Water Soluble Revenge Bikini


The water soluble “revenge bikini” below is currently earning the approval of 2ch, though it is not clear many of them will have a girlfriend to avenge themselves upon, or even a female acquaintance willing to accept their gifts…

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  • Visar commented on December 25, 2009 06:47

    +2012... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 19, 2009 20:12

    n... More

Saki Tacos!


Tacos munching Saki mainstay Yuuki has inspired this piece of crossover marketing, with official Yuuki endorsed tacos available on the streets of Akihabara…

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  • Anonymous commented on November 28, 2010 08:06

    Que tal una orden de vergas de negros...seguro no te quedaras con hambre, pervertido de mierda >__>... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 28, 2010 08:05

    Llevate esta, pinche pervertido... More

K-ON! Cosplay Chaos: Mioko & Azusca


With Mio cosplaying Yoko and Azusa Lucchini, K-ON! cosplay perfection appears to have been achieved in this image.

Yui also carries off an appropriate Ranka, Ritsu seems to be Haruhi incarnate, and Tsumugi manages Cure Peach… Sawako is perhaps the only disappointment.

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  • Ben commented on September 30, 2010 11:12

    I came.... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 7, 2010 00:30

    I was bored so I killed Sawa-chan... More

My Beautiful Wife’s Hairstyles


A modestly popular meme on Pixiv is 素晴らしき嫁の髪型 / Subarashiki Yome no Kamigata, roughly “My Beautiful Wife’s Hairstyles.” There are quite a few, a few of which can be seen below.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 10, 2010 02:13

    ponytail my woman must be prepared at all times for battle... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 5, 2010 17:30

    Love Short Hair Very Much...... More

To Love-Ru Pressing Oppai Trouble



The latest OVA and uncensored manga edition of top oppai anime To Love-Ru is apparently so packed with nipples that one schoolboy couldn’t contain his lust, grabbing the DVD, detailed in pictures below, and attempting to make off with it before being chased down and arrested.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 31, 2010 11:46

    I love this man's logic.... More

  • k commented on November 17, 2009 21:20

    +inf <3... More

Mio True Believer


For those wondering just who is buying all the K-ON! merchandise, specifically that involving Mio, look no further.

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  • kajunbowser commented on August 25, 2009 10:36

    ^This.... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 7, 2009 01:00

    Mio > the World... More

Giant Strippable Miyuki Lucky Star Figure


Following on from the recent shimapan clad giant Konata figure, now Miyuki Takara gets the same treatment in the form of a 1/4 scale figure, wearing PE kit, which happens to be removable as it is made of real cloth…

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  • William commented on March 24, 2011 11:11

    I WANT IT ,TOO! *Added to cart*... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 22, 2010 13:40

    And yet you're posting on SanCom, hmmm... Hypocrite much?... More

NicoNico Douga Live Exhibitionism


Top Japanese cat video sharing site NicoNico Douga has launched a live video broadcast service (“nama housou”), and unsurprisingly exhibitionists and voyeurs have flocked to the service, with predictable consequences.

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  • tyciol commented on December 12, 2009 16:19

    How do I navigate this site in english?... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 12, 2009 13:31

    A Japanese dude tried explaining it to me in a game of PSO, but with his broken English it seemed like he was saying it was "the shape of laughing" or something, I forget (give... More

Rorona no Atelier Nude Filter



Ero-RPG Rorona no Atelier has some splendid artwork to its credit, and this has proven too good an opportunity to pass up for an anonymous Photoshop master.

You can see them bereft of swimwear below:

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  • zeeohsix commented on August 4, 2009 18:06

    i thought that was Tieria Erde... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 3, 2009 23:21

    Don't believe everything you read, There are no males in that picture. Even Homu is in female mode.... More

Loli Hostess Bar Employed 12-Year-Old Girls


A “snack bar” where hostesses are expected to erotically entertain and flirt with male patrons has been shut down after it emerged it employed schoolgirls as young as 12.

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  • Zeta986 commented on June 19, 2012 20:51

    why idolmaster?... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 18, 2012 10:02

    Can I fart in your mouth like a big poopoo platter?... More

PS3 Slim Appears on Amazon


The long rumoured PS3 Slim has appeared on Amazon.de.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 6, 2009 09:42

    The HDD could be removed and replaced with an SSD, this would reduce the size, but push up the cost by loads. Incidentally, it doesn't look that impressive to me. If they reduced the width... More

  • rawf22 commented on August 4, 2009 08:11

    I wonder what they removed this time to make it the slim. After what I've heard about what they removed to drop the price on the original.... More

Nagato Nude Filter


Nagato appears here both in and out of one her characteristically plain one-piece swimsuits, with the aid of a Photoshop adept.

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  • SenseiSyaoranLi commented on August 3, 2009 22:57

    :3... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 2, 2009 18:27

    only a little?... More

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