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Lady Gaga Outrages Fans by Congratulating AKB48


Japan’s little monsters have been outraged at Lady Gaga’s decision to “lower herself” to congratulating AKB48 on their 8th anniversary.

The missive from the lady herself:

With AKB48 being held in such scorn by fans of actual music and with Gaga herself enjoying such popularity in Japan, many seem nonplussed that she would even deign to acknowledge Japan’s “national idols”:

“People really hate AKB now, don’t they?”

“AKB are truly shameful.”

“She probably got a huge payoff behind the scenes, but I’m sure she’ll put it to good use.”

“It’s wonderful how she’ll do anything.”

“Basically any singer anywhere will do anything for money. Even Gaga.”

“Gaga seems happy enough about them, why the rage?”

“What did AKB do to deserve such bashing?”

“Making a mockery of music and CD sales?”

“If she didn’t like it she’d have turned it down.”

“I doubt very much she had any clue who AKB even are.”

“A bunch of media handlers would have just told her the usual lies about AKB48 being the most popular group in Japan and universally loved, so how was she to know?”

“They should criticise Gaga for whoring herself out to AKB like this.”

“Gaga, American superstar and a great singer and pianist, acknowledges a bunch of Korean-style lip-sync clone idols, barely recognised as artists even in Japan!”

“Of course she didn’t know who they were, she just took the money and read the lines.”

“She likely thought they were a popular and much loved Japanese group and she was doing Japanese music a service by acknowledging them.”

“It’s simple, Akimoto is just using the government’s Cool Japan program to promote AKB (he is the chairman of the program), he paid Gaga to promote AKB a bit, but since all her little monsters in Japan hate this sort of thing they are not happy at all. I couldn’t care less either way.”

“Normally you celebrate round numbers, an 8th year anniversary is a bit weird.”

“Tell the Americans this group is comprised of a bunch of synthetic cannabis smokers!”

“Gaga was on stage smoking marijuana only recently, fool…”

“AKB can’t be compared to Gaga! AKB are idols you pay for, Gaga is a top selling artist. Worlds of difference.”

“The way Japan uses overseas stars like this is pretty funny really.”

“AKB are just the shame of Japan.”

“Majestic Lady Gaga is magnanimous enough even to do this! Quit moaning about it you lot.”

“To think there was a group with fans even creepier than those of AKB…”

“Your faith in Gaga is lacking, little monsters. Everything Gaga does is ‘expression,’ even this.”

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