Kawasaki Unveils “Pure Akira” 3-Wheeler

kawasaki-tms-concept-bike (1)

The 3-wheel concept bike Kawasaki presented at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show has turned more than a few heads with its unabashedly ultra-futuristic design, perhaps making for yet another prophecy come true for Akira…

kawasaki-tms-concept-bike (2)

Amongst Japanese the design has proven rather popular despite some lingering doubts about its practicality:

“As cool as the bike in Akira.”

“Straight out of Tiger & Bunny!”

“Pure Kamen Rider.”

“Rather Tron.”

“Looks awfully hard to steer.”

“So is this a bike or a car?”

“Too cool, does look like an anime tie-up though.”

“Too embarrassing to ride!”

“I’d buy one.”

“Imagine riding this around at the Tokyo Olympics…”

“Not many people could pull off riding something like this though.”

“It would certainly suit Miku.”

“What would you wear riding something like that!”

“What is the point of three wheels?”

“You don’t need a bike license?”

“I want to know if a concept model like this actually runs, or if it is just a huge mock-up.”

“So cool, but I’d feel like I was putting my life in my hands riding it.”

“Looks a little too futuristic for its own good really.”


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