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Imouto Okashii Mangaka: “They Made The Movie Too Adult!”


The latest mangaka to be moaning about abuse at the hands of the movie studio they signed the rights to their work away to is Mari Matsuzawa, who complains bitterly that her healthy chastity belt manga Saikin Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiin Da Ga has been “made into an adult movie” and “it was decided after I already agreed so I couldn’t do anything about it!”




The movie opens on the 17th and stars Tenka Hashimoto as the girl who gets to wear the belt all the time, with the film’s content raunchy enough to have secured it an R15+ rating.


Matsuzawa complains that her utterly innocent and safe for all ages manga was perverted into a pornographic monstrosity by the tricksters at the studio:

“Only after it was all finished and the release decided did I find out they had made a manga serialised in a shonen manga magazine [Dragon Age] into an adult movie! And after I could do nothing about it – horrible!

Couldn’t they have consulted with me about the story and explained this before filming? I think they could have. And now it is too late.”

She says that despite leaving all the checking up to her publisher and the contract she signed being adhered to properly, “there is such a thing as etiquette and trust between people which transcends what it is written in a contract” – although the absence of complaints about the sum agreed does at least suggest she was paid properly this time.

Online there are doubts about all this for some reason:

“Thermae Romae was bad enough, now this…”

“Kadokawa up to its usual tricks I see.”

“Come on, considering the content of the manga this is an outrageous complaint for her to make…”

“R15 doesn’t exactly differ from the target age range of Dragon Age now does it? What the hell is she on about, it isn’t an adult movie.”

“Calling a 15+ movie ‘adult’ is really pushing it.”

“In other words, this is marketing for the movie – ‘look how sexy it is!'”

“Any faithful adaptation of the original would be R15.”

“At least the anime was decent…”

“What does this woman think contracts are for?”

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