The Natsu no Arashi! official website has recently updated with full staff and cast information, listing the production studio as Shaft (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei), and Ryouko Shiraishi (Kemeko Deluxe‘s sword-wielding Ryouko) as the female lead Arashi.

The Natsu no Arashi! manga is Jin Kobayashi’s second published manga serialization and his follow-up to School Rumble, which recently finished in 2008.

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  • kenjiharima commented on January 30, 2009 21:58

    The comments became school rumble rather than Natsu no Arashi oriented. XD... More

  • Gradation commented on January 30, 2009 11:56

    Well technically School Rumble didn't actually end. You can see in the last chapter of the manga. There is going to be another school rumble.... More

Nopan Megurine Luka


New Vocaloid sensation Megurine Luka here looks to have been denuded of her underwear, for we see her wearing strikingly less of everything than is usual…

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  • Skydog commented on May 4, 2009 11:12

    I wanna hear her "SING"...... More

  • alex1_phang3 commented on February 1, 2009 09:59

    Miku - cute, adorable voice Luka - mature, adorable(?)voice Well erm . . I like them both, what can I say?... More

Mizugi Kanojo, Bosshi Ero-Anime


Varied ero-mangaka ぼっしぃ / Bosshi, or AskRay,whose works span everything from futanari to the very mainstream work you see here, has finally presided over the release of the ero-anime adaptation of his manga compilation 水着彼女 / Mizugi Kanojo.

Mainstream it might be, but it still manages plenty of hentai fetishism, chiefly in the realm of improbably small and tight sports swimwear.

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  • overlord commented on May 30, 2009 12:56

    The anime looks like it was drawn by the same guys that did the Milk Junkies and Aneki.... More

  • Yurifanboy13 commented on May 12, 2009 12:12

    Wow, it seems everyone likes to despise the anime version of Mizugi Kanojo. Am I the only one that really likes it? The animation "passable"? Maybe it's just me, but I think this is some... More

Zero no Tsukaima III Oppai Fondling Illuminated


Tsundere oppai anime (and lately tentacle raep anime) Zero no Tsukaima III recently received its 5th DVD; the title offers some relief from from censorship, and plenty of yuri oppai fondling…

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  • Anonymous commented on January 30, 2009 17:45

    unfortunately that's out the window, what sensation do you get through telekinesis... More

  • Anonymous commented on January 29, 2009 12:49

    they look perfectly ~fine~ to me... More

Yu-Gi-Dora! Kaiba vs Minorin Battle to the Death


Seito Kaiba and Minorin engage in an epic battle in this NicoNico video complete with laughably bad editing.

Cast members from both characters’ respective anime make cameo appearances as well. If you don’t have a clue what is going on, you can see the rise of the meme with Night of Command and Speed Command.

At the moment the video itself seems to only be enjoying moderate popularity, currently at number 17 on the daily rankings with over 84,000 views.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 20, 2010 20:24

    HAHAHAHAHA! I knew Minori would win! She's THE BEST! 8-D... More

  • Momotaros commented on May 24, 2009 12:25

    No complain about the editing, still... FUNNY ENDING!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!... More

Massive Dragon Tattoo


This rather impressive tattoo encompasses the young lady’s entire upper body and might easily be mistaken for clothing from a distance.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 21, 2011 03:05

    With a that sized dragon she'd probably be the boss... I mean, that clearly beats other snakelike "creatures"... More

  • Ginko commented on March 23, 2011 23:13

    The dragon got a taste for pussy.... More

Code Geass Genderswap


What kind of accident led to this Code Geass genderswap chaos is perhaps better left unknown, but the results are certainly interesting.

And Kallen and C.C. are looking particularly good there… And an interesting choice of pantsu for Lelouchette.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 6, 2011 22:00

    Hehehe I thought I am the only one notice if Kallen become a male.... More

  • Lelouch_Lemperouge commented on June 16, 2011 11:18

    kallen look great in male form, shirley fail, too girly... More

Drive-Thru Doesn’t Work Like That: Conbini Car Crash


A young lady who sent her car plowing through the front of a convenience store, injuring one, appears to have escaped any charges, except general ones of incompetence, even after the basic nature of her mistake came to light…

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  • Tuapugui commented on July 9, 2009 00:10

    C'mon. be nice.... More

  • knuclear200x commented on April 28, 2009 08:18

    heh. imagine if they really did work that way... More

Jojo’s Islamic Adventure: Manga Censored Over Nothing?


After being accused of blasphemy against Islam for the unpardonable sin of including some Quranic text in the anime, the distribution of long running manga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure was halted by the publisher, fearing the usual Muslim histrionics.

The Islamically approved revised manga is now finally going back on sale, though we seem not to be seeing anything of the offending anime. However, it looks like there was never any reason to pull it in the first place…

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  • zazuge commented on August 24, 2009 17:30

    in the anime screen shots i can easily read the text and it's clearly from Quran contrarly to the manga where i coudn't tell well i haven't watched the show so i have nothing to say even... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 6, 2009 04:44

    So, acknowledging that this is the real deal, is it still grounds for censorship?... More

Gift Saber Figure


Fans of Fate/Stay Night’s Saber are currently being well served by whatever benevolent Shinto deity’s portfolio includes PVC figures, as another exceptional figure of Saber has just been released by maker Gift.

Surely many fans will be comparing this to the upcoming Good Smile Saber Lily, in an attempt to determine which will be the best Saber figure of the decade?

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  • Junjoul commented on February 7, 2012 15:42

    her face in the thumbnail kinda reminded me of this face More

  • Anonymous commented on March 30, 2010 02:20

    i dont like the smilyng face ...... More

New Gundam SEED Theatrical Film Due Soon?


The Anime Newtype Channel’s blog reports Gundam SEED head screenwriter Chiaki Morosawa as suggesting there will be an official announcement (on the SEED movie) coming soon at the recent Kadokawa Shoten New Year’s party.

The Gundam SEED storyline, beginning with the 2002 original series and continued by the 2005 Gundam SEED: Destiny sequel, has been in limbo since writer Morosawa’s problems with cancer surfaced in 2008 and the unnamed theatrical film that is said to wrap up the SEED storyline has since been on hiatus.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 18, 2011 05:57

    please don't just stop what ever the hell you want them to do just dont just because it's seed never forget universal century the only true gundam century the rest can go to hell look at 00's movie it reeked of shit pretty boys have... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 2, 2010 00:28

    My cynical side tell me that Morosawa's "cancer" excuse means that she's going through a Creator Breakdown phase, which also affected Hideaki Anno through Evangelion and Tomino throughout Victory Gundam. Not to mention rumors that... More

Touhou Canned Tea Vending Machine


Combining some of the most tired Japan related memes available, “strange items sold from vending machines – only in Japan!” and “things which shouldn’t be canned but are anyway – crazy Japanese!”, along with moe marketing, this Touhou tea-in-a-can vending machine looks set to become a favourite for desperate Akiba news sites.

The vending machine is currently operational in central Akihabara near all the interesting PC parts shops (right by T-Zone it would appear), so some of you may wish to pay a visit, if only to gawp.

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  • Azure Xuchilbara commented on June 20, 2010 05:46

    I would love some Miko-armpit flavored tea... *looks hungrily at the Reimu can with a nosebleed*... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 10, 2010 16:41

    Not that this is unexpected, but isn't the china bashing uncalled for in this case? There's nothing wrong with Chinese tea, and China would give Japan its third nuking if they were to openly disparage... More

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