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  1. baronight said:

    M4A1? nigga please~

    To each their own.

    Fapped again to a wet schoolgirl vid

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  2. You didnt get my joke =="

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  3. more teruki kuma lolicon:

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  4. (C81) [Kaniya (Kanyapyi)] Kobato-chan Buhihi (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai) [English] =TV + Afro=


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  5. baronight said:
    You didnt get my joke =="

    OH! You were referring to the gun the guy used in the I feel like an real baka now. xD Especially since I was playing black ops like an hour before fapping to that. I wasn't paying attention to the story in the beginning. It seemed pretty typical for most hentai stuff but yeah Haruhi probably could of done more crazy shit than that.

    Now this...this is the weirdest hentai crap I ever fapped to...don't even know how I did it

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  6. [Nohri Isawa] Atsui Nichi Ha Osuki? [ENG] {Mistvern}


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    2. 0010.jpg 4 years old
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  7. (C72) [Secret Society M (Kitahara Aki)] Utahime no Shouzou 4 (Dead or Alive) [English]

    (C77) [Ngmyu (Tougarashi Hideyu)] Oni Kawa (Original)

    (C79) [Nyanko Batake (Murasaki Nyaa)] Pitapita Kyouei Mizugi EX01 (Original) [English] [Ayane]

    (C83) (Neon Genesis Evangelion) (pinvise) Wet Children

    (C83) [Hakueki Shobou (A-Teru Haito)] Mesubuta Art Ifline (Sword Art Online)

    (C83) [Temparing (Tokimachi Eisei)] DT Soushitsu (Ixion Saga DT)

    [ERECTLIP (xxzero)] Kyonyuu Seitokaichou Chijoku no Hakudaku Kuro Tights ~Konna Yatsu no Okazu ni Naru nante!~

    [Momoiro Toiki] Anemone Syndrome 2.10

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  8. [Like a Hydrangea] Kemono no Oyome-san 3 | Animal Bride 3 [English]


    1. AB3_102_eng.jpg 4 years old
    2. AB3_098_eng.jpg 4 years old
    3. AB3_093_eng.jpg 4 years old
    4. AB3_027_eng.jpg 4 years old
    5. AB3_001_eng.jpg 4 years old
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    Last thing I fapped to is pretty much every hentai article on here. :3

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  10. Please Mogudan, whatever you do....don't stop making doujin.
    Too many doujinka go mainstream, my fapping list is getting shorter

    In fact, bring more Sailormoon doujin...can't let Black Dog hogging the series all by themselves.


    1. ayanami4_06_-_Copy.jpg 4 years old
    2. inka_01_-_Copy.jpg 4 years old
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  11. I was gonna fap to this anime because one of my favorite voice actresses is playing the red haired bitch...

    But then I saw this...

    ...and this...

    ...and instead of popping a boner, I was like...

    This anime now rests on the same place as the Brazil ghost rider prank and any of Mr Bean's shows as the funniest videos I ever watched.

    That, is what I called 'fucked silly'. lmfao

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    fap fap fapp!!!


    1. sans-titre_dop_g_p.png 4 years old
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  13. (C79) [Senya Sabou (alpha-Alf Layla)] ASL01・02・03PLUS

    (C77) [Abradeli Kami (Bobobo)] Chotto Matte to Iwaretatte (ONE PIECE) [2nd Edition 2010-02]

    (C80) [Majimeya (Isao)] Getsukasui Mokukindo Nichi 6 (Sailor Moon) [English]

    (C80) [Ruiketsuan (Namidame) x Heart's nest (hato)] Koumon Dou Deshou (Touhou Project)

    (C80) [TEX-MEX (Hiroe Rei)] GM Rimix [English] =LWB=

    (C82) [Ohtado (Oota Takeshi)] Cinderella Produce! (THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS)

    (C82) [ReDrop (Miyamoto Smoke, Otsumami)] Sex with the Super-Sadistic Asuka-senpai (Neon Genesis Evangelion) [English] {}

    [Erect Touch (Erect Sawaru)] Sherry Hazard (Resident Evil 6) [Eng] { + PineApples R' Us}

    [深山燕石] 痴態画集-ひなどり-

    [阿鼻龜仙人] 國文課‧本 (FF20) [萌會漢化組]


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  14. fapped 2 times

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  15. (C82) [Sago-Jou (Seura Isago)] Kaikin! Bakunyuu Nama Dashi Mukai Takumi (THE iDOLM@ASTER) [English]

    (C82) [バンガロゥ(白狛)] TOKYO JUNCTION

    [desudesu](C77) [Dieppe Factory] UNDER HAIR (Nanoha)

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  16. Aku no Jokanbu Full Moon Night
    Blue skin, yellow and black eyes, byuutifuru.


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  17. (CT20) [Taikan Kyohougumi (Azusa Norihee)] Nanoha-chan U-Q (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)


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