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Naruto Ends November – “Finally!”


Shonen Jump has announced the end of not so interminable ninja manga Naruto, to conclude in Weekly Shonen Jump’s 50th issue on November 10th, an announcement which looks sure to send dedicated fans into a stupor of melancholy and nostalgia – while others may be wondering what took it so long.

The news, which comes straight from Shonen Jump themselves for once, should not come as much of a surprise considering Naruto author Masashi Kishimoto had predicted the manga’s inevitable end to arrive within about a year – granting fans far more time than originally anticipated.

Just how long it will take for the anime to reach a satisfying conclusion however is uncertain, especially given the adaptation’s well-known tendency to sidetrack itself with filler arcs – and just what title will be able to replace the titanic stature of Naruto in the shonen holy trinity is likely a question of some concern to fans and publishers alike…

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