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  • “Had we not done anything… Had our politicians gone to the beach and enjoyed the sun, we would be in a lot better position than we are right now.”

    Something tells me the oil moguls and the devils in the megabanks will have him killed before he can do anything. Gotta say I respect him for still…[Read more]

  • Michael Moore said voting Trump would be “the greatest ‘fuck you’ ever recorded in human history”.

    …Pretty sure a lot of people know Trump’s faults, but rather than to bend over and choose the system-approved but ultimately homicidal and sociopathic Hilary because Trump seemed like an overwhelming idiot, the American people said exactly that…[Read more]

  • I'm a grown-ass man, but I get panic attacks playing this game. Those fucking heartbeats…!!!

  • Recently I bought a used laptop for paperwork and surfing on the go. It’s some cheap 2010 i3 350M powered NEC VersaPro that somebody in Japan threw away, which a local retailer tried to scam me for 30% more than its current market worth. Of course I had to take out my l33t PC knowledge like the nerd that I am, in combination with a pinch of…[Read more]

  • kudichan said:
    so it's official

    piracy is possible on the vita


    …Unfortunately for them, I’m not buying a Vita regardless. The only time I reconsidered that was when Yomawari was released, because I craved a horror game that’s not Outcast…[Read more]

  • I thought there will never be any anime or manga that can match my character Zack/Jane in suffering; basically repeatedly getting disappointed and driven to the ultimate form of despair.

    Well, Re:zero is pretty much it. If I release my story now, people will accuse me of trying to copy Re:zero, so I lost my chance.

    On the other hand, it…[Read more]

  • jamesownsall posted on the forum topic Any artists?? 1 year ago

    <blockquote><cite>mascarpone said:</cite>
    James, do you think you can draw Rem next pls?


  • jamesownsall posted on the forum topic Any artists?? 1 year ago

    I hadn't drawn anything in a long time and have lost so much, I can look back at some of my shitty drawings and actually think they're 'good'.

    Because being Natsuki Subaru is suffering.

  • This thread sure has come a long way…

    The me from 5 years ago couldn't have predicted the shit I had to go through until now.

    Even 'Jane' has changed. Been on GTX 970 since Maxwell came out, and Asus Xonar DSX for to satisfy my mild audiophile tendencies(ignorance is bliss. once you have a discreet SPU, you'll never use on-board SPU anymore).…[Read more]

  • I haven’t paid attention much to world politics lately as it was one of my primary sources of depression, but then I found this video.

    1:11:39, that guy wasn’t asking a question. He was trying to assert that Chomsky said something he didn’t say. Later on, the fucker got owned but kept repeating…[Read more]

  • Windows 10 is shit. It updates whenever the fuck it wants, and when it does, it slows down the internet speed for ALL OTHER APPLICATIONS.

    Bought a seperate SSD just for Win10(clean installed), and man, I’m glad I kept Win8 intact. I wont deny that it run games like Witcher 3 slightly better than on Win8, but it can’t be my daily driver. I’ll…[Read more]

  • The struggle is real. Me, a 2.5k LP Silver player getting matched with Ultra Platinum opponents in SFV.

    Spectacles like this aren't often anymore, but when they do happen, they annoy the fuck outta me. I thought this whole 'league' business was supposed to better isolate players into fighting within their own skill level. Instead, I get matched…[Read more]

  • 0wii said:
    All Voice Versions Localizations

    Played through the game twice. One on default and second on Japanese dub.

    For Ciri, both Jo Wyatt and Miyuki Sawashiro have their moments. Jo Wyatt especially surprised me at how she was able to make Ciri sound really upset…[Read more]

  • Fei's new tankoubon is now out on the interwebs.

    Her art is a hit-or-miss, but when it hits, it hits [i]hard[/i]. Another great stuff to get me off the streets and my money away from pimps.

    The-One-Who-Knocks…You-Out said:
    Weeeelllll, I may have a few…

    [Read more]

  • It is just me or Yennefer in Witcher 3 actually got… 'nicer' to Geralt after several patches?

    I had to play the game with Japanese audio to go through Yen's route because her English voice and choice of words are just… straight up asshole-behavior, abusive and totally unlikeable at all. Atsuko Tanaka(Bayonetta, Motoko Kusanagi, SFIV Poison)…[Read more]

  • K
    <blockquote><cite>kudichan said:</cite>


    Kudi plays Resident Evil 0? Woah.

    Due to today's technology, in-game Rebecca finally looks like Ayumi Hamasaki that they modeled her after. Yes, I bought the game on Steam only because I wanna play as Ayumi Hamasaki cappin' zombies' asses in tight leather…[Read more]

  • jamesownsall posted on the forum topic Any artists?? 1 year, 4 months ago

    >Bought a cheap Wacom tablet(the Intuos Manga, or actually just Bamboo with rebranding) just for the hell of it.
    >Tried drawing even just basic pose lines
    >Everything turned out still shit, despite still retaining some drawing capabilities on traditional medium.

    Fuck you, Wacom. Fuck you.

  • I’m very nervous for Pascal/Polaris cards. Particularly Polaris.

    GPUs have been all about small increases of 15~30% increase of performance every gen in the past few years, and I’m realistic enough to think that Pascal/Polaris won’t be that much of a game changer despite the first die shrink in 5 years(28nm to 16/14nm).

    My only concern is…[Read more]

  • speakig of vacations…

    madetavel arranegments, gave notice tolandlord. nothingsoeciak for the company exept a shit I QUITT enauik. heading back ot my parents tomorrow night.

    ill probably go to skpe when i feel better, but very likely not in sacnom anymore wrote a will in case i quit IRL too. ineed to get out badly.

  • After the latest Sword Art Online II, I think I’mma drop it until the ending.

    Kirito’s Stu-ness and how his friends praise him at every chance they have makes me wanna puke.

    Log Horizon season 2 can’t come soon enough.

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