Gonzo’s New Business Plan Unveiled: Kuma-san


Near bankrupt anime studio Gonzo are desperately turning more than ever to their apparently tried and tested “Rosario+Censorship=DVD Sales” business plan.

In the 11th episode we see that censorship cuts by way of censorship mascot kuma are not only more numerous than ever before, they are also hugely more obtrusive, with any potential DVD sales point now obscured by several kuma, where before the mascot merely sat in the middle of the pantsu.

As many as four kuma now plaster the slightest flash of pantsu:

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  • Hanabi commented on January 10, 2009 12:59

    Figures they would go down. I watched the first damn episode and lost it. Too many eechi scenes and dint follow the manga at all. The series they had somewhere between 197 to 2002 were... More

  • kyo commented on January 1, 2009 02:46

    Pedobear has been a Japanese meme since loooong ago, as it looks like.... More

Gundam 00 Nude Chaos


A spot of tasteful “floating in space with details conveniently omitted” type nudity in Gundam 00 has driven 2channers into a frenzy of Photoshop speculation, with the “Blu-ray” version taking pride of place amongst their efforts:

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  • ghost commented on October 15, 2009 04:07

    thats was good lol... More

  • DESTINED commented on June 17, 2009 02:33

    LOL!... More

Anime Otaku Second Most Loathed by Women


According to the results of a recent survey targeting young Japanese women, anime otaku are the second worst choice for a romance, being beaten out only by compulsive gamblers.

Surprisingly, less than 1% objected to PC and electronics otaku, whilst a mere 0.2% thought a movie otaku to be a poor choice.

The ranking is as follows:

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  • Ririchiyo shirakiin commented on April 15, 2013 11:18

    i´m from Monterrey too :D... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 10, 2012 13:48

    greetings from Monterrey, Mexico... More

Doki Doki Yukata Idol

Doki Doki Yukata Idol

“Just who is this performer?”

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  • Svinto commented on March 8, 2009 06:03

    LOL traps are fun... More

  • User commented on December 17, 2008 23:24

    Friggin' going to Japan is like the "Crying Game" everywhere you turn.... More

Clammad: Okazaki Fantasy VI

Clammad: Okazaki Fantasy VI

As in testament to the fact that the 90′s produced better Final Fantasy games than the current decade, another incomprehensible MAD has been set to a classic Final Fantasy theme, this time the subjects being Final Fantasy VI battle music and Clannad.

Visitors to NicoNico Douga certainly enjoy it, as it has accumulated over 104,000 views in little less than 5 days.

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  • Velichi commented on May 8, 2009 08:50

    Seconded. Dango, dango, dango, dango, dango-go-- and the 'bakayarou- oomph' part... Good vid that made pitch shifting not cheesy.... More

  • Anonymous commented on January 14, 2009 08:10

    >< this makes me want to go watch the first season again... More

“Real” Konata and Kagami


This especially skillful reimagining of Lucky Star‘s Konata and Kagami in so-called リアル / “real” style is interesting to look at, as it manages to inject some elements of reality into the art while still keeping at least some of the 2D idols’ anime-style beauty intact.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 31, 2013 12:07

    {这 30 |大}大多数 MAD比特币和秘籍 ... 和途径使用它们 ! 比特币交易平台 http://www1.scxdj.gov.cn/news/20130815btc.html... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 6, 2010 06:38

    6th dat!... More

Touhou Creator ZUN to Masses: No Touhou for You

Touhou Creator ZUN to Masses: No Touhou for You

Creator of the Touhou doujin shooting game series and notorious hat fetishist ZUN has expressed his discontent at the possibility of Touhou transcending the doujin sphere and becoming a fully developed commercial franchise; he expressly enjoins doujin publishers to restrict the availability of their works and not to promote them to the general public (apparently defined as people who don’t play his games).

In fact, in laying down a long and detailed set of regulations he has issued what many interpret as strong criticism of the much anticipated unofficial anime, due at C75.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 19, 2011 06:41

    But many fans just want a high quality TOUHOU anime, even if non-canon. It can be a totally new Touhou that has no canon relations to the current Windows games much like how the current... More

  • Jürgen commented on July 25, 2011 04:46

    Although I only kind of skimmed the article so feel free to troll away but I feel it's his creation so he should be able to do whatever he feels like.... More

Yoshika Miyafuji Moe-Figure From AmiAmi


After a surprisingly long wait, popular series Strike Witches is receiving its first full-sized figure based on the TV series’ designs.

This figure of Yoshika Miyafuji in a moment of kemono mimi powered flight, with her legs suitably spread wide apart for our enjoyment, is sure to receive much appreciation from the figure-starved Strike Witches fan base that has had to resort to making their own fanmade figure renditions.

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  • Meimi132 commented on June 4, 2009 11:47

    Uwaaaah... stupid limited run... such a pretty figure.... even with the... wide-open-ness of the pose lol. For some reason I was always under the impression sukumizugi were meant to be shiney... not sure why... as most... More

  • ipood commented on December 16, 2008 02:52

    That image made into a fig would be so awesome, maybe a resin kit will appear of it one day.... More

Sonsaku & Ryomou China Dress vs Maid Dakimakura


If there’s any overlap whatsover between fans of the China dress, fans of maid cosplay and fans of oppai anime Ikki Tousen, then surely these newly released dakimakura covers are likely to captivate and allure, whilst leaving the fans with much lighter wallets.

Above we have Ryomou having one of her typical clothing malfunctions, and below Sonsaku apparently forgets her underwear:

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  • kagero commented on April 3, 2009 20:25

    chainadoresu FTW... More

  • metatron commented on December 15, 2008 21:36

    Ryomu and Sonsaku are oh so hawt~ *faps*... More

Winter 2008 / 2009 TV Anime Digest


The coming end-of-year means the end of several TV anime, but will also usher in a new crop of new shows to take their places (and timeslots.)

Presented here is a digest of new anime shows scheduled to begin in January 2009, including premiere date, normal weekly airtime, and a brief synopsis of the show.

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  • Rin commented on January 14, 2009 21:04

    What's with the WWII era stuff? First Strike Witches, and now Hetalia? Maybe they can make an anime where Bishounen Japanese soldiers come save the Bishoujo of Nanking from the evil Chinese terrorists?... More

  • jack commented on January 14, 2009 13:00

    Hajime No Ippo - New Challenger is really the only good one listed. I hope this sequel is as good as part 1 and as long.... More

Louise’s Onsen Adventures (Nude Filter Style)

Louise's Onsen Adventures (Nude Filter Style)

Below we a nude filter version of an already charming onsen bathing image of tsundere icon Louise, of Zero no Tsukaima, showing a nice contrast between her being on the verge of stoning someone to death out of embarrassment, and her boldly chastising an unwanted interloper.

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  • Anonymous commented on January 9, 2012 08:17

    Again you disappoint me friend, you must change one or other word in the CtrlC+CtrlV text and say to people to read it all to find it for a perfect trolling.... More

  • Lelouch_Lemperouge commented on June 16, 2011 10:28

    remind me of taiga!... More

Minorin Fantasy V

Minorin Fantasy V

Another interesting, if chaotic and incomprehensible, Toradora MAD emerges, this time inexplicably making use of a boss battle from Final Fantasy V as a basis, coupled with Minorin:

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  • Pyon commented on March 8, 2009 01:57

    It's still available here - [url]http://zatsudan.wordpress.com/2009/01/03/mad-toradora-minorin-fantasy-v/[/url]... More

  • Anonymous commented on January 11, 2009 03:47

    What the hell happened to the Nico video link? Was it removed due to copyright or something? Well at least the video here works, though I'd like to save the video too.... More

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