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  1. The Seventh Seal.

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  2. I've seen all films, all of them.

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  3. Pacpon said:
    I like Clueless, The Rob Zombie remake of Halloween, Silent Hill, All the Toy Story movies, Labyrinth, Never Ending Story (the first one only), Dark Chrystal, Terminator 1 and 2, Stand by me, Fried Green Tomatoes, Hell raiser movies, Alien movies. I'm just trying to think of movies that i'd like to watch at any moment but it's kinda hard to say what are your fav movies because there are sooo many.

    Do liek. Too lazy to list the many others that I like.

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  4. Did a Beverly Hills Cop marathon.

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  5. Ewww... They cast Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road? Not a good fit.

    Really, I think if they wanted to continue with that world, they should follow someone else. Max had his cycle, and it was complete. He lost it all in the first one, he was hollowed out by the second one, and he regained his humanity by the end of the third one. If not for the film makers wanting to leave it open for a sequel, he could have died right there and the story would have been complete.

    Something else I'm afraid of is car brand placement. In the first film, normal cars were common. By the second, there were lots of custom rigs and chop bodies, but still intact normal cars, like the Mack. By the third, none of the vehicles had any branding or factory design, they were total cobble-jobs from the remnants of a dead world. If this is a sequel, I don't want to see any Mustangs or Camaros or any of that crap.

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  6. I guess I'll drop this here

    an urban legend (apparently) surrounding Tonari No Totoro, pretty interesting

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  7. Anyone else ever watch "A Man Who Was Superman?" It got spotty reviews, but I thought it was a legitimately good movie. I rarely ever watch legitimately good movies by choice, so I was kinda surprised that I liked it. It's been a while since I've seen it; I'm not sure it's the kind of show you can rewatch much.

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  8. I better start looking for links. I'm curious of the differences.

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