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  • speakig of vacations…

    madetavel arranegments, gave notice tolandlord. nothingsoeciak for the company exept a shit I QUITT enauik. heading back ot my parents tomorrow night.

    ill probably go to skpe when i feel better, but very likely not in sacnom anymore wrote a will in case i quit IRL too. ineed to get out badly.

  • After the latest Sword Art Online II, I think I’mma drop it until the ending.

    Kirito’s Stu-ness and how his friends praise him at every chance they have makes me wanna puke.

    Log Horizon season 2 can’t come soon enough.

  • OK, so the broadcast is done, and aside from the atrocious play skills of the two actresses, the game itself is great!

    Zero – Oracle of the Sodden Crow features following notable gameplay changes

    2. No need for filament lights. The screen basically has a very accurate arrow…[Read more]

  • Live preview of the latest Fatal Frame/Project Zero will start midnight Japanese time.

    Will update later. I'm pumped, even though I don't have a WiiU and don't intend to buy one.

  • It took them a while, but mosque goers around here are starting to question the dubious sermons and the Middle Easterns giving them, who openly praised ISIS.

    ISIS’ brutality will be their own downfall. That, and them deciding to hunt other Muslims of different sects instead of going straight to Israel; not that I’d support ISIS if they somehow…[Read more]

  • I’d play a Sailormoon game if they refine the gameplay to at least DmC’s level(I used this as reference level instead of the original Jap studio’s ones because it’s relatively easier to achieve).

    I’d even play FFXV, despite Hajime Tabata near-explicitly implying that your permanent party members are all men – and the seemingly homo-erotic…[Read more]

  • Still on Saint’s Row 3.

    …The more I play this game, the more it felt like when I was watching Mortal Kombat 9 gameplay and story mode on Youtube; Why is it that Western society view these games as completely OK for release on home consoles while those that try to put sex – even consensual ones – instantly gets outrage?

    Some people don’t…[Read more]

  • I really wanted Asagi’s card, which was the only reason why I kept playing the Taimanin Asagi card game until now, but perhaps it’s time for me to accept the fact that I ain’t getting one chance in hell for that without paying money.

    So today I started playing Saint’s Row 3. Decent game.

  • palmtop-tiger said:
    "Disowning". Tell her if she does that it will bring you great dishonor and leave you no other choice but to commit [s]soduku[/s]suicide.

    The worst part about it is that she probably would prefer me to do that in the worst case scenario.

    It’s not far-fetched at all if it turns out that my apparent lack of talent and…[Read more]

  • vodkachan said:

    i hate pop-music

    I used to think of myself as hating pop music in general. Then again, I like the Beatles and pre-Nevermind Nirvana.

    Now that I think of it though, it’s less about the music themselves and more about how they came to be; the people manipulating shit, the…[Read more]

  • Yes, I’m aware it’s a T-ARA song, and I have expressed my hate for kpop music before, but I’m willing to make an exception for this one song. The acoustic guitar samples are too catchy to resist.

    Oh, and I choose the Japanese version only because I don’t understand Korean.

  • Mom called.

    Talked about the usual stuff, like my father's condition, what she did with my two sisters who went to visit them, the ongoing landgrab attempt by government appointed contractors on my late grandma's land, etcetcetc…

    And apparently she found some porn shit I had sketched during my unemployment days(right after graduation) and…[Read more]

  • <blockquote><cite>setsumei said:</cite>


  • sylphin said:
    There is totally no loli. T_T

    For the hentai studios have seen the error of their ways, and realized that big boobs are the true enlightment, and more cushion for the pushin’ is always better. LONG LIVE THE MUCHI-MUCHI TYPE WOMEN!

    …Seriously though, ‘loli’ themed animes probably went out of style sometime earlier this…[Read more]

  • mascarpone said:
    I more interested in the 4590, but my [b]needs[/b] are pretty simple.

    As are mine.

    When I talk about the best of the best though, it's rarely about what I need and more about what I [b]want[/b]. Because talk is just that; cheap.

  • So… the i7 59XX series along with the 2011-3 mobos and DDR4 RAMs to go with them have come to town. Went to check with my own eyes.

    …And holy fuck, DDR4 is really expensive! Even the 2400MHz-rated ones(the lowest available) are priced more than DDR3 sticks at the same size+data rate.

    The tr00 8-core proc – and 16 fucking threads with…[Read more]

  • sutefuwani said:

    I keep some in my house though.

    ‘Drugged Kid’…

    lol I see kuda making shit jokes about diq’s pedophiliac tendencies on Skype all the time, but this is just evidence of diq’s true nature. lolololol

  • When I see other people having fun playing MMOs, it kinda tempts me to rejoin FFXIV.

    …If only FFXIV can somewhat reward players who go solo, I’d have more incentive to play and less need to face the drama.

  • My case wouldn’t be of procrastination. I simply won’t settle for anything less than custom cooling solutions before I overclock my CPU due to ambient temperature concerns. And that costs money that I have been prioritizing for other things lately.

    And I’ve hit 2 of 3 of my main milestones so far. SSD the other day, and another 8GB RAM stick…[Read more]

  • Char said:
    Add all three effects together and you get expensive ram though most of the rise is probably just [b]price gouging[/b].


    The politically correct explanation they’ll use to…[Read more]

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