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  • chigetsu said:

    My, now former, friend asked me if I was anti-LGBT after I commented on a Orlando post of hers, that said it was only guns and homophobia that caused it, and that islam had nothing to do with it, with sources showing that most muslims, even if not radical, are homophobic, that in 11 islamic countries it is punishable by death,…

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  • doctorkhanblog said:

    In these cuckish times, Europe needs more racism.

    Europe needs more discrimination, not racism. Islam isn’t a race. Nationalities aren’t races, etc…

  • Make The UK Great Again!

  • kudichan said:

    We do it very thoroughly.

    Over here, that’s code for “stuff the ballot boxes.”

  • [b][url=]Mexican flags raised around Donald Trump’s golf course[/url][/b]

    These people need to be dropped from a helicopter on our southern border… we’ll see how long they’ll be flying those Mexican flags.

  • palmtop-tiger said:

    They have to take their shoes off.

    And drink tea.

  • So amused at all my liberal American friends on social media who are favoring "remain" when they have no clue about UK politics, and I'm far from an expert. They look puzzled when I told them England is more conservative than Scotland. They just think "leave = Trump = bad."

    Speaking of Trump, he was in Scotland (his maternal homeland) today…[Read more]

  • kudichan said:
    welp, looks like Ramsay must have postal voted for leave

    What’s taking so long to count?

  • palmtop-tiger said:

    [b]Hah! Liberal Reporter Tries to Buy AR15 – GETS DENIED FOR VIOLENT PAST[/b]

    If he's in Illinois, how the hell did he get a FOID card but fail the BG check? It lends more to the fact that the former is nothing but a tax on the RKBA in that state. He would've gotten denied in any state in the…[Read more]

  • McSquid posted on the forum topic The Political Thread 1 week ago

    palmtop-tiger said:
    [quote]He claimed to the Secret Service agent that he thought he saw the officer’s weapon in an unlocked position and figured that would be the easiest way to acquire a gun and shoot Trump, the complaint alleges.[/quote]

    Cheeky cunt thinks he's partially weapons trained after firing a few rounds at the range. Cops wear…

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  • McSquid posted on the forum topic A Discussion on Gun Control 1 week ago

    akherousin said:
    Unfortunately I think gun control has been a default stance for Democrats as a way to take away blame from any complicated or deeper problems, in this case Islamic extremism of second gen immigrants. Put up a meaningless gun control bill up on the floor to strategically have it rejected. Because that way, you can talk about it…

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  • Still holding to my predictions about Trump winning 40+ states and 55%+ of the popular vote.

  • McSquid posted on the forum topic The Political Thread 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    Ninsheart said:

    LGBT is synonymous with anti-gun lobby, so they're going to agree with Obama on this. And they'd never admit that there's a component of islam that's very hostile towards gays.

    Wut? Most of my gay friends are bigger gun nuts than the rednecks who supposedly hate them.

  • It was only a matter of time… what now for the anti-gun/anti-rights SJW virtue-signalers? This must be making their heads spin off. :3

    [b][url=]Suspected Islamic extremist shoots dead at least 20 at Florida…[Read more]

  • kudichan said:
    the fact that you people make conservatives red and lefties blue never ceases to amaze me

    Once upon a time…

  • McSquid posted on the forum topic The Political Thread 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    doctorkhanblog said:
    Yeah, no. More like Kuudere. I'm not an esoteric Reaganist, I have no liking for either Bushes. The party was starting to suck before Trump. And Lincoln's biggest mistake was not shipping the slaves back to Nogland.

    That wasn’t Lincoln’s fault: Radical Republicans wouldn’t allow it.

  • palmtop-tiger said:
    OMG UCLA is a gun free school zone!!!!11 how could this happen with the strict gun laws in place????

    Within minutes Twitter and the news were rampant with "white male shooter" reports.

    [quote]President Barack Obama was also briefed about the incident while aboard Air Force One, according to a White House…

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  • The-One-Who-Knocks…You-Out said:

    Maybe you're growing out of [s]weeb[/s] Japanophile culture. I know I sure am. I find myself only able to watch, from start finish, maybe 2 or 3 series each season.

    For me, it varies between 3 and 10 shows. Some seasons are just better than others.

  • doctorkhanblog said:
    Top Kek!

    I'm going to post updates on this esoteric gathering of weaboo trash.

    It's Acen if any of you are wondering…

    That's a big reason I quit going. Too many fat smelly pasty-white fucks (male and female) from places like Wisconsin smelling like spoiled cheese walking all over the place with wet underwear…[Read more]

  • The-One-Who-Knocks…You-Out said:

    lol, is he really in that much financial trouble now? I remember that dude's life doing a downward spiral in the few months after his acquittal.

    He’s always been a prole.

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