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  • Fonzer posted on the forum topic random video thread 4 days, 9 hours ago

    Lieks how this one sounds:

    Also otaku lyrics 601

  • Fonzer posted on the forum topic Dream Thread. 1 week, 4 days ago

    So yes had a dream that Virgin Mary showed up and we were singing kumbaya milord while she was playing on the guitar,something pulled me from sitting to standing and maybe she said why i stoped or stood up.Then it changed to the location where the cemetary was supposed to be only i was lower from it and it had some hill with ground grass platforms…[Read more]

  • Fonzer posted on the forum topic Dream Thread. 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    One dream was me fighting cute machine girls in a hotel at least it was a huge building with several floors and an elevator.So yeah i hit them quite hard with punches and kicks,broke them and i got gasoline from them so i was still powerfull,i got it by sucking their broken parts like arms,legs,torso and even their machine pussy,so went a few…[Read more]

  • Fonzer posted on the forum topic Fapping thread 3.0 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Don't know if they have the newest version of it but it is on sukebei,just search Ekicon Research Society.
    [Ekicon Research Society] Fairy Hunter GO

  • Finished Rollercoaster tycoon deluxe,what can i say the game is good,but does get annoying sometimes to wait for a certain goal to reach in certain year or waiting for research to give you the right rollercoaster to build ten different rollercoaster also you can’t change the speed of the game.
    Very challenging scenarios and does offer some…[Read more]

  • Happy new year 2017 all.In last day of 2016 we had 3 times power outage (longest was 15 minutes) due to some guy hitting live border with firework went in flames and got to a transformator station in the closest village from grandmother,which is what i just read on some news.
    So yes visited grandmother,uncle and had a lot of good food on the…[Read more]

  • Don’t know if anyone cares but on GOG you can get neverwinter nights diamond for free for the next 42 hours just check the main site at the top.

  • 2016 confirmed shit year.
    Father died today at 4 am on November 7th 2016,age was 56.Guess all that drinking alcohol(he usually drinked alcohol only but he drinked it very slowly) and a seizure got him in the hospital at thursday,where he was still speaking and making jokes at friday though i wasn’t there.I saw him on sunday only breathing…[Read more]

  • So played some mount and blade warband it seems to crash sometimes,one crash was when recruiting companion and then talking to him,otherwise the game is fun even added another module called the star wars conquest mod just for seing how it looks will see when i will play that module.
    Also checked about mods on warband and someone said best mods…[Read more]

  • It’s Matsuoka Shuzo birthday so i was expecting vids on niconico douga,though this one somehow showed up on youtube and i didn’t notice it on nnd searching the otomad tag

  • I wonder where giascle is and also pilu, haven’t seen them here for a longer while.

  • pantsukudasai said:
    what is the longest you've stayed awake?

    I think for me it was around 38 hours straight.

    Normal it was 32 hours, once i couldn’t fall asleep for 4 days though that was when i had constant thoughts about many things which was part of active schizophrenia.

  • Found out that to play mafia 1 german uncut since i have the censored version is simply replace the exe with the english exe fix(not patch,yet it's version 1.2 for the fix even though the game is v1.3),maybe it's a no cd dvd crack but my game still asks for dvd i got it from gameburnworld.
    Also found out that mission 18 will crash with the…[Read more]

  • Fonzer posted on the forum topic random video thread 4 months, 1 week ago

  • So i did underclock my pc to 110 mhz x 13 seems to work without problems now,funny thing most of the games i have still work except not gonna try mount and blade.

  • So my old pc doesn't work normaly when the processor says it's 3000 xp+ amd athlon likes to restart on it's own,but sometimes after the first failed attemp at turning it on and holding the power button to turn it off and then turn it on again it says it's a 1700xp+ processor,slower but it doesn't crash firefox youtube at all anymore and even the…[Read more]

  • Sometimes i am too lazy to log in here,lots of thing happening.
    Was on a vacation with mother,sister and nephew going to our sea in my country,took 3 hours with car,we were there for 6 days in some apartment.Nephew was extremly disobidient or just an annoying child especially the first and last day,probably because his father said he should annoy…[Read more]

  • Yes i didn’t know you would use the high term but that is also called rabbit style the term i was expecting you would try to use.
    Then the middle style is called regular style and low is called country style.
    But you probably know all this and where exactly the hair is braided so no more about this.

    I have to check other things now,like a…[Read more]

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