Miss Japan 2011 “Parade of the Uglies”


Japanese are wondering who on earth judged a recent “Miss Japan” competition, regarding the parade of supposed belles as average at best.

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  • cpc65 commented on July 15, 2012 21:52

    most members here wouldn't be able to work up the nerve to ask them.... More

  • cpc65 commented on July 14, 2012 22:14

    But it supposed to be about the "beauty within". Owwww! My ribs ache from laughing so hard.... More

Strike Witches Uncensored Afrikan Action


The 5th Strike Witches 2 disc brings with it plenty of topless Afrika Korps action in the form of Fräuleins Marseille and Hartmann.

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  • Anonymous commented on January 31, 2011 01:29

    LIES!!! I STILL SEE CENSORSHIP!! i see that beam of light!... More

  • Izekyu commented on January 31, 2011 01:07

    Hanna <3 ^^... More


A Chinese state news broadcaster has apparently been caught passing off dogfight footage from the Hollywood movie “Top Gun” as footage of China’s latest fighter jet destroying a target drone in a live fire exercise.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 16, 2011 01:35

    China is so sad...so very, very sad.... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 11, 2011 04:02

    Ignorant kids hating on other countries because of the shit that is fed to them. God fuck the internet to let people like them exist.... More

NGP “Finished Because of Monthly Subscription”


Sony’s NGP is touting its 3G mobile connectivity features, but Sony has unsurprisingly confirmed this will not be free, and consumers and even Nintendo’s CEO all appear extremely hostile to the idea.

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  • Lawence Codye commented on February 1, 2011 08:54

    "I won’t deny we’ve been looking into [3G support for the 3DS]. However, with the separate subscription fee required it is a very difficult option to consider.” Why can't Sony think like this more often... “It’s finished.” Sums... More

  • Anonymous commented on January 31, 2011 13:04

    What part of this makes it a worthy article. I just wasted a few minutes of my life for reading such idiotic opinion. I you don't want 3G then don't get it, plain an simple.... More

Ishihara: “Young People Have No Culture”


Tokyo governor and manga ban proponent Shintaro Ishihara has been ranting about how young people today have no culture as a result of the pernicious influence of computers, TV and mobile phones.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 1, 2012 04:27

    Ugh this old ass man is ruining things! He's like an old crow perched upon a branch. It's affecting all the anime and manga now thanks to this toad!... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 5, 2011 06:17

    I thought that all these inventions were Japan's only valuable exports...?... More

NGP vs 3DS Resolution & Size Comparison


Comparisons between the screen resolutions and physical sizes of the NGP, 3DS and other portables reveal that the NGP is the largest handheld yet, but also that its resolution annihilates those of previous handheld consoles.

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  • Anonymous commented on February 2, 2011 01:44

    3DS without 3D?I pass.... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 2, 2011 01:41

    Ok,Hulk.... More

Top 10 Ways to Annoy the Japanese on a Train


Japanese train commuters (i.e. practically all Japanese) supply a ranking of the behaviours they find most annoying on a train, making essential reading for Japanese and uncultured barbarians alike.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 25, 2014 14:31

    It's common sense and polite, but it's not that way everywhere, unfortunately. :(... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 25, 2014 14:29

    In Tokyo, the average (daily) population is around 12 million. It goes up to 14 million (or more) during the daytime due to that massive influx of people commuting to work via the trains. That's... More

“No Battery Changing for PSP2 Because of Pirates”


The batteries of Sony’s newly announced “NGP” cannot be changed, purportedly in an effort to stymy pirates who previously used the battery to hack the original PSP models.

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  • Lawence Codye commented on February 1, 2011 08:33

    There is nothing wrong with the Battery Life but is something wrong with the Battery being sealed inside the system, preventing it from being much use for too long after you get it or if... More

  • Lawence Codye commented on February 1, 2011 08:31

    I just don't get my friend Sony at times, it can do the downright stupidest things for no really good reason & it is sad, this killed a bit of the PSP2's hype, but will... More

Maid Bride Akira Midorikawa Ero-Figure


Another figure by Kizuki Aruchu appears, this time depicting saucy maid Midorikawa Akira, of the ero-manga Maid Bride, presenting her breasts on a table.

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  • Anonymous commented on February 6, 2011 22:09

    Add Pa-*Threatened* Err...I Mean Knives and Pa-*Knived*... More

  • Lawence Codye commented on February 1, 2011 08:25

    I umm, think this is an alright figure...... More

Ore no Imouto Portable Ayase Ending Shocks Fans


One of Ore no Imouto Portable‘s many endings has been generating waves amongst fans of the series, involving as it does the popular and charming Ayase.

The nature of the ending should be obvious from the below image:

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  • tyciol commented on May 20, 2012 10:54

    I don't like this development considering models have a waifish sickly Nagisa Furukawa-like physique.... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 26, 2011 07:34

    My name is Miss Clara Dion, I came across your profile today and It was so good to me. So i decided to stop on it and let you know that i am interested to... More

NGP/PSP2 Battery Life “Only 4 Hours”


Barely has the dust from Sony’s announcement settled and already it is being claimed the PSP2’s battery life is a mere 4-5 hours.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 8, 2011 00:57

    this me tho (thunderlord) i would rather have the 4-5 hr with a bat that keeps its charge ahell of alot lot longer then 1 that gives my 10 hrs then goes down to 1.5... More

  • Lawence Codye commented on February 1, 2011 08:16

    I just know I can't afford to get this & the 3DS...damn... Something's gotta give...... More

Sony Announces “NGP” PSP2 & PSP for Smartphones


Sony has announced its successor to the PSP, the “Next Generation Portable,” as well as the distribution of PSP games over smartphones and similar mobile devices.

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  • Anonymous commented on February 10, 2011 16:14

    Everytime I read "NGP", I keep thinking it as Neo-geo Pocket Color. Only if...... More

  • Anonymous commented on February 1, 2011 09:47

    Ha! If you count "RIPPED OFF" "PWND" Then yes they did. People rip each other off but sony? They have made an art Off of Ripping People off. Also really? Near ps3 graphics? considering the... More

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