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Kadokawa Buys From: “Armored Core Collection”


The latest big buyout to happen in Japan’s none too lively gaming industry already has plenty of fans worried – Kadokawa has just announced its purchase of From Software, makers of the Armored Core, Dark Souls and Tengu series, amongst others.

Kadokawa announced the planned purchase of 80% of From Software Corporation and its incorporation into the Kadokawa group as a subsidiary, netting former owners Transcosmos extraordinary profits of over 1.7 billion yen.

Various nonsense about game development synergies has been spouted as part of the official announcement, although as usual there is some suspicion that their main interest is simply grabbing Dark Souls and Armored Core franchises.

The announcement also came with some mention of “moving away from simple hardware platforms to wider provision of services through the cloud” from the CEO of From Software – instantly interpreted as “browser and smartphone games” by those of a less trusting nature.

The online response could only be less favourable if Bandai had nabbed the company:

“No! The next Armored Core will be nothing but DLC parts now…”

“You’ll have to pay for repairs with real money soon it seems.”

“I can only dread what kind of light novels this could spawn.”

“Not another victory for Kadokawa. Expect all manner of anime and manga featuring these franchises now.”

“Could finally mean some From games on Nintendo platforms though.”

“The From CEO has basically revealed what they intend with his comments – cloud gaming can only mean social games.”

“I expect they have given up on the prospect of developing anything for the PS4…”

“If they keep the franchises going, good. But with Kadokawa they may really just want the development teams and have no interest in the properties.”

“I have a vision of an Armored Core Collection just like Kantai Collection.”

“Worse yet there could be a bishoujo version of Armored Core…”

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