Don’t Say Indy 3D


‘Don’t say Indy’, the MAD remixed version of K-ON! ending tune ‘Don’t Say Lazy’, has proven to be exceedingly popular. Soon enough a version using 3D computer graphics was spawned, though with Daler Mehndi the results are somewhat different…

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  • Anon commented on July 18, 2009 11:11

    cause tunak tunak tun makes everything better* fixed... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 8, 2009 03:10

    LoL Backbeard?... More

Touch & Kiss Girls in Love Plus DS!


The latest addition to the Nintendo DS’s ero-gaming pedigree, Konami’s “Love Plus”, has excited ronery fans with the promise of much stylus-on-virtual-flesh kissing and touching action.

You can see just what sort of action is entailed below:

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  • Anonymous commented on April 15, 2010 19:30

    It is exactly Tony Taka's art.... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 15, 2010 19:28

    Aww thats so cute ^^ But for girls, lets pray our boyfriend don't ditch us over that ._.... More

Combat Vocaloids


The Vocaloid clan is here depicted with uncharacteristically heavy armament by artist YahaKo, whose impressive but lamentably scarce Miku-centric art has featured previously.

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  • Exia4 commented on June 30, 2009 15:38

    O lord... we are fucked.... More

  • Ak commented on June 21, 2009 13:12

    I first see this pic is that "Contra on Yahama"OTZ... More

2D Oppai Physics Simulator OE-Cake


A physics based 2D fluids modeling paint program, OE-Cake, has seen what must be its highest possible purpose – the realistic swaying, kneading and bouncing of 2D oppai, come true, thanks to the ever inventive (and oft debauched) minds of otaku.

Below are some demonstration videos of the program being applied to various 2D idols to create alluring scenes of bouncing oppai, as well as a video tutorial that might be of help to would-be oppai modelers.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 17, 2010 00:55

    I am sure that we could help the world with a program that simulate 2d physic.... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 2, 2009 19:48

    hay thats good lol that made my day LMAO... More

Japanese TV CG Happening


Just as it has all manner of bizarre and erotic happenings in the realm of 3D photography, Japanese TV also has a notable interest in using bizarre computer generated diagrams to show those more difficult to understand situations to the audience.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 2, 2010 07:35

    what's so mysterious about someone trying to get their bike out of the elevator and then get squished as the elevator goes down? (bike in an elevator, for those idiots who keep their bikes locked... More

  • noi_sama commented on July 27, 2009 01:09

    this is a "test" how human would respond, so its seems, what would you think?... More

K-ON! Girls Dance Seikan Hikou


The K-On! girls receive a dangerously moe MMD treatment in this recent MAD, featuring them dancing to the tune of Ranka Lee‘s signature song, Seikan Hikou.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 23, 2009 08:02


  • muteKi commented on June 2, 2009 09:08

    Pretty fun, but some of the more complex moves looked a little mechanical. I suppose that's to be expected considering the way this was made. I like how they included Mio's shimapan, at least in the... More

3D Virtual MikuMiku Dancing


3D graphics combined with positional tracking and camera recorded video combine with Hatsune Miku in this striking video:

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  • Anonymous commented on September 20, 2011 12:01

    I am an excellent 3D studio max animator and could easily rig her with physique and add jiggle-bones to the hair for a perfect animation model source for model?... More

  • Gradius commented on April 26, 2010 02:39

    SUGGEEEEEEE!!!!... More

Panchira Hunter Online


This (genuine) page from a specialist Monster Hunter magazine purports to impart “The Correct Way of Taking Screenshots”, strangely subtitled “What a Pantsu-ful World.”

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  • Anonymous commented on April 12, 2009 15:17

    Wow, you must really suck at the game if you miss 90% of the time.... More

  • ZeroEdge commented on April 11, 2009 10:02

    Time to search for KONAKONA and NANAKON!! If we get lucky, we might also see KAGAMI and TSUKASA with them doing the Hare Hare Yukai pose >_<... More

Miku Diva Cosplay Mania


Hatsune Miku’s PSP game debut, Project Diva, is set to provide some entertaining cosplay antics; here you see a selection of the costumes she will be appearing in.

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  • goodyfun commented on July 10, 2009 20:24

    Ha-ha. My first response beat yours! Mine was: EEEEEEEE!! Sooo CUUUUUUTTTEEE!! XD Hee-hee. Just kidding. :)... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 11, 2009 03:11

    well i guess ill be buying a psp then... More

Night of Fire


Rivals Miku and Megurine are joined by Haku, Neru and Meiko in this appealing MikuMiku Dance rendition of “Night of Fire”:

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  • lol commented on August 23, 2009 06:51

    Yay for Vocaloidz... More

  • sakaki1 commented on April 5, 2009 10:56

    pretty good :3... More

Binary Star


An impressive 3D rendition of a recent Hatsune Miku song, Binary Star manages some rather impressive visuals, and is enjoying a correspondingly favourable reception on Nico.

See it below:

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  • Velichi commented on May 14, 2009 08:22

    Both Binary Star and Nebula are really nice. Some parts are too drawn out I feel, but I can't complain. The audio is rather amazing for a stream as well, something you wouldn't get with YouTube... More

  • ButtercupSaiyan commented on March 24, 2009 22:45

    These are made with the Kururu figure and Miku costume, I believe. There's also an original figure named Chibi Miku and a Miku costume for NearMe, a personal favorite figure of mine.... More

Hatsune Miku Project DIVA PSP Detailed


The final crucial details on the upcoming Hatsune Miku game for the PSP, Project Diva, emerge: we see some rather captivating gameplay footage, and news of an exclusive Nendoroid Puchi Miku to accompany it. We also learn the release date…

Most interesting is the musical dance action offered by the game:

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  • Nev commented on June 5, 2009 07:02

    yeah... to tell the truth her dance looked stupid for me, more dancing like someone with mind disorder then a real dance... for me its horrible, but still miku rules so I guess there will... More

  • King of Hentai Gods commented on May 1, 2009 16:57

    If 2nd July is the release date of Jap version, then when is the release date of USA version?!... More

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