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Welcome to role play chan home of the recreational role play where any thing goes . and we mean any thing no role // no post order // role playing here is going to be all about having fun any one can join and leave at any time.
Wheres also going to be a pic of the day every day.

as players join there charters description will be added below


1. ( PLAYER NAME ) ghostking
( charters name and description )
nibbles// nibbles is out going// friendly//
athletic // and good with the ladies there no one that can eat-um out like he can . And oo ya nibbles is a zombie ninja. his diet consist of poppies// kittens and the occasional human :)

2. Angel //is well an Angel//Happy//smiley// Beware of the Smartcasm!!

3. Len// Calm, friendly, is a magician, screws up spells somethings, wears a very magical looking outfit so stands out a lot!

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