Aya Hirano: “My Agency Forced Me To Do All This!”


Aya Hirano is accusing her agency of high-handedly changing the entire direction of her career without ever bothering to consult her, and she voices her disgust at them for the chaos they inflicted upon her fans.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 2, 2013 06:51

    she is typical alien-reptiloid... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 27, 2012 05:05

    I don't care for Seiyuu, but I was quite shocked to read she aggressively courted her subordinates on the job. There's a lot of people here who should experience what it's like to be sexually... More

“What’s the Shortest Skirt You’ll Wear?”


Japanese women surveyed on how short a skirt (or hot pants) they are willing to wear give some depressingly modest responses.

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  • Satsuki Shion commented on January 29, 2011 01:12

    Go for ankle length and knee length :3... More

  • aizen s commented on November 19, 2010 08:57

    does no skirt count?... More

Ken Akamatsu Starts Free Manga Download Site


Ken Akamatsu, king of harem manga, is starting a free manga download site for out-of-print titles called “J-Comi,” and has announced all 14 volumes of Love Hina will be its first release.

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  • Chris Anon’d commented on November 26, 2010 14:03

    it's up!... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 22, 2010 10:13

    Epic comment Peter.... More

Power Saw Beheading Japan’s First Jury Death Sentence


A man who used a saw to cut off a man’s head even as he begged to be killed first, his only response being to tell him to “stay still or I can’t cut your neck properly,” has been sentenced to hang in Japan’s first ever jury trial of a capital crime.

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  • Anonymous commented on January 9, 2013 11:13

    I seriously love your site.. Very nice colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself? Please reply back as I'm trying to create my very own website and want to know where you got... More

  • Kiljoy616 commented on June 20, 2012 06:26

    Hang him for been so stupid to be able to do all this and still not know how to dispose of a body.... More

Motto To Love-Ru More Uncensored Than Ever



The 6th episode of Motto To Love-Ru continues to hammer home the point that anime is not porn, no matter what the appearance of topless schoolgirls being molested by tentacles might suggest…

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  • Anonymous commented on September 12, 2012 21:45

    @Gitami first is a lot more censored.... More

  • Teppei commented on December 2, 2010 20:15

    ECchii anime love this``... More

FF14 “So Bad They Gave Players A Third Free Month”


Square Enix have announced the remaining players of Final Fantasy XIV will be given a third free month, possibly a result of player numbers having reached their lowest ever despite the game still being free.

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  • alidan commented on November 20, 2010 13:25

    HouseLife 18:35 no a codex like thing i believe should only be there for further background information, anything that is story vital should be explained in game in some way shape or form. here off the top... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 19, 2010 20:41

    If ever comes the time that XIV will become F2P... wait... F2P? does that mean FAIL 2 PLAY??... More




Nippon Ichi describes its latest RPG “Criminal Girls” as a “shoujo punishment RPG” and the developers are even more frank, calling it a “hentai game” – an impression reinforced by the spanking action and busty bishoujo presented below.

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  • Shaolan-kun commented on December 6, 2010 06:58

    I knew learning Japanese was not useless. Loli + spanking = DOUBLE WIN!... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 18, 2010 22:00

    what the jail...... More

Queen’s Blade OVA Oppai Anime Extreme



The 4th Queen’s Blade OVA offers just the sort of epic drama fans of the series have come to expect – very little indeed. The episode is however packed full of busty maidens doing battle in various states of undress, just what the series is notorious for in fact…

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  • Anonymous commented on October 30, 2011 16:09


  • Anonymous commented on December 3, 2010 06:43

    Anon: It's not a laser, it's acid that destroys opponents' clothing, but leaves their skin unmarked. The Melona character shows off this skill in the very first TV episode.... More

USA Bans Japanese Packages Over Terrorism Fears


The Japanese have been banned from shipping packages of any significant size to the land of the free as the US believes they are likely a bunch of freedom-hating terrorists.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 17, 2013 05:30

    The Department of Homeland Security should be disbanded and the ridiculously named "Patriot Act" repealed. The first has become nothing but the president's private army (they're being armed with military grade weapons and enough ammo... More

  • aizen s commented on December 4, 2010 04:01

    what a pathetic excuse of a reply... but fine, im not jesus, i cant cure the blind... More

Yosuga no Sora “Reverse Rape” Shota Sex Anime


It seems the male cast of Yosuga no Sora are as much in danger of being ravished by the female cast as the females are by the males – naturally fans of the series are delighted by this turn of events.

Otherwise the episode continues to feature the cast having sex with each other at every opportunity they get…

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  • Anonymous commented on October 28, 2011 07:12

    my cousin took away my innocence too... More

  • Ryuhouji commented on June 18, 2011 15:48

    It's about damn time they release an anime where the main character takess thw winning harem route and gets laid by all teh girlss. This anime revitalized my faith in aniome. Bahahahah"... More

Hatsune Miku Set To Gain English Voice


Hatsune Miku appears to be on the verge of gaining an English version, providing her fans are dutiful enough in fulfilling her wishes.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 18, 2012 02:25

    Now she can sing in censored americunt notes... More

  • steph commented on November 24, 2010 06:43

    BAAWWWW MY SECRET CLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUB she's already mainstream, you idiot. also, becoming english won't do anything -- if it did, then all the other english vocaloids would be mainstream already. christ, you're stupid.... More

Aya Hirano: “I’m Used To Everyone Hating Me”


TV talent and former seiyuu Aya Hirano explains that she doesn’t care that everyone hates her, as it has always been thus.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 17, 2010 22:39

    YUMMY!... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 17, 2010 16:20

    I for one haven't bashed her once. I've given constructive criticism but never bashed her. Though it is sad when a person get sused to this.... More

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