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your #1 favorite song

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  3. Deth said:

    Same here... too many songs from the past 40 - 50 years...

    While I have lots of favorites from various anime, games & feature films.
    As I'm one of those types that actually collects OST albums. The background music is great for ambiance listening when working/studying & stuff.

    But out of all my favs,
    The foremost "loved" song can't be singled out of these three titles.

    1. Come my way, which is an end song for Inuyasha

    2. Clannad After Story Opening.

    3. Air Opening song.

    The title track for my waifu's anime is mainly instrumentals


    Giascle ax'd a [censored] question,...
    I didn't want to open another new thread and so I checked the graveyard, . . . . But I noticed that this thread had the least entries and had not been closed yet.


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  4. How do you find these threads

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  5. I guess I've really liked this one for a while; maybe going through my playlist there could be another that's lasted longer, but this is fine.
    Epik High - Love love love

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