Top 10 Partners You Don’t Want Your Child Bringing Home


Japanese asked what sort of boy or girlfriend they would be aghast at their children bringing home gave an interesting if unsurprising set of answers…

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  • Anonymous commented on April 19, 2014 17:31

    doesn't happen enough to be a consideration i take it.... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 24, 2011 17:26

    It shows that they don't care how they look.... More

Daikichi Amano


Daikichi Amano is an unusual photographic artist who decidedly grotesque works depict ladies cavorting with all manner of octopuses, insects, and more…

You can see some of his works below, though they may be disturbing for some:

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  • Anonymous commented on April 8, 2016 15:28

    yet they won't show a penis or vagina... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 19, 2013 10:06

    you's just mad you wasn't in it... More


Infamous Akihabara exposure idol Asuka Sawamoto’s career has reached new depths with her brazen admissions that her main source of income is prostitution and selling her used underwear to fans…

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  • Anonymous commented on July 25, 2011 09:55

    i wonder if she'd let me dip a finger in for a taste..?... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 1, 2009 12:26

    been a while ince last time i heard about her... More

Stickam Broadcasts Girl’s Suicide Live


A girl has leapt to her death live on video streaming site Stickam, disappearing off her balcony and into the night sky in a broadcast which later showed police arriving and exchanging off-colour remarks…

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  • Anonymous commented on September 1, 2010 14:57

    even if not experienced, it's a valid hypothesis, since we've all felt regret on the first seconds after we engage in a life-threatening (or just physically painful) activity (like the first time you sky-dive, bungee... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 19, 2010 13:40

    this girl was a friend of one of my dear friend bro,man she was oone of his greatest friends.... More

Sexy Kimono Idol Gallery

Sexy kimono idol 01.jpg

A gallery of idols wearing a variety of fetching kimono and yukata, although in many cases it would be more accurate to say not wearing…

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  • Anonymous commented on July 5, 2016 00:27

    Damn this automatic writing correction shit. Edit** -I really don't 'like' that.- -experience had the 'GIRL' wanting-... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 5, 2016 00:25

    Damn, these girls are more hairy down there then a dog with a winter coat. I really don't that. My first sexual experience had the guy wanting me to eat her out and sure, I... More

“3D Girls Can’t Be Trusted!”



2ch provides the latest evidence which, in its view, proves that 3D girls are not to be trusted, even in the absence of Photoshop and plastic surgery…

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  • Anonymous commented on September 3, 2010 13:29

    i don't understand this post, what is so mind blowing? they just got a hair cut and look exactly the same in both pictures...... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 11, 2010 09:21 the first pic, the girl looks great in the before part and only decent in the after part. Why would you not trust someone who tries to make themselves look worse? By the way,... More

Sexy Japanese TV Commercial Classics


Japanese TV has garnered no small notoriety for its erotic content, and for decades its commercials have been no exception. The Vippers have gathered some of the most risqué and amusing they could find for the purposes of illustrating this…

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  • Anonymous commented on January 7, 2010 10:10

    Wow, i missed this... but hey! they didn't even put Gackt's CM's :P some are very... yes!!... More

  • 28620152 commented on December 4, 2009 02:03

    dgdsgdgdsgsdgsdgs ... More

Top Male Fashion Faux Pas: The Rucksack


Japanese fashion experts surveyed on what they consider the worst fashion choices a man could make have slated the rucksack as the most unsightly despite its handiness, also rubbishing a variety of other fashion blunders.

Curiously, their list all but mirrors the fashion most associated with otaku

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  • Hawke commented on September 3, 2011 02:46

    I dont think Ive EVER seen anyone dress like that in real life... IF you have more bags than a woman, I can see her being turned off.... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 25, 2010 17:56

    Jezus-titty-fucking-Christ on a crutch, chill out. Man, you need a life. You're all "oh no! Someone said something on the internet that I don't like." u mad?... More

Nico Broadcasts Live Wrist Cutter Action


The latest scandalous use to which NicoNico Douga’s live broadcast system has been put is allowing a self-harmer, known as “Shigure,” to broadcast her bloody wrist cutting antics live to a horrified audience.

A grotesque capture from the video in question:

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  • ALAKTORN commented on November 4, 2010 08:45

    a translation?... More

  • Ben commented on August 24, 2010 00:58

    Lol, they're called "cutters" in Japan. I think everyone calls them that. (I just though t the wording was funny) But seriously... God... why show everyone that? It makes me sick to think about it...... More

Jurists Banned from Gang Rape Trial “For Hating Sex Crime”


A court preparing to try four men for a brutal gang rape has attracted criticism for excluding half the candidates for jury duty for such reasons as the fact that they were thought to have a “harsh attitude to sex crimes,” in the end settling on an all-male panel of 9.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 15, 2014 02:42

    Europe .... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 17, 2010 10:29

    Now that you mention it, for $50,000, they probably could have gotten a very high-class hooker. I guess some people just don't think before they commit crimes.... More

Japan Rearing a Nation of Civil Servants


A recent survey of what professions Japanese parents would like to see their children undertake seems to suggest that the nation’s parents overwhelmingly have it in mind to raise a generation of civil servants…

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  • XxLolimasterxX commented on December 9, 2015 06:41

    "First, I want you to grow up..Then we'll talk business"... More

  • XxLolimasterxX commented on December 9, 2015 06:40

    And this is clearly why there aren't enough beautiful local nurses.... More

Top 10 Professions Japanese Men Most Want to Date


Japanese men asked what profession they would most like to date give a rather depressing but not altogether unexpected list of costume fetishes and sexual fantasies, in stark contrast to the female list of glamourous top earners

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  • Anonymous commented on July 25, 2011 18:31

    A beautician applies make-up to a model.... More

  • Anonymous commented on July 25, 2011 18:29

    Otaku's must be speaking in one voice.... More

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