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  • palmtop-tiger said:

  • <blockquote><cite>pantsukudasai said:</cite>

    not sure if clutter or apple is more disgusting

    I choose it carefully for maximum trigger value.

  • Who doesn’t his videos are funny as hell.

  • everfree616 said:

    This comes to mind.

    Oh and something completely unrelated about Armadillos.

  • kudichan said:


    But they have nuts and ants, and there’s a giant Jesus on the hill.

  • Kinda cold with an overcast sky that looks like a bunch of dirty cotton balls or sheep asses glued together.

  • <blockquote><cite>pantsukudasai said:</cite>
    Yes kudi, your image folder is opressing and raping me, which according to pt is not your fault,but mine for being stupid and alone at night wearing a skirt

    Also I hate clutter, even in digital format.

    Here's something I found for your enjoyment.

  • Yah some of them look like they’d make an awesome video game boss.

  • This is hilarious.

    I wonder how many people draw dicks on this?

  • palmtop-tiger said:
    Char will love this.

    I don't think I can say it any better than some of these comments.

    The funniest part of this chimp video is that entire dance he did with the ball was nothing more than a distraction.

  • Happy birthday Dan here have a cake.

  • Moved here.

    palmtop-tiger said:
    If we stopped arresting everyone the crime rate would drop to 0.

    Actually if we stopped arresting people over stupid ass stuff like small time drug possession,ordinance violations, and unpaid fines or court fees there would be less crime.
    Dangerous offenders don't have to be released to make room and…[Read more]

  • Dark Mage posted on the forum topic The Space Thread 1 day, 5 hours ago

    Naa I'll just stick with ending the war on drugs and the deplorable practice of holding the poor over the fuck barrel it'll get savings needed without committing any war crimes as we do enough of those keeping the petrodollar enforced.

    Also added bonus we can tax the soft core drugs.

    Sorry I won't legalize meth and coke only decriminalize…[Read more]

  • Dark Mage posted on the forum topic The Space Thread 1 day, 5 hours ago

    In a way yes.
    If we stopped locking them up for drug possession and being poor and got incarceration rates back down to 1960s levels we'd have at least an extra 67 billion a year.
    The savings of other parasitic losses on the economy could be well over a half trillion a year.
    Stick that in your budget Paul Ryan you frigging muppet.

  • Dark Mage posted on the forum topic The Space Thread 1 day, 5 hours ago

    Of course the Mars plans probably will go no where if no money has been set aside for research on a partial g research facility in LEO and deep space propulsion.

    Unfortunately this will probably take more then a measly 700 million dollar budget increase.

    I'll be thankful when I see the advanced propulsion and RLV programs resurrected as then…[Read more]

  • Dark Mage posted on the forum topic The TIL Thread 1 day, 8 hours ago

    I think the they should just charge the guy with cyber stalking and ban him from the internet for a while.
    A year of no porn and forum trolling should teach him a lesson.

  • The cult of Kek is a Moriya shrine conspiracy.

  • doctorkhanblog said:
    Praise KEK!


    One less Rockefeller yah that's something worth giving thanks to Suwako for.
    I’m surprised the evil bastard lived to 101.

  • Dark Mage posted on the forum topic The TIL Thread 2 days, 1 hour ago

    Or going into a swamp without putting on mosquito repellent.

  • I’m surprised el presidente Duterte himself hasn’t been impeached or assassinated yet.

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