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  • I’m not going to discuss word definition(we would have to discuss, where you put a beach episode, if it is an original anime), so instead let me say it like this, there are no different between what you call for […]

  • I take it you haven’t read the manga? It is pretty much filler with zero progress/character development at all, from roughly where the anime first season stopped. That is why it will be filler, not because there […]

  • “I don’t even like what they did with Madoka Magica.”

    Consider they made Madoka, they didn’t really do anything with it since it was original created by them (Gen Urobuchi)

  • That is just a short version of DEEN Fate/stay night first version, with the same clips as in the tv version with a few added clips, that isn’t big enough difference to count it as a second adoption. From that […]

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