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Subnautica Team Fires Dev For Being Conservative

The sound designer for popular marine survival sim Subnautica has been fired for politically incorrect tweets, after far-left keyboard warriors put pressure on his (apparently equally left wing) employers – who then held a poll on Twitter asking if their players wanted to play as a female, which they then deleted after the answer was a resounding ‘no’ and vowed to make them play as a woman anyway.

Polish national Simon Chylinski was targeted after expressing various conservative-leaning opinions on his personal Twitter account – or after having “made many hateful statements online” as his employers put it.

Critics on far-left gaming website resetera (a successor of sorts to NeoGaf) objected to such heinous crimes as agreeing with an Infowars journalist, pointing out that women are treated better in Western countries, and sexually identifying as an attack helicopter:

The resetera thread that served as a focal point for criticism of the sound designer has seen multiple users banned for claiming that the anti-Chylinski campaign was a witch-hunt, and the thread itself was locked after Chylinski announced that he was fired.

The community manager in full shut-it-down mode:

As the individual in question is no longer working on the game, this thread appears to have run its course.

The creators of the game have been pressured over being insufficiently “progressive” for some time; before this incident, the focus was on the gender of the protagonist, with many demanding an option to play as a female and some expressing disgust over the fact that the majority of fans would rather see the devs’ limited resources focused on improving core gameplay.

Chylinski himself has been surprisingly sympathetic to the employers who dismissed him. Although he said that he “should have the freedom to express myself without being fired”, and that he thought the devs would reprimand him privately rather than fire him, Chylinski believes that they simply did not know how to respond to the behaviour of leftist Twitter users.

Commenting on them personally, he added:

These guys are not bad people. I don’t want to paint them that way…They are very talented and on a personal level they are nice to be around.

The response from other internet users, who see this as the latest in a long line of politically motivated censorship due to an increasingly intolerant strain of identity politics, has been less sympathetic. Angry consumers have made their feelings known on the steam forums and review sections, and many have demanded refunds due to the actions of the game’s creators.

The effects of this firing on the fame are as yet unknown, although it has been pointed out that the music and sound effects have been a large part of the game’s appeal, and the removal of the sound designer could be damaging. The PR and legal ramifications are rather more obvious however…

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    • Fascism is actually a right-wing ideology, involving racism, scapegoating immigrants, ethnic groups, nationalism mislabeled as patriotism, church dogma chosen over truth and legislated into laws that erode civil rights. Companies are within their rights when they choose NOT to support employees who spew hate speech on social media – Companies have an image to protect and racism is REALLY bad for business.

    • Eat a dick dumbass. You want to subscribe to a brain-dead left/right/whatever world view, go ahead. But a company’s free to fire whatever dumbass spouting stupid shit they feel like. And the “right” sure likes to spout alot of dumb shit.

      • Eat shit and die.
        You’d be like, the first to want to become a boss in the company, and fire everyone that even looks funny your way, or god-forbid, disagree with your opinions.
        Fucking faggot

      • @halo

        Yeah you sure sound like you don’t subscribe to the “brain-dead left/right/whatever world view”.

        You can’t get fired for a twitter tirade you dumbfuck. NO ONE should be fired for their tweet. It’s hypocritical when you have a knee-jerk reaction and slam the dude without even thinking of the processes a company should follow before firing their employee.

        Yes he went full asshole but is this the proper thing to do? Just fire him? What? Should we all avoid twitter now because it risks our livelihood? We give those who would literally put gambling mechanics to an accessible product regardless of age a damn pass yet we fire a guy because of his tweets?

        Yeah dude, you’re just disguising yourself as someone who doesn’t pick a side. In truth, you’re one of them.

        • For a company it is a simple matter of protecting their image, and their image directly affects their customer base. A company that wants to sell to the MOST customers will wisely REJECT hate speech, and will separate it self from people who promote that ignorant hate. Hate speech toward any group is bad for business.

          And yes, YES that absolutely includes the speeches you choose to post on social media – ESPECIALLY if you are including your business credentials online. Better to do as you are doing and hide behind an “Anonymous” tag rather than to proudly declare you are so-and-so, you work for such-and-such, and then dumping a steaming pile of ignorant hate speech. You are not only destroying your own reputation but damaging the public image of the company when you do that – which is why the company would have valid reason to fire you.

      • So idiots on the right favor suppressing free speech. Great! What’s next? Christian preachers go on trips sucking escort cocks while condemning gays? Wow!

        Of course it is free speech to get fired over dumb tweets due to online mobs.

        Have fun losing your rights fighting some shitty partisan battles. Enjoy your free Hitler/Stalin equivalent in the future.

        ps. I know there are legit some people who went from left to basically neo-nazi because of the garbage from the left. From one stupid extreme to another.

        • This is not a free speech issue AT ALL. No one has censored the hate speech that was spread. What happened is that the hate speech had a consequence – the person was fired from their work, because the company they worked for does NOT wish to be associated with that ignorant hate. Again no one is censoring any one’s speech – they are simply saying how horrible; there is the door – we do not want to work with haters here.

        • Either extremes of the right or left need to eat a bullet. Difference is, the alt-reich embraces their psychopathic terrorist extremists and make no shortage of excuses for them when they, oohhhh, let’s say, run 19+ people over and call it either a heart attack or a peaceful protest.

          Trumpanzees need eradicated as badly as they claim supposed “apes” and jews do. Fortunately tho they will never reproduce so maybe all we gotta do is wait a century so this virulent hate plague can simply die.

          • Meanwhile, the extreme left says it’s okay to beat people with locks to silence their wrong-think. Oh, and perform terrorist acts to keep people from being allowed a platform, again, for wrong-think. Or to take over events that are not about them via threatening violence if the event doesn’t cater to them. Or kidnaps people and abuses them physically and emotionally for days while recording it.

            And while not everyone on the left is doing it, most of them are excusing it. Talking about how they support BLM or Antifa. At this point Antifa is the literal (actual literal not figurative literal) definition of a terrorist group, but you STILL have people supporting them.

            Neither side is without blood on their hands. Trying to condemn one extreme while playing down the other extreme makes you a hypocrite.

      • The alt-reich loves spouting retarded shit. They run on defamation, lies, deceit and screeching whenever something or someone fights back against their bigotry.

        LOL what you gonna do Nazis? Call me an autist SJW cuck? Gee, how original. Crawl back to T_D you whiny little permavirgins.

        I’m canadian and more afraid of trumpers coming to my country and doing the same thing they’ve done to america.

      • Preach! This is capitalism at its best. If you say something your employer deems counterproductive to the company they can Fire your ass. You don’t have to like it but they can do it.

        Go on. I dare any of you who have bosses and work in a formal company to stand in front of your boss and shout your hateful rhetoric. See if you see the end of the day in that office.

    • Glad i don’t live in whatever hellish place all you people are in, cause this leftist or rightist or whatever thing, i don’t really get it but all i see is a group of people of the same nation are fighting over nonsense including, that one group is narrow minded and the other while being somewhat open minded somehow makes it into some political prop ? , everyone of you need get your head out of the gutter and talk about the subject aside of the political stance, so there is actually a solution to the problem rather than more problems without solutions to it. from any logical stance shouldn’t anyone be bringing out equality of gender in a situation like this ? i mean it is a game that both genders may play ? as a typical game; most with character customization would never dare deny the users right of choice when it comes to the two common genders of all time, which also makes the product marketable for most with these options(because by no offense but these genders are the majority who affect the sales in consumerism). So isn’t this simply denying the users the rights to play as who they choose to be or as who they are?

      • Its just people being brainwashed at this point. Heads so far up their rears they have no idea at all what the real world entails. The US and UK are fairly guilty of this and its reflective of how much substance in their culture they’ve lost. They try to find meaning where there is none, then make new “culture” through ID politics. Its tragic.

      • Leftist are not interested in debates, discussions or an open marketplace of ideas. Which is why they do everything in their power to shut down even mere attempts to publicly talk about stuff like this. Trying to find a solution or a compromise becomes impossible.

        • Agreed, it’s really difficult to find people on either side of the political spectrum to talk to regarding hot topics without someone going ad hominem on the other these days…

          That said, though, personally I have found a few good friends -some from the left, and some from the right, whom we can talk together about things without resorting to insults and such.

          I do admit though, that I know of a few devout lefties and righties who are quite ‘adamant’ about their stances… And that mightier-than-thou attitude is quite discouraging to those actively willing to discuss and understand the other.

          As someone who is leaning liberal (in terms of civil and political rights), I agree that there appear to be alot more closed minded folks these days. Though I’d say alot of this is due to the politically charged climate in everything these day –hell, even videogames have become a political battleground… And as the guy before me has mentioned, many of these ‘ultra-liberals’ are merely riding the progressive train to fulfill their own agendas. And these certainly paint an unfair image of the left just as Neo-Nazis do for the right.

          But I will say that if you looking for people to engage in discussion with, there certainly are people out there willing to engage in genuine political discourse without all the insults and trash talk. It’s hidden away by all the noise, but defs out there –on both sides.

          As a famous person once put it, “you gotta wade through all the dicks first!”

        • that goes for both sides.

          as you go to the edges there wiill be a close resemblance to brown ether its on the red or blue side.

          stalinist’s, ultra-feminists, neo-nazis etc etc…. no difference, they don’t like democracy but loves to missuse it for own agenda

    • pfft cute. the right thinks everyone needs to be white, male, and christian… have you SEEN how intolerant christians are? this shitty website needs to lay off the stupid political snowflake crying, “stick it to the left edglording” may be cool to the youths, but this aint a site for it.

      stick to what you do best, author, bringing us smut/fap material from japan.

      • Left, right, fucking idiots, the whole lot.

        All I see is people in power staying in power while the poor and stupid are herded like sheep to kill each other based on the labels they wear. Left vs right is meaningless. Poor vs rich is the only fight that matters.

        • “Poor vs rich is the only fight that matters.”

          In this economy? If you’re unemployed and have no physical ailments barring employment, you have only yourself to blame. You sound like Bernie, half nuts and out of touch.

    • You are an idiot if you think politics is only left and right. it is also up (authoritarianism) and down (libertarianism). These guys, like most SJWs, are left authoritarian. While the majority of actual progressives are left and libertarian leaning towards personal freedoms like free speech.

      Also, fascism is the marriage of corporations and state. This is the definition said by Mussolini, creator of fascism.

      • Have you noticed that it’s only left wing fuckwits that act dangerously aggressive to shut down free speech? If that’s not fascism I don’t know what is.

        Because at the end of the day Conservatives aren’t dressing like Ninjas like the Antifa scum do to attack people physically that they disagree with.

        • In Australia, it’s always the right wing committing violence, closing down free speech, freedom of the press or trying to force their religious dogmas into politics.

          They had the Cronulla rights where thousands of conservatives gathered, wearing patriotic flags and lynched minorities.

          Conservatives tried to stop same-sex marriage when all polls showed that the overwhelming majority wanted it. And they’re always trying to force their religion into politics, law and public education.

          The left don’t want to shut down free speech, only hate speech.

          Also, the official statistics in Australia (and the US) show that violence in the name of political and social agendas is committed by the right wing far more than the left.

          • “ommitted by the right wing far more than the left.”Kek. Sure.. Have you even seen the raids by lefties in the US? I cant foucht for ausi. But here in the netherlands, lefties are damaging every fucking thing.

          • And who decides what is hate speech? Considering Nazi is being used to describe everyone that doesn’t 100% agree with the far left, then excuse me for not wanting to let that side dictate what hate speech is.

          • >australia
            >>conservative violence
            >>>hate speech
            >>>>left protecting free speech
            That is not what news everywhere tell me. Australia is one of the worst cuckhold leftist shitholes on earth. Have fun fighting wild life + sandbombers + leftist insanity while trying to make a buck every month to pay for their welfare + social justice programs.

          • Aspecially in lands with Russian GRU agents – who put hate against minorities and nathionalism in politic, because they want to break EU, USA and whole modern world, who are many times more rich than authorithiaristic lands of poverty like Russia, China or whole Middle East. This whole propaganda agains so called leftist is created by well paid troll. Antifa is just an reaction against agressive haters who goes on the streets of Europe and destroys city property and attack peoples. Last days in nathionalistic Poland one actor said in TV: “Catholic Church is Mafia” – he was bitten on the street – this is freedom of speech by right wingers. Anyway Jesus Christ was a cannibal, and Bible was thousand times changed (for example by Caesar Constantin III).

        • Don’t even bother arguing with lefties.
          They will always try to discredit you with personal attacks, just so they can take a perceived moral high ground that doesn’t exist.
          I am not a fan of the right either, but at least some of them can be reasoned with when it comes to fascism. The left does not acknwoledge its fascist tendencies, depsite the fact that it tries to get people fired and publicly shamed for daring to have an opinion. For a political camp that propagates the idea of “just having a conversation”, the left has surprisingly little interest in participating in saind conversations. They just label you and cast you aside, like the fascists they are.

          A reasonable person looks at both sides, discards the bad parts while simulatneously making use of the good parts. There is no necessary evil, nor do people deserve to be treated like shit for having different views.
          I disagree with the firing, but it’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t post your political views online if you value your employment – not because it might get you fired, but because it might prevent you from getting another job. Background checks are a thing. I don’t like them either, but they exist.

        • right wing extremists commit political violence almost exclusively in the US. right wing lunatic politicians defy courts, media, and anything that prevents them from having power. the right are the only ones making laws exclusively for christians to fuck anyone not a white jesus freak.

          you can go fuck yourself with your deluded idiocy about “the left”

          • What you stated there has been true like… 10 years ago. Times have changed. I agree, rightwing extremists are terrible. But right now, it’s the left that’s the biggest threat to almost everyone, including minorities. Wouldn’t have thought this would happen either and yet, here we are.

        • right wing extremists commit political violence almost exclusively in the US. right wing lunatic politicians defy courts, media, and anything that prevents them from having power. the right are the only ones making laws exclusively for christians to fuck anyone not a white jesus freak.

          you can go fuck yourself with your deluded idiocy about “the left”

        • right wing extremists commit political violence almost exclusively in the US. right wing lunatic politicians defy courts, media, and anything that prevents them from having power. the right are the only ones making laws exclusively for christians to fuck anyone not a white jesus freak.

          you can go fuck yourself with your deluded idiocy about “the left”

        • right wing extremists commit political violence almost exclusively in the US. right wing lunatic politicians defy courts, media, and anything that prevents them from having power. the right are the only ones making laws exclusively for christians to fuck anyone not a white jesus freak.

          you can go fuck yourself with your deluded idiocy about “the left”

          • I don’t know what America you live in , but we have psychopaths on both ends of the spectrum.

            The “Right” psychos are automatically deemed as evil, while the “Left” psychos are judged as heroes.

            While in reality, they’re all filthy criminals that need to be executed.

      • No, Actual progressive are not libertarian, they are SJWs, those who defend gay marriage, minorities and all of this non sense. They are progressive and pro free speech as long as it lean toward their views.

        i have yet to see right winger chimping out on the street and manifesting.

        Oh and the definition of fascist today is arbitrary imposing you views on people using censorship or violence. Your definition, obviously apply to a state. But when people use violence, authority to silence you, it falls in the fascist definition.

        For exemple, antifa and brownshirt have a lot in common, intimidating people who don’t share their views or considered as nazi, by using violence.

  • Who would have guess ResetEra is pretty much as cancerous as NeoGaf. And yet again we see the hypocrisy of SJWs who claimed GamerGate was a harassment campaign, harassing a company’s employee who disagrees with their views and making him get fired.

  • Left wing scum needs to be lined up and executed. Fucking jew lackey scum. I’m so glad the left wing scum are dying off in Europe. GOGO Poland!! FUCK THE JEW RATS!! KILL THEM ALL!!! EVERY FUCKING JEW MUST DIE!!!!!!!!

  • So ridiculous… Devs have the right to develop their game in any way, shape, or form that they like. It is their game that they are bringing to us; we have no right to dictate how everything is. Sure, they can LISTEN to our opinions, but that does not make them obligated to follow through with every little suggestion or request just because it makes us happy.

    This kind of bs is like telling Rowling to change her story cause we didn’t like how it ended or something.

    The devs have the right to create their games in they way that they want. If you don’t like it, go make a mod, or deal with it. Better yet, try to make your own because only then would you appreciate the amount of effort it takes to develop one and ignore all the whiny bs from ppl who haven’t even bothered to play.

  • He’s not wrong, if you feel like going down the rabbit hole you’ll discover that Sweden has a massive problem with migrants raping women & children. The stories are often suppressed by their SJW government but what’s going on in that country is both tragic & horrific.

    Not to mention they’re so mentally retarded that they’re happy to place migrants(Most of which are lying about their age) with children in schools. You’ve got dudes that look fucking 30 years old if not older claiming to be 15/16.

    • One of the worst thing I’ve seen from the multikulti countries is how these economic migrants go around schools just to beat white kids and violate the young girls as they go to and leave the place of learning. Hounding white kids and ganging up on them five to one and just beating them up for being white. And if for example a white kid had a girlfriend and they beat him up they then make advances on the girl. And apparently its a common happening. They are just told to become emasculated and let their women get “enriched” while they suffer dissonance and get the urge to kill themselves.
      It never occurs to them that kids being raped and exposed to it is a serious thing that can impact the children for the rest of their lives.

      No government support, police, or security, come to their aid and when these forces do act its so that the victims are to be silenced for “dissent and hate crimes”. Only economic migrants have rights. This is the multicultural and globalist reality. And its basically war, a one sided one, where the invaders have the backing of the host nation’s government and the host nations citizens are left to be ravaged. Extinction is only a matter of time now.

      • You’re mistaking economical immigrant for opportunistic scum.
        I’m economical immigrant, switching from one country to another within EU, for better paid jobs.
        We work 8+ hours a day, hardly use any social support, pay bills and taxes, and drink beer at weekends to get rid of stress amassed after hard week of work.

        Them? No..not really, not one bit of them is like us.

        • Truth. 4 me problem are comments, who are made by well paid trolls. Not many peoples know, than in France was 2nd person on president race (she’s lost) a woman Le Pen, who was paid by Russia (her party has a credit in russian bank).There are more examples in europe. Same problems are with Donald Trump and his connections. Whole Europe has been invaded by nationalist Putin’s spies, who try to multiply hate against immigrants, who keep the retirement factors high because of low natural growth. Workforce keep rich countries growth high. Same is in USA.

          • If you were French you’d know about the escalating violence by migrants in Calais. If you were French you’d know about how they’re causing issues in France and are leaving large areas of where they’ve been encamped looking like absolute shitholes for the authorities to clean up. If you were French you’d how have some kind of idea about the crimes they’re committing.

            You’re not French, you’re just some random asshole claiming to have some idea what he’s talking about when you know nothing.

  • Right-winger discovers that speech can have consequences and that their employer has the right of free association and has chosen to terminate any association to them. Pretty simple stuff unless you are an alt-right moron with a victim complex.

  • Now if a japanese person complained about low IQ WHITE PEOPLE immigrating to Japan and ruining their superior culture and got fired for it, I wonder how many of you /pol/fags would be on here cucking for them in their defense?

  • When did this site become a subsidiary of /pol/? Every other day there’s a post here that has nothing to do with anime and it’s entire existence is to rile up virgin shut ins about the dangers of modern feminiztsss and the monolithic “left”.

  • They didn’t fire him for being a Conservative.
    They fired him for 1) being an asshole, and 2) being clearly unable to handle basic grammar and spelling, which I hear are important when working as a software developer for pretty much anything.

  • I personally never want to talk to anyone who uses “U R”. I felt my IQ might drop from the conversations. Consider my english grammar wasn’t great already, I might fail grade 6 english at this rate.

  • What this political bullshit has to do with this site? I could not care less about right or left, both sides are filled with mindless tools, but every week you have to throw a fish to the racists here and build this disgusting comment section filled with human waste.

  • The shit going on at gaming world with courting keyboard warriors and their feelings needs to stop.

    You either agree with their whining and anger the other half that are not fazed by little things, or you show some strong will and do not bend over with your ass, pleasing all the non-SJW.

    And believe me, keyboard warriors are NOT the ones to actually actively play the games.

  • Being fired for your political viewpoints is wrong on so many levels.
    At the same time, being an idiot that believes in baseless conspiracy theories is a good reason not to have them on your team. Conservatism is not an excuse for being a loon.

  • Maybe the dude was a dick at work too and this was what pushed it over. As a professional in the public eye, you have to be careful and aware of what you’re posting. Pretty much the, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” mentality.

    • It’s the LEFT that currently has a problem with porn (it used to be conservative right around 10 years ago. I opposed them back then for the same reason I oppose the authoritarian left now).

      If you like your porn, you should be in favour of publicly exposing the kinds of people who will make it difficult for you to enjoy sexual material.

      • Excuse me? Last I checked it was the conservative evangelical nutjobs who insist porn is the work of the devil. They openly show disgust at the thought of masturbation and pre marital sex. As long as your porn sticks to the laws (they don’t feature underage people, for example) the left is pretty okay with porn. And if you think it’s the otherness way around please provide the proof that the liberals are more against porn than conservatives (don’t forget these include conservative Christians please).

        And don’t confuse porn with hentai that features lolis of dubious age or fucked up shit like revenge porn. Progressives and conservatives do complain about these kinds from time to time.

  • Leave the fucking politics out of my gaming thank you very much. I don’t care if you are left right or nutless.

    Subnautica is a great game though don’t let this stupid non-sense turn you away from trying it.

  • His fault for being dumb enough to express his political beliefs using an account his employer knows about. People create secondary (anonymous) accounts to express their personal beliefs for a reason.

    Then again expressing conservative beliefs on a leftist toilet like twitter is just asking for trouble anyway.

  • I’m left of center myself, so I obviously hate the SJW mentality (and disagree with some of what Simon says here). At the same time, it’s a company’s choice to fire people if for PR purposes. Does that mean the company will carve out a huge chunk of the non-Tumblr audience? Yes. Is it an idiotic decision that’ll hurt the company? Yes. But should they be allowed to do it? Yes.

  • notice how the shitlibs in the comments are bitching about racism/sexism. but not a damn one of them can refute the statements he made. women are treated like property in muslim nations and importing 3rd world people imports 3rd world culture and mindsets.

    • “Potentialy a good game with awful sound design. I just can feel how the sexist and racist vibrations going trough my headphones and breaks all my game experience. Maybe if you сut it out it would be much better.

      0/10 – Literaly unplayable.” – Steam use Slash Freezen

      It’s happening already.

  • I wonder if he will pursue suing the company for firing him just for making such tweets. I would go after that, because it’s unfair to get fired for what you as a person and individual said. Don’t label people into company.

  • The only reason why Antifa haven’t been curb stomped into the ground where they belong is because Right-wing conservatives have jobs to go to during the day while Antifa are unemployed welfare claimants. You know like your typical democrat voter.

    If Antifa keep pushing normal everyday Conservatives, they’ll be too frightened to leave their little safe spaces.

  • Hope the party screwed over seeks legal means like James Demore (made google meme). Only way these ass backwards companies will fuck off with this political discrimination bullshit. Have conservative leanings but not compelled to forced it down people throats in neutral situations (job,restaurants, malls etc).

  • That guy is uncommonly nice to those that fired him for being overly sensitive leftists. Other’s would not be as forgiving. Kudos to this guy for not giving in to the urge to go “Liberals REEEE!!!”
    From his reaction to the firing, he seems more gracious than the company described as “many hateful statements online”.
    Also, I can’t stand when people are not satisfied that a game company is not being progressive enough.

  • what the fuck does this have to do with japan, anime porn japan culture
    why do you leftist/rightist fucks need a soapbox to put on this site?
    is this the stuff you want shitting your boards? stick with the fucking goofy anime stories

  • This is a damn stupid stunt, not just because they’re hiring someone for their personal views and opinions, really tame views might I add (guys not racist, he’s a realist…)

    But it’s worse because he was the most essential developer of subnautica and the key to their success, the sound design in this game is literally the #1 thing that makes it so good.

  • I’m sure some right wing groups will still make complaints about the devs. A couple years ago someone asked a dev via steam why there were no weapons other than a knife and some other non-lethal yet hard to use ones and they responded with a rant about gun violence in the US and the Sandy Hook shooting.

  • I look at Equal Employment Opportunity. Then I look at his comments. Then I laugh at how appropriate it was to fire him. Say that stuff in the real world and this is the result. Imagine the lawsuits unfolding that an employer says this garbage in an interview to an immigrant or person of color.

    Unknown Worlds Entertainment – Based in San Francisco, California.

    Recognize who you work for. SAN FRANCISCO, CA Home of the LEFT and activism fighting for equality and rights.

    Dum sht repeats: but but you guys are the real bad guys silencing them!
    Normal person: No, you guys who keep perpetuating these harmful ideologies are.

    To people saying left is fascist. No, 1 side perpetuates harmful ideologies and hate, while the other side fights it.

    Now get on the multis and downvote this out of butthurt. The real world says otherwise and situations like this, are doing it right.

    • Plenty of people around the world, including in the states have been fired for comments made on social media, along with comments made in private. You really should familiarize yourself with the meaning behind “at-will employment” and which states/countries that applies to.

      Leaked illegally recorded conversations were enough to cost Hulk Hogan his job with WWE and Donald Sterling had to sell the Clippers after his illegally recorded conversations were leaked too. Kevin Spacey’s acting career is over, after being accused of touching some teenager over a decade ago. A former Miss America had her crown stripped, some comments leaked. etc. But Bill Cosby gets a free pass, cause he’s black.

      We live in an era in which everything you say or do can and will be used against you, by leftist cucks.

      • How is Cosby getting a free pass? It took some time but Bill Cosby is getting his now. Your comments on Donald Sterling and Cosby have outed your racism, or at least acceptance of racists, which is just as despicable. Idk man. You are sounding more cucky than the cucks that you crap on.

    • What was it? Resorting to personal attacks when missing any other valid argument?
      Your “IQ” isn’t much higher than his, in light of how you presented your opinion here.
      Fucking faggot.

  • Political views should never be part of working force, I think he should have thought about it earlier and make a second twitter account to express his political views as a person and not as a developer of a popular game. There wouldn’t be a problem there.

    Keep your private life away from work.

  • Pretty dumb to be firing your devs over political views for it’s illegal.
    I guess Unknown Worlds Entertainment’s wants to get slapped with a lawsuit because that’s how you get slapped with a lawsuit.

    Plus firing your employees over something as petty of political views will leave you with nothing but a bunch of no talent mooks who are only there to collect a pay check and steal office supplies.

  • –>Improve Core Game
    –>Play as a Woman

    —>Improve Core Game
    You have selected ” Play as a Woman”, is this correct?


    Thank you for selecting “yes”, you are very progressive and this will teach those awful misogynist gamers and gamergaters that women are the ruling force in this world and they are the future.

    • You do realize that he was fired for taking the position of wanting to play a women versus wanting the company improve the core game, right? in the article it specifically states that he was using a woman’s avatar, claiming to be a woman that was offended that the game wouldn’t let him (who was posing as a “her”, while working for the company at the same time) play as a woman as “he” was in “real life.” It’s in the article.

  • Good. It’s about time you right-wing nutcases started getting a taste of what it feels like to be stonewalled.
    After-all, you can not sympathize with another’s pain if you yourself have never experienced pain.
    You can not understand why someone is shivering out in the cold if you yourself have never felt cold.

    • Why care about someone outside of your race, tribe, circle of honour, or your family? Why care about someone who does not care about you? Suicidal altruism is a path towards destruction for you and your people. Crush the outsider before he crushes you.

      That idea is now spreading like wildfire across the Occident and among occidental peoples, especially with the rising crime and violence from migrants, and when the process is complete the whole table will be flipped over.

    • You are the type who calls everyone you disagree with ‘fascist’, but refuse to recognize that you’re emulating that behavior yourself. Absolutely sickening. How are you not embarrassed?

  • To be fair, the guy didn’t say anything wrong. A lot of problems with European countries that accept refugees and immigrants all willy nilly have had trouble trying to integrate most of those people to a new society. They’re just thrown in there without any guide lines, rules or even warnings about what they can or can’t do. You end up with a bunch of misplaced people behaving like assholes, some who were probably nuts and needed a background check or a ton of people who just want to work and live being treated as badly as those who go around doing terrible shit. There’s a reason a lot of crimes in certain parts of Europe involves refugees or immigrants being little shits: they’re not integrated to their new homes as well as they should and behave like they own everything. It doesn’t help that morally sensitive left leaning cucks with an agenda would rather let them do this for brownie points and publicity rather than actually deal with the problem, which is literally having a terrible system to deal with this shit. We’ve gotten to the point where we’ll willingly to accept Neo-Nazi propaganda because the left has dropped the fucking pooch so badly that it has driven people to hate speech, racism and extreme right leaning sentiments. I remember when right wing parties were all for shit like gay marriage, immigration and other usually left leaning concepts just because the right also believed in free speech and a chance at life, but for some reason the left has become toxic as fuck.

    • Sign of times.
      Frankly, I think that current situation partly (if not wholly) became as audible as it is now, due to more common access to the internet.

      How many of those people preaching obnoxious extremes for either side, are nothing more but another social shut-in with keyboard for cry pillow?

      Access to social media and information to everyone…even ones that could be considered as undesirable in such places. And happen to be majority of society.

  • I just saw that fucking tranny faggot Kyleigh Potts that paid 50000 dollars in plastic surgery to look like that mixed breeded scum Kyle Jenner of all people. The left are a bunch of fucking fuckups. There is no saving them. They need to be exterminated along with their jew masters.

  • I’m not even going to bother reasoning why people play these shitty PC games…but such has become the PC platform, a platform of trash.

    But these devs no matter their personal opinion need to pander to this dumb crowd, if they demand crap them scam them with a smile on your face. If putting a 1MB worth of Female resembling scuba masked characters gets you sales, I say do it.

    • You have to understand, though, that there is alot that goes into the development of a game. An indie game dev company such as Unknown Worlds have very limited time and resources available to them. It’s not simply ‘add a line of code, change some configs and BOOM’, but rather multiple teams/roles that need to coordinate with each other –and it ain’t easy! If they were focusing on a new expansion/update/patch, that would mean people need to be pulled off certain teams to work on this. They’re not big name companies churning out AAA titles, so you shouldn’t expect them to have a team of 500 people working on it

      Is there voice acting in this game? Yes? Well that needs to be updated, time to hire a VA.

      Any changes to be made in the dialogue? Gender-specific? Well looks like we need a team to rewrite some of the scripts too.

      Are there player-specific models? you want to play as a female protag right? Well we need a 3D modeler who is DECENT in modeling the female form, new textures, oh and maybe we need to re-rig the models. That’s already 3 roles/teams to be repurposed for this task alone!

      And then at the end you need the engineers to put it all together so the game works!

      As my manager puts it, “you don’t want to reinvent the wheel”. If something already works, don’t try to make such major changes, cause it’s time consuming and risky.(things will break and it’ll be like trying to play whack-a-mole with certain issues)

    • It isn’t a woman. It’s man name Simon Chylinski. He posed as a woman, faking that he was offended to his own company about not letting “him” pay as a woman, which he said that he was.

  • Anyone else find it funny that gamers often demand, and I mean DEMAND, a morality system in video games that is gray where both sides have their points and there are consequences for both choices and there is no “true” black and white but in real life they see things very black and white, using political words instead of “right” and “wrong” they say “Us wing” and “Them wing”.

    Just a thought.

  • Yet another popular game’s reputation ruined by needlessly getting involved in political drama, when they could have just ignored all of it. It was his personal Twitter account; he was not speaking on behalf of the studio or anything. They pulled a Yooka-Laylee.

    With that said, “increasingly intolerant strain of identity politics” is quite an ironic statement from anyone on this site, where simply saying “I think I’m a liberal” gets auto-translated to “I’m an SJW choking on Jew cock”. You are in no position to complain about toxic identity politics when this entire site has been extremely right-wing-biased for over a year now, which is no different than what NeoGAF does, where they auto-translate “conservative” to literal Nazis.

    And do not even tell me I am wrong: the top comment right now is very much equating every single liberal to fascists. Replace “liberal” with “conservative” and “fascist” with “Nazis” and you have a perfect NeoGAF post: “Not really surprising, conservatives are the real nazis. Nothing new under the sun.”

    Seeing only one side – YOUR side – of the political spectrum as the objectively correct one is the textbook definition of “increasingly intolerant strain of identity politics”.

      • What consoles has to do with this? I don’t even have one.
        The game looks like its straight out from 2001, another overhyped indie trash made for streamers and youtube lets-players mainly. No wonder I never heard of it.

        • Bullshit from the developers aside, Subnautica really is a good game. One of the best things about it was the soundtrack/creature sounds. Which came from the guy they’ve just fired..

          Nothing really beats just crusing around in the depths to such an atmospheric score. You get that feeling of being truly alone as you explore and piece together what’s going on. There’s a real sense of progression too as you build your base etc

    • Conservatives are the ones worried about the escalating crime towards women by these migrants, where as lefties just want more of them in. Conservatives are the ones who don’t want their towns and cities filled with mosques and want to retain a sense of cultural identity. Conservatives are the ones who don’t want to see women dressed as Darth Vader walking the streets as they know that those garbs are forced upon them and would rather they dressed like anyone else.

      Keep talking shit leftie moron.

      • Conservatives also view women as property and beneath men. Even sankaku comments show that well. Ever have a situation where the woman is put in the dominant role and the man is in a more submissive role? “CUCK CUCK BETA MAN HATING CUCKOLD SJW FEMINISTS REEEEEEE”

        Theyre like SJW feminists, except flipped around. (Which is NOT a good thing). Thank god i dont align with either of those sides.

  • The only thing I see in this thread are white butthurt people defending their white supremacy. If you want a real example of backardness and retardness come to sankaku complex and it’s threads. You think you’re god? You think you can keep insulting minorities and other people because a good economic condition gives you that right? Tell me what kind of world are you people living in? I’m not into left or right, but I do hate people who think they are god on earth because of their skin color or their economic condition.

    • No. People are against mass third world migrant because they are low skilled, low IQ’d, often mentally deficient and contribute nothing towards their host country besides attempting to turn it into the third world shithole from whence they came.

    • LOL “white supremacy”, person above assumes everyone who objects to this decision can only be white because it’s beyond their comprehension that minorities can have similar opinions. Yeah, that’s not the real racism right there.

    • And you have not tired of coming to SC, always with offensive comments using profanity ..
      All far left in the whole world has the same litany .. bla bla … poor minorities … we are fighting for a fair all genres .. by nature and climate ..

      But in the end they are nothing more than racist whites (among them teachers), upper-middle class who hate themselves!
      He cries for the poor, but uses Apple products, designer clothes and cars of the year ..
      Ecology … They make dirt, just like everyone else, and they travel by plane all year.
      They fight for feminism, but pretend that there are no women in the Middle East, Africa or Latin America suffering abuses..and traffic ..

      They sell a utopia that only exists in fairy tales told by Hollywood, marks zuckerbergs … and politicians (these are the worst)

      I could continue the text, but it would be long and boring .. after all everyone knows, and many pretend not to see ..