Ishikei “Impersonator” Betty Draws Yui


This fine pair of images of K-ON!’s Yui Hirasawa, receiving some tender attention from some of her countless male admirers, comes from a gifted new artist on Pixiv going by the name of Betty.

As some will recognize, the similarity between this artist’s style and the well-known Ishikei is so great as to create some problems in telling the two apart…

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  • Psieye commented on November 19, 2009 02:08

    Link to Pixiv Profile is broken for me. Did the profile get removed or was there a typo in the url?... More

  • h8GWB commented on October 8, 2009 10:05

    According to your logic, all the doujin that try to emulate the original work's art style is plagiarism. No wai-... More

Man Arrested for Sharing Rapelay


Japanese police have arrested a man for sharing a rape game on P2P networks, thought to be Rapelay, though they claim to be motivated by his sharing of an uncensored version of the game.

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  • Anony commented on July 11, 2009 07:11

    lol. Now waiting for rapelay2. They should really start using 1920x1080p resolutions instead of limited games to 1024x768. Also they should add some directx 11 tessellation and physics.... More

  • Panda commented on July 11, 2009 01:12

    seriously though this is bullshit... More

World’s Strongest Vagina Lifts 14kg


The apparent possessor of the world’s strongest vagina recently broke her own vagina weight lifting record by hefting 14 kilograms using only the powerful grip of her intimate muscles.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 9, 2010 06:42

    Do not, under any circumstances, lick this vagina.... More

  • Persona commented on May 28, 2010 10:42

    Her vagina must be shaped like the face of a predator. ... More



Devastation ensues as Neon Genesis Evangelion’s NERV faces off against Haruhi’s SOS-Dan in this spectacularly well animated crossover MAD…

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  • Anonymous commented on September 27, 2009 23:52

    can u give us the video link pliz? haven't seen that yet...... More

  • DarkFader commented on July 12, 2009 02:50

    Haruhi would've battled the Angels, not humans. But still, excellent.... More

Minori Changes Tune: “Foreign Users are Criminals”


Barbarian excluding eroge maker Minori is seemingly not content with excluding non-Japanese visitors from its site in retaliation for being forced into extremes of censorship by its own puritanical ratings body; the risible message on their site claims to be “defending our culture”, but in comments to prying Japanese media their CEO provides another excuse entirely, claiming they are protecting foreigners from making criminals of themselves by visiting their site.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 26, 2010 08:05

    You play CoD?! You murderer! You murdered people! The only way to win is to murder!... More

  • Anonymous commented on April 26, 2010 07:49

    If their site has region specific advertisements... it completely makes sense to block out foreigners. Why have unwanted traffic + more server load fees when all of their revenue comes from Japan specific advertisement?... More

Princess Lover Massacred by Censors



Oppai anime Princess Lover has attracted note for the quality of its oppai, but fans have wasted no time in criticising the mysterious shadows and glares accompanying every panchira flash…

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  • Anonymous commented on August 13, 2009 06:19

    Man...episode 6 is just HORRIBLE. They've got floating steam around them while they're not even in the bath. FLOATING CLOUDS OUTSIDE IN THE CHANGING ROOM!... More

  • AdamB15 commented on July 30, 2009 11:52

    .....Is there a channel in America that has anime all the time like AT-X My first time on this site and i don't know if it's only related to shows shown in Japan or worldwide... TGGWSSIAG, you... More

Nintendo’s Latest Gameplay Innovation: Cheat


Nintendo is said to be planning to accommodate hopeless or merely impatient gamers who get stuck in games by making more of its games feature a “skip” feature, whereby difficult segments may be bypassed entirely.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 1, 2011 21:31

    Did anyone ever see this implemented in an actual game? I've never heard of it.... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 13, 2010 03:20

    I wished more games had a skip function. Die more than ten times, the skip is unlocked, and then just skip the mission and go to the next episode. Instead of the game just get... More

98.4% of Japanese Reject Loli Ban


A survey asking whether Japanese thought a ban on “simple possession” of pornography featuring underage participants is necessary found only 1.6% of respondents thought so, with most condemning it as an excessively radical measure which endangers freedom of expression.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 20, 2013 00:47

    i'm against the loli ban but just wanna point this out...this survey is incredibly biased lol. just by the wording, of course the majority would say no. Always ignore surveys/commercial statistical analysis's because its all... More

  • Giovi commented on November 16, 2010 13:02

    I will also vote "no" now the percentage is 98.5% yay loli...... More

Xbox 360′s Power Unleashed on MoeMoe Niji Taisen



As can be seen in the above comparison of the Sony version (top) to the Xbox version, stunning graphical upgrades are in store for tentacle raep mecha musume WWII strategy game 萌え萌え2次大戦 ウルトラデラックス / MoeMoe Niji Taisen Ultra Deluxe, set for an upgraded Xbox 360 release after having been released on the PC (which admittedly also had nipples), PS2 and PSP.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 19, 2009 03:13

    Everyone seems to forget of the hardware problems the PS2 had. 360 is less reliable but at least it has a 3 year warranty not 2 year.... More

  • cloner4000 commented on July 14, 2009 15:12

    The PC version of the Akagi is the same as the Xbox one.cuz I just check it on my computer..although looks like Xbox have some new characters!!!!!!!!... More

Japanese Women Crave More Sex


Japanese woman crave more sex, and increasingly despair of what the Japanese media has dubbed “sexless” men; surveys reveal these women to be desperate for more, with some 80% of women surveyed hankering after sex at least once a week, but with only 40% getting it.

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  • Zeta986 commented on December 15, 2011 16:20

    i know Yamada will like this... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 20, 2011 08:03

    i be happy to come over and gib u 5-10 time per day sexual needed... More

Topless Riding Machine Idol


A very busty idol takes off her bikini and goes for a ride on a machine which gently rocks her back and forth, in a display sure to leave many breathless.

For the others, there is always the prospect of delicious 2D riding machine action

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  • ranivus commented on May 30, 2010 15:35

    Wow for the first time in my life, i can easily say that is an unattractive asian...... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 23, 2009 22:57

    blank screen.... how very sexy....... More


An amateur exhibitionist idol faces a possible three year sentence for defiling the resting places of the dead, after she was photographed urinating on their graves and languidly posing on their headstones.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 18, 2014 07:29

    Is it disgusting? Maybe Is it in bad taste? Probably Should it be considered a crime? I don't know about that. What exactly is she guilty of? Hurting people's feelings? I guess that's what all the crybabies here... More

  • Syobon commented on February 28, 2011 07:39

    in russia women likes you... More

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