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“Sexist” AI Journal Rebukes Feminists

Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence vol 29

An AI journal hounded by feminists for daring to use a picture of a robot maid on its cover has delivered an adroit rebuke in the form of the cover to its next issue.

The 29th volume of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (Jinkou Chinou Gakkai)’s journal featured a android maid with a broom on its cover, drawn in anime style, and was picked up by random Twitter feminists who saw the cover as “discrimination against women” and “totally creepy,” the gist of their objections being that by publishing a picture of a woman holding a broom the men behind the publication were obviously suggesting a woman’s place is in the home.

These objections were soon picked up by such bastions of investigative journalism as the Huffington Post, and soon the society had a PR storm on its hands.

The society responded with a boilerplate grovelling apology in January, stating “we apologise deeply for causing discomfort” and that it “in no way intended to suggest women should be doing the cleaning and will be deeply reflecting on its lack of consideration of such matters.”

The journal appears to have attracted more criticism for not sticking to its guns and for publishing the overly supine apology than it did for the original criticism, with many concerned that by overreacting it set a negative precedent for similar issues – not least with an established academic research society feeling it had to formally apologise solely on the basis of a few barely cogent 140 character tweets.

The journal itself is an exceedingly obscure one with limited distribution and circulation in the hundreds or thousands – although after the scandal the printers apparently ordered an additional run of several hundred copies for some reason.

The real response seems to have come in the form of the cover of the next issue, which features the same female android – but this time from her perspective, looking down on a little boy whilst reading a copy of Hegel’s “The Phenomenology of Spirit” – and received immediate acclaim for its obvious wit and thoughtfulness, and even some requests for an anime adaptation:

Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence vol 29 - 2

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  • I don’t feel reduced or in anyway discriminated if I see dildos. they do stuff my dick can’t do it’s far superior than natural penises. you don’t get pregnant and they do the stuff better also w/o the usualy not so attractive male body attached to it.

    Do I feel my heart riped out? no. do I want a male bot that is fully functional in any anal and vaginal intercourse. HELL YEAH!
    I want to get fucked by a male bot AND want to fuck a fem bot! hard!

    So to all feminists (that will most likly not visit here) could we all just shut up end enjoy the powerful mind we have and all it’s bullshit that it comes up with. It seems that in your mind even teepots discriminate agains male/islam/jews/chrisitans/female/kids/polarbears/japanese … so … STFU end start to enjoy and stop trolling.

  • This is really stupid, what is wrong with idea with some woman better off with housework anyway?

    They should understand that the housewife is a honorable job, everything she did in the house is with the best of interest of her family in mind.

    She cook the food with mindset it will taste good and will be healthy to her family. Unlike some take-out food, restaurant food or fast food chain where the burger don’t decompose even after a month. They don’t give a damn about your health.

    She is also the one that keep in charge of the husband and the kids physical and mental health, like urging the kids to take bath (teach discipline, morality at the same time) and comforting and bring back confidence to the husband if he have some rough time at work.

    If the kids face trouble like at school, housewife will notice it immediately and seeks solution. Keep in mind woman can read emotion accurately and kids, they usually don’t talk about school problem/any problem at home. But their face usually hint they are troubled. This emotion reading ability is very useful to sense kids in trouble. A tired, working from 9 a.m to 6 p.m woman probably won’t notice the different, hence keeping the kids in deep shit. Housewife is the best solution to keep up type of hidden problem.

    In the end, housewives will be the place where the kids can talk out all their problem, and the the kids will respect and treasure her since she help them a lot when they are young and helpless. No more “What, dad and mom will come to our house in Thanks Giving? Urggghh”

    Housewives is also the one keep the neighborhood feels home, and not unlike people in metropolitan where nobody don’t even know their neighbor’s last name.. And perhaps people will value and respect each other more by housewives involvement, I mean the society have degraded so much that some people looking at other people die and say “They deserve to die since they are to stupid (Darwin award ring a bell?)”

    A great housewife will ask and even teach her kids how to do their homework. So unlike these modern family where at 6, everyone in front of the TV watching American Idol. The kids result, getting worst and worst and become even more dumb.

    Same thing apply on teaching the kids discipline, morality and the value of other people.

    If you think taking care a kids as lame job, keep in mind these kids will grow up someday and can become a somebody with the correct education. The kids are the future, people. Rather having both of the parents go out and secure for the present, isn’t it better to have one at home to monitor, help and educate the kids?

    Housewife is the key for more stable family structure, key to successful future and more socialized, warm, non individualistic society.

    People should give all the housewives more credits, and appreciate them more.

  • Anonymous says:

    for next cover, make a robot shaped like a human male or female that doing office work or field work

    or engineers should start design welding robots that really look like a female human.

  • Anonymous says:

    I thought it was just one or two idiots whining about it. So everyone was making a big deal out of it?
    What a bunch of fucking idiots.

    If an AI robot was made in my likeness, I’d be honored.

      • Nah, since the complain is so great that even the magazine have to apologize, I think it worth to be look at, and learn from.

        Never let these idiot talks and try to influencing other, and I am glad there are some users that call on the publisher’s decision to back out after that complain.

  • And the funny thing about this that the so called “feminists” aren’t real feminists. I’ve talked to a few and its comments like these that give the original feminist movement a bad name. Sad to say the people hounding about this picture are damn crazy.

    • I dont see why this is so hard for people to grasp. If you’re an otaku, that doesnt mean you instantly love K-On. A lot of otaku hate K-On.
      If you’re a christian, it doesnt mean you’re catholic.
      There are a lot of types of feminism, and the way they’re all painted with the same brush is annoying. The super extreme ‘ban all sex kill all men’ type is RadicalFeminism(RadFem) and is a small but vocal minority. Sites like this just like to pretend all feminism is like that.

      • Let me ask you. Do the ‘real’ feminist do anything to distinguish themselves from the radical?

        Because I never heard a word of wisdom from the real feminist when the Radical went ape shit in the discussion section, like “your are not real feminist” or “you are giving the real feminist a bad name”.

        You guys did nothing to separate yourself from these crazy lady, that is why you get the splash as well.

        At least the Catholic and the otaku show where they are standing, there are otaku call K-On as meo crap, and the otakus self differentiating among themselves, with the label of A type otaku and B type otaku.

        Feminism have none of this.

      • Anonymous says:

        There is more than one kind of feminist that subscribe to different ideologies, and all feminists know that. There are a lot of people who call themselves feminists that disagree with or argue against ideas put forth by people like Dworkin.

  • โ€œin no way intended to suggest women should be doing the cleaning and will be deeply reflecting on its lack of consideration of such matters.โ€

    What are they saying, women should be doing the cleaning! that’s their job.

  • Anonymous says:

    It a picture of a robot, aka not a human aka only resembles a female, and they get work up for that? The next thing you know they will clamor the release of a child abuser on the grounds she is a woman that should not be confine by role of a mother.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, the “previous” thing they were onto was that characters in games and manga have to be protected because they are real people too.

      Don’t be surprised at them being stupid, please. They aren’t worth your emotional response.

  • Anonymous says:

    I didn’t know there was such a journal. Ironically, it might have actually generated favoriable publicity for the journal from those actually interested in latest advances in electronic technology, instead of feminist bullshit hammered in social science class.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hah! I like the actual response in the next issue, wish everyone used such an awesome way of “shut up dumb ass” putting people in their place for not even knowing what they are doing at all.

  • When a woman said “I’m proud to be a woman !” people said “It’s Feminism ! we should support them”

    When a man said “I’m proud to be a man !” people said “DAMN YOU SEXIST ! YOU SHOULD GO TO JAIL FOR A LIFETIME ! WE WILL SUE YOU !”

    typical double standard :p

    • I’d imagine if the role reverse, woman having a robot butler, and man somehow claim can have child without woman, feminist will take that as offending as well.

      Something of the tone like: “Man devaluing female population, and start a lecture how the male always treat the female like sidekick or somebody that not important in the equation of humanity”

      Totally can imagine it. It happen many times, after all.

  • Anonymous says:

    The response cover is thoughtful, beautiful, and a little sad. Well done, guys. :’3
    It’s also a hilarious response to the obnoxious busy-bodies who started causing trouble in the first place, hahah!

    It looks like it’d make a great anime!

  • Anonymous says:

    Today’s modern feminists are just out of hand and way too sensitive. They lost sight of what their predecessors achieved or want to achieve. It seems like they want gender segregation instead of human equality.

  • Jungle Evil says:

    I understand why they apologized. They’re a very small, obscure magazine. They really can’t afford to piss too many readers off (I bet you all the women offended didn’t even read it to begin with and don’t even live in japan).

    But other then that Japan is #1 is telling feminists to fuck off. That is both a good and a bad thing. It’s good because Japanese media/entertainment will never bend to horse shit feminist ideals, unlike western outlets. It’s bad because there are still asinine gender roles and expectations applies to japanese women.

  • Anonymous says:

    The pictures portray the same situation but from different perspectives, as she is still holding the broom and book.

    People will see what they want to see in an image, regardless of what’s there.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s empowering because it was their choice and they were allowed to do it and so they did. It doesn’t matter if it they or anyone else thinks it was a stupid choice or not. And I’ve seen many women who have awesome jobs and also take care of their families… probably with the help of those riches and tax paying. In fact my own mom worked and raised me so no wonder I take offense at your line of thinking.

  • “solely on the basis of a few barely cogent 140 character tweets.”

    I do not in any way advocate modern-day feminism, but I just wanted to point out that, when using Japanese text, 140 characters is actually quite a bit. I know this from using Twitter bilingually myself (one post I could type out in Japanese will often have to be divided into 5 posts when I type the same thing in English).

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve never considered it before this but… doesn’t it seem like there are more visually female than male androids/cyborgs in popular literature and media? From androids like this to cyborgs like Matoko Kusanagi…

      • Anonymous says:

        True enough, but I guess I was just considering main characters. The most prominent/memorable ones that pop up in my mind… of course, I could be biased because female characters generally enter my mind before male characters do… damn hormones. The first male cyborg to enter my mind was Bryan Fury from Tekken.

        • Anonymous says:

          @1:16 – but this is just about why the idea of making robots look female might be a more popular idea than making them male, and why. Talking about why a storyteller decides to use more female leads than male leads is a totally other subject that’s unrelated and pointless.

  • Anonymous says:

    because. when you make a robot you don’t make it LOOK like a human for doing so would result TO THIS. considering that in the society in which ROBOTS ARE MANKIND’S HELPERS, many “intelligent human beings” in real life, happens to think that they are on equal footing. apparently, it is of great concern what they look like even when it’s only a sketch/a work of art.

    that being said, should we now consider that blow up dolls to be real women now? would the feminist be angry at men who fucks plastic all the while rejecting their plea for sex?

  • Anonymous says:

    LOL, feminists. All they can do it whine about non-issues. They even basically complain about women having children too! It’s one thing trying to make positive change, it’s another just to cause trouble.

  • It’s only a matter of perspective actually.
    Why not have an Android to help your daily chores?

    If the Android is male-form (like Sebastian in the Black Butler), I wonder if those feminazis would say the same?

    So, if it’s female, it’s discrimination and totally creepy.

    But if it’s male, it’s okay and normal?

    Talk about double standards these days

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s only an issue because the very existence of females in any media can be twisted into fuel for Neo-Feminist agenda.

      It’s the real reason why games avoid having female protagonists: don’t add fuel to fire…

      • Anonymous says:

        What? Tones of games have female protagonists. In fact the latest incarnation of Lara Croft has been torn both ways, as being less anti-feminist and also even more anti-feminist compared to the original lara croft. It comes down to perspective. Personally I think she’s more anti-feminist now. She shows that a woman needs smaller breasts to be taken seriously and that we need to see her die horrible deaths to care for her.

        • Hahaha, so true.

          I remember that one feminist claim that female character should have the less boobs and look more manly/more tomboy to be a more respectable character.

          And then I’ve read in different website, again, by feminist, critics the new, more manly Lara Croft as not empowering female, as she feel just another man under a woman skin.

          So what the hell is going on? It tell that feminism do not have a solid idea on an issue, and always try to find a flaw and critics it as loud as they can.

          I even suggest some feminist to find a leader or a person to be the point of reference of feminism ideology, and they dismiss the idea.
          Sure they don’t want that, since they purpose is to complain, and screaming at other people.

          Having a leader, that lead to the goal be achieved will make feminist have nothing to complain anymore, and that is why there are none. Just a bunch of people complain at everything of other people doing in the internet

  • Anonymous says:

    In fact, that android is a male IA trapped in a female body. So in fact is not discrimination against women, but discrimination against LGBT people.
    Seriously, androids don’t have gender, just like screwdrivers don’t have gender. Androids and robots are tools, not people. Working humanlike AI is science FICTION.
    When an existing robot has it’s rights recognized by international laws, I’ll accept this line of discussion. See ya then.

    • Anonymous says:

      I actually bet that probably waspart of some feminazis’ argument, that if a robot is genderless then why make a cleaning robot look female? Thoughts like that were probably going on before this picture. But then why make androids look like humans at all? That’s actually what an android is – a robot designed to look human. There’s a reason for that, otherwise why make them human-looking at all? Probably to make them less creepy. That’s also probably the reason to make it look like a female human – easier on the eyes (at least for men). If women attack androids like this when they do exist, they’d be better off getting their own butler bots.

  • Anonymous says:

    what are those feminists ? islamists or something? you can’t show a woman’s IMAGE ? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ (because an android is nothing but a computerized sculpture, it is not a woman ! )

  • Anonymous says:

    there is no point in arguing with a feminist in that even if they are “appeased” they will still complain ,
    its best to think of an offended feminist as lancer’s noble phantasm from fate stay night, the nature of causality is reversed. normally how things work is something happens and then someone is a offended, how feminist work is they are offended first and what they are offended at comes later .The actual action of seeing them responding to something is merely a formality, as they were already offended before what they “respond to” even existed.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s pointless because they are only looking for reasons to justify their obnoxious behavior. They will never admit they are wrong. They want those privileges and benefits, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get them and keep them.

      You cannot appease a modern feminist because they are always looking for more excuses to use as justification. It’s endless.

    • Jungle Evil says:

      That’s 100% correct. Their main objective is to get angry at something. They’re always looking for an axe to grind and the fact that they can spread their shite ideals to more feeble minded individuals is worrying. They place themselves in an echo chamber.

      • Anonymous says:

        Their main objective is to feel good about themselves – by playing pretend that they are saving the world by tweeting bullshit and that they are the good, moral people because they are ooohhh so fucking progressive and so accepting of QUILTBAGs and otherkin and god knows wtf they can think off.

        Meanwhile, in reality, they happen to be some of the worst racist and sexist morons to ever see the light of day.
        Gladly tweeting away much they hate white, cis, straight men, or complaining loudly over “cultural appropriation”, because hey, apparently the KKK had it right and you need to keep cultures pure!
        Then they excuse themselves by making up new definitions of racism and sexism that exclude racial hate against whites and sexism against men. Fucking fuckwits, all of them.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think it’s right to talk for all feminists just like I wouldn’t want some guy speaking on behalf of all men. Apparently there are some “appeased” otherwise all women would be feminist… some women out there are more backwards than you think and think the progression of women goes against conservative/religious values.

    • Anonymous says:

      And to think, not too long ago on sankaku I saw guys complaining that all girls wanted to be lazy bitches who wanted men for their productivity and wealth… now what, something new to complain about? lol

      • Anonymous says:

        now now, wanting to be lazy and actually being able to be lazy are completely different things. some men are proud to be productive and wealthy, some men are productive and wealthy because they had to. different strokes for different folks.

        • Anonymous says:

          Im not lazy, in fact, i enjoy hard work, but these days, you get paid crap money for hard work, when the other guy can slack off and get paid the exact amount or higher, and what is the reason to work at all? You’re going to work your entire life at a dead end job just so you get social security and retire when you’re to old to do anything with your free time, there is absolutely no reason to work. For survival? So you can eat? You’re going to die anyway, all your doing is postponing it.

    • Anonymous says:

      a lot of men would love to be house hubbies. unfortunately, that’s not what women want. They want to get ahead in life while marry to men who are even more successful than they are and take care of all house chores. feminism isn’t a bad deal if women start picking up house hubbies enmass.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is why children grow up these days spoiled pieces of shit that come on the internet and talk shit. Women want to work, but dont want the man to stay home either, so most of the day the child is searching the Dad’s porn drawer, play games or watching tv, no one is raising them correctly, so they grow up dicks, someone has to stay home so they dont grow up to be punks.

        • 16:57

          People that watch porn, video games, and tv can be successful, but the important thing is the balance. If the only thing you do is that three, and not reading book/do homework because nobody ask you to do, the odd of that person to be a great people in future will be very slim.

          That is why its is important to have somebody monitoring the kids. Kids are stupid, and they need some encouragement, motivation and teaching so they can be successful in later day.

        • Anonymous says:

          Are you suggesting that everyone (which makes up at least pretty much every guy ever) who ever indulged in porn, video games, and watchted tv (or *gasp* all three!) never amounted to anything? And that they did all those things because they’re mothers should have stayed in the kitchen rather than work, because working of course somehow puts a barrier between women and kitchens, or homes for that matter? Really, I don’t care for feminism but some of the crap people are pandering here isn’t much better either.

        • Anonymous says:

          Now women want men who can buy things for them and provide for their families but also want them to be less successful than them and do the chores at home? Any idiot can see how nonsensical of a conclusion that is and clearly the “data” got fucked up somewhere… likely in interpretation, heh.

  • Anonymous says:

    Damn, they could have made it so that the maid had accidentally found the boy’s hentai stash and was inquiring him about it.

    Why would an android, and a cleaning bot at that, be reading Hegel??? People question her broom but not that?

  • Anonymous says:

    Women are so stupid… If you look at the new picture, she is still holding the broom in one hand and cleaning!
    It’s the same scene as the first picture but shown from her point of view so nothing has changed.

    • Anonymous says:

      You do have a point.. that book was even in the first picture, so why wasn’t that noticed in the first place? Or did they really think she had just found someone’s hentai stash? lol

      But I thought we were just talking about feminists here.. bad ones.

  • When androids even remotely capable of anything useful one day hit the market, they are going to cost at least as much as a very good car. After paying that much for one, the owner isn’t even allowed to make it clean the house without feminazis whining and lamenting?

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, you seem to miss why the Android has to be female? Totally fair whine – they could of easily done a male and female android picture. The point was them having it as a woman, does kinda imply. Woman are the ones that should always do the cleaning. To be honest, studies have shown. That Japan men, do like 55 mins or something of chores whilst Women do 320 mins of chores. Yet in places like Norway, its far closer number. So with that, and the general conservatism in Japan. with it also being one of the worst for gender equality in the world. Its going to be associated with sexism. Which it is, to imply. That woman are the only ones to clean. To be honest, I have always preferred to be able to do cleaning. Due to it allowing me, to be independent. Along with, why should I live in filth.

      • Anonymous says:

        Better question, why shouldn’t it be female? Actually it makes more sense in general for them to be female because people are taught to think of females as LESS THREATENING and MORE TRUSTWORTHY as nonsensical as that might be.
        As for your 55 minutes vs 320 minutes. How about supplying us with the numbers for hours spent at work? That might be one of the explanations for this disparity, especially seeing how a lot of Japanese women according to polls still aim to find some guy whom’s money they can spend while giving him “pocket money”.

        • 16:25

          How come a less threatening and more trustworthy is a bad thing? Your argument make no sense, since these two point is actually a positive trait.

          And why a butler giving an image of higher standard of life? A well properly dressed maid give just the same vibe.

          Also, one more thing is its a custom for female to be housewife in Japan, and the guy working (working to death, overtime everyday). And the wife manage the finance, and she’s the one give the husband monthly allowance.

        • @16:25 09/03/2014

          It kind of reflects well on the people who originally thought the image was projecting influence – that they didn’t recognize the items she was holding as weapons.

          And just like that, this sensitivity seems to be a patternized version of something that might have been a genuine concern at first – there are bound to be people who could find the image as somehow relevant to their conception of universal matters or themselves, or whomever else. From then on it’s abundant with code, but I guess words like ‘intelligence’ get things that sort of environment.

        • Anonymous says:

          People would say that line of thinking is sexist in its self. Why should women be the ones who are considered less threatening and more trustworthy? That also puts women down.

          Maybe they should have just made the robot androgynous, that would have easily avoided any backlash. But really, it shouldn’t matter either way if they made it male or female. But why assume that the reasons behind putting a female is sexist when really the image of a housewife is just simply far more common than the image of a househusband? Anyways, when will men start complaining that something like a “househusband” isn’t getting more attention in media like this?

          But I bet people will be buying “butler” models over “housewife” models anyways, if that choice is given, simply because a butler might give you the impression that you’re living a higher lifestyle.

      • Anonymous says:

        Just because an android is female doesn’t imply servitude. You’re jumping to conclusions.

        If I made a female android, it’d be because I feel that females are beautiful, and I’d want to create something beautiful.

        That’s what most people have in mind when they create females. They don’t make them thinking “I WANT THIS TO BE A SLAVE”.

        Only today’s females would whine about being immortalized and honored for their beauty.

        • Anonymous says:

          On top of that, a “housewife” signifies that you are treating the robot more as a companion, rather than if it were a male “butler”, which would actually signify servitude. In that sense, it’s actually inequality from a male perspective.

      • Anonymous says:

        In Norway, people go crazy and shoot up youth camps, in Japan they don’t. You ignore the fact that the PUBLIC expects it to be a woman. Academic journals are not in the business of changing public opinion, their very mandate requires them to ignore public opinion and worry about research…otherwise, they’re simply mouthpieces for public opinion and have no academic value.

        The fact that you’re a nancy-boy who does girls work has no bearing on the standard the world has set. By the way, if an intruder broke in or your car needed fixing would you get your wife or girlfriend to see to it? If you wouldn’t you’re nothing but a SEXIST! Only thing worse than a man-hating feminist is a man-hating male. You’ll learn one day…when you find your woman fucking some dude who treats her like shit…then you’ll see how wrong you are right now.

        • Anonymous says:

          Dude, you’ve got a pretty twisted, cynical mind… and apparently some issues to work out. Also, people in Japan do go crazy and go on stabbing or shooting sprees. But in norway it was treated as something new and unheard of to them when it did happen. It was also done for political reasons, while when it happens in Japan it’s done by some random idiot for no reason at all. Doesn’t make it better or worse, but it’s idiotic to even bring up norway’s shooting in the first place. And a century ago, it’d be public opinion in certain parts of the world that a black person does all your cleaning. The times haven’t changed yet, but what if that science picture was of a robot made to look like a “Mammy”? Should there be no outcry? Maybe not, if it was a magazine released in the US in the 1930s…

        • Anonymous says:

          Maybe you didn’t read that part too well because she became self aware when she went into the reality zone with Slick when he questioned the reality of his “relationship with a woman. She then came into contact with the feminists and began to see how the other androids are treated like the one that was thrown out after being brutally beaten by the man who purchased her after returning from an awful day at work. SHE ASKED ABOUT HIS DAY!

        • “Women wouldn’t have to put up with crap anymore either. They’d be free to do a lot more things, actually, lol.”

          Well, most of the time is the woman give the guy a crap with her complaining.

          I mean, is there any guy complain about woman watch soap opera, filled with handsome, out of the world guy filled with face zooming and tears every single episode?

          There is plenty of woman complain about how stupid a comics book to have action every 3 page, or how some of the female character look inside game..

          Most of the time, female come to male, give tons of crap for fun or just to release their anger about something totally unrelated to the guy.

          I won’t stereotype everyone though, as I believe there are still decent woman out there that have more control over her head.

        • Anonymous says:

          “What are the Japanese housewives doing now that they have machines to wash their clothes, dishes and (I assume) rice?”

          Making twitter posts to complain about covers on obscure manga.

        • Anonymous says:

          @22:42 – probably running all that stuff, but it’s not just them since guys are also doing what was considered a woman’s duties before, so really it’s not just women but everyone would be more free to do things… but anyways, sweeping is what is shown here, and the only solution to that so far is the Roomba, which is crap

    • Anonymous says:

      Feminism is supposed to be about eliminating blatant unfairness against females, which is completely reasonable. Equality is supposed to be about eliminating unfairness against both.

      However, modern feminism (aka Neo-Feminism, FemNazis, “Equality”, etc). is literally about finding every possible way to paint females as helpless victims (which is hypocritical), in order to exploit undeserved benefits without responsibility or effort.

      Their mentality is that everything is owed to them, simply because they are female; that if a single female was treated unfairly five hundred years ago, then all females today deserve constant compensation.

      So basically, at some point, someone realized feminism was a free ticket to riches, and now everyone wants to hop on the bandwagon.

      • Anonymous says:

        How about if a feminist took the cover and flipped it to show a male butler bot? That would have been something to do and also far less exasperating and more fun than just complaining like that.

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh For fuck sake ! WHEN are the nips going to invent a SexBot9000 for us level 10 wizards to finally be able to find love at long last. i’m running out of time ! It’s taking so long to lose my virginity, i’m becoming a funny shape ! The best thing about sex bots, is that they DON’T find micro penises funny. They cater to all sorts of weakling males. They need to release sexbot9000 at lower age ranges too please. 9yr old maidbots please. And enslave all feminazis plz because they are a threat to all men.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just like politicians use the money of a country to hire terrorists (without telling you), they also pay women (usually their own spouses and daughters) to be “feminists”. Really, I personally know some of them that are paid just for that.

      Feminism is no more than a bribe to get votes, and a clever way to legally steal money from a citizen’s pocket. Their arguments are silly and have already been refuted by everyone with a functioning brain, but that doesn’t stop them to spend their enormous free time repeating propaganda, as if trying to justify their salary somehow.

      In sum, as long as you have those politicians in charge, feminists are going to pest your day. Without the support from politicians, those parasites would have to work for a living.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have met some awesome women who call themselves feminists. Without feminism there wouldn’t be something like Queen’s Blade. I prefer to differentiate between good and bad feminists by calling the bad ones feminazis… they’re the ones who would attack something like Queen’s Blade, with full irony.

      • Anonymous says:

        If we ever hope for equality we need to quit organizing by gender. If “feminists” want equality they need to stop solely worrying about women’s issues.

        The truth is that the real feminists don’t want gender equality, they want “Animal House” equality. “Some of us are just a little more equal than others…”

        • Anonymous says:

          @01:11 – of course, almost any idea has existed for centuries, there have been actual ass kicking women in history such as Hippolyta or Jhansi Ki Rani. I don’t attribute modern feminism to making it possible for ass kicking women to exist, but I said that “FEMINIST IDEAS”, such as that “women have a right to fight if they want to”, have helped to make the idea of a female fighter more acceptable today. A century ago, even though there were women fighting in stories, those stories would be far less popular and taken seriously than they would be today. And today there are still people who laugh at the idea of women being allowed to fight, just because they can’t be as strong as the strongest men. Even more than that, they still wish women could be kept “in their place”, meaning that they shouldn’t even have an opinion of their own to be able to speak back with. Not too long ago, there were places in even the US where men in the family could gather to discuss political and war discussions but women were told to keep out because those were “discussions for men”.

        • Anonymous says:

          The only decent “feminists” are the ones that are ignorant of how much utter bullshit the professional feminists, the feminists organizations, and the feminist academia spout.

          Basically, almost every single feminist that have any real power are of the shitty kind – the only ones who aren’t are the “footsoldier” grunt feminists who just think feminism = equality, because they don’t know any better.

          Egalitarian, “equalists” or humanists is usually what people who want actual equality (not more female privileges), but also have a clue about feminism, call themselves.

        • Anonymous says:

          Nope, all feminists are as bad as machists. The term you are looking for is equalists.

          “I like my women to kick ass and that idea wouldn’t exist if feminist ideas didn’t exist.”

          The idea of kick ass females is as old as mankind. If you really believe that feminists created it them you have been brainwashed.

        • Anonymous says:

          @jungle evil exactly, and they justify their point with two wrongs make a right kind of reasoning. Since at some point women were in a 2nd class position. Yet forget about how others were treated say the blacks, or how the Chinese/Asians were treated in the west. Some of them being men, and treated far lower than 2nd class. More like farm animals.

        • Anonymous says:

          @00:59 I do agree with you about what is needed these days in progressive societies, but there was a time when boundaries that needed to be torn down were torn down under the name of “feminism”, and that was the only real feminism, at least on this side of the planet

          also in the sense that society used to put women on a hierarchy that placed them clearly bellow men for a very long time… and in some places in the world (especially my country, India) still do… if nothing else, to empower women to believe that they deserve to think of themselves to be better than 2nd class citizens is pretty much feminism… and while men also have not been treated equally in various ways either, they’ve never been placed as 2nd class citizens

          but I agree that “equalism” is far more important, especially these days, at least in western society

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m not talking about femitards, I’m talking about feminists. Women who don’t put men down unless they’re really actually being idiots (like when sexual slavery happens) and are actually worthy of respect. To put all feminism down is like supporting the opposite, which is just as bad as what you assume feminism is. You keep fapping to yous subservient, weak little girls… I like my women to kick ass and that idea wouldn’t exist if feminist ideas didn’t exist.