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Advertise on Sankaku Complex


With over 30,000 daily unique users, serving well over 200,000 pages daily, Sankaku Complex has achieved great popularity and critical acclaim in the short time since its inception, and this is set to continue, with monthly growth continuing rapidly.


(Data based on Google Analytics, which generally undercounts actual users but does ensure a fair count; excludes Sankaku Channel)

Needless to say, Sankaku Complex already counts as one of the foremost channels for reaching a wide audience of savvy users enthusiastically interested in anime, manga, games, figures and other related goods, as well as the many other facets of contemporary Japanese visual culture.

Advertisers will also be able to associate their brand with a leading site offering content uniformly of the highest possible quality.

With this in mind, Sankaku Complex is now in a position to offer a variety of advertising inventory, with several standard IAB banner slots available.

Currently, the major standard slots being offered are:

468 x 60 IMU – Full Banner: placed conspicuously between the article end and beginning of the comments.

728 x 90 IMU – Leaderboard: above fold at page top, below header and above main content.

120 x *** IMU – Button/sidebar: placement near the top of the left sidebar.

Other slots may be possible if required. Banner content itself is open to negotiation; rich media banner delivery is also possible.

Advertising functionality is provided by a sophisticated ad server, so a wide variety of advanced delivery options are offered, with precise targeting of banners possible by way of delivery limitations; thisĀ  enables advertisers to make the most efficient usage of their advertising spend.

Limiting banners shown to each unique user in a given period, cycling through a selection of banners, targeting a specific subset of users, all of this and much more is possible. Should you have specific needs, please do not hesitate to enquire.

Billing is (preferably) on a CPM (or eCPM) basis, with self service via an advertiser account on the server possible. Of course, this side of things can also be left to Sankaku Complex to handle.

If you would like to discuss these advertising opportunities, or have something else in mind, please do get in touch.