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  • mascarpone said:
    Has anyone else had trouble logging in? Honestly the coding on here is a mess.

    Yes just attempted several times to log in from the news article,main site.
    The only way i sucsessfully log in now was to try to log in through the forums which doesn’t work since forever it gives double forums in the browser and says that it…[Read more]

  • Fonzer posted on the forum topic random video thread 5 days, 22 hours ago

  • Monster world RPG maker fan game.Seriously haven’t played a rpg maker game seriously for like some time almost 2 years.
    Didn’t post this in the thread i made since i haven’t beaten any new rpg maker games,kinda went playing games i bought on GOG before.

  • So watched yosuga no sora 3 eps per day mostly which covered exactly one girl in each 3 eps and it had 12 eps all together.It was rather nicely done,i really liked the Akira story and the twincest route was also rather intense.
    It's like in visual format one story ends and they continue somewhere between like restarting at certain part but…[Read more]

  • Fonzer posted on the forum topic Fapping thread 3.0 5 days, 22 hours ago

    [Tsubaki Jushirou] Aneito Imouto [English]
    Mostly incest which in first i came to one part like that but the second time i came after a longer break was actually the sisters friend who was fucked by her shota brother lol.

    Really not posting every stuff i fap to because it would feel like a chore…[Read more]

  • overfiend said:
    If you haven't seen it, [i]Seitokai Yakuindomo[/i]. A somewhat ecchi comedy.

    Have it on my list to watch,but guess i am gonna give it a chance sooner maybe after yosuga no sora.And actually which animes aren’t on my list to watch anyway lol,i’ve always kept an eye on certain anime either here that were presented on the…[Read more]

  • Kiseijuu – Sei no Kakuritsu (2014)BD
    Saw parasyte,very awesome anime,loved it through the beginning and all the way to the end,though the 2 first episode that pssttt sound was pretty weird choice of sound and funny.
    If you haven't seen it and can stand some gore then watch it.

    Edit:Don't know what to watch next either neon genesis evangelion…[Read more]

  • Well i also liked sonic adventure dx and sonic adventure 2 but never properly played 2,even sonic heroes wasn’t that bad.
    Also about sonic mania it has denuvo drm seriously?
    Sega is known for having bad choices […]

  • I really wonder how much would be too much,plus what kind of problem is it if you have abnormal enlargement of small testicular veins. Is it even masturbations fault for that?
    And also a known fact is that […]

  • Fonzer posted on the forum topic Dream Thread. 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    Not really any interesting dreams lately,but i keep having dreams about the anime higurashi for some reason(3 times by now this month),i am either searching for the characters which sometimes show up or looking for them to have friendly encounters with them i think yesterday i was asking where is rika.
    Maybe it would be good to rewatch the anime someday.

  • Playing games the way i feel like it,like homm3 complete sometimes, x2 the threat a little,spellforce platinum and return to castle wolfenstein never did play wolfenstein before and i believe it's a pretty good shooter game.

  • Well i am pretty tall though somewhere in 183.5 cm i believe.

  • Fonzer posted on the forum topic Fapping thread 3.0 3 weeks, 5 days ago

    Think i actually managed to fap to one h-manga english translated called they are children but they are sluts,won’t post link to exhentai since it would mess up my search what i missed since they mark it as new.Also will this post work??

  • It’s good that we have a trainer who visits us monday at work and we do exercise for more than 30 minutes very usefull training.Also didn’t get sick in 10 months is a record now.
    Still at 95 kg though but think i lost a little belly even though i was usually at 95 kg weight after i got better pills maxium weight was 106 kg with some other pills…[Read more]

  • Hello Motaku haven’t seen you here in a long while.Are you here to stay?
    Will you visit more often?

    Funny thing that Nin mentions this,but yes i do have a crush(not strong enough crush) on a 23 or 24 year old girl who did help me a lot at work,social inclusion and she is on rehabilitation there but she believes she is in love with some man…[Read more]

  • Fonzer posted on the forum topic random video thread 2 months, 1 week ago

    Check out the channel also,has very awesome sounding audio in the otomads vids.

  • Fonzer posted on the forum topic random video thread 3 months, 1 week ago

  • Gosh i wonder if i can properly get into morrowind goty with a morrowind code patch.Once i played original morrowind only and i couldn't get into it as a warrior was bad at leveling don't know what race but now i am playing a high elf mage.
    Also played some total annihilation commander pack not a bad strategy game for such an old game,but i am…[Read more]

  • So seen planetes not to long ago,checked that they only covered 1/3 of the manga wonder how many episodes were that or if the manga is any better.Anyway while it was good, after ep 12 or that need a smoke episode which was very funny but it simply went downhill with the terrorist group and our main character hachimaki got scared, crazy or sick in…[Read more]

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