, 2011 13:07

    but then himegami will kill her.....involuntarily... More

  • maru commented on January 13, 2009 23:25

    Who would mind being sucked dry by Index?... More

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