Godly Gundam Fetches $10,000



An RX-93 Gundam model which fetched ¥926,001 over 311 bids at auction has amazed gunpla otaku and commoners alike – most of whom seem to think it might be worth the price.

The Gundam has been shown off in some detail (including comparisons of it to the standard kit):










Gundam fans have actually conceded it may be worth the price:


“What a pro. Considering the effort involved, I wonder if he breaks even.”

“He said it took him 10 months to complete…”

“The level of detail is ridiculous. This is no mere model.”

“Seems a waste if he made it just to sell it.”

“This is too cheap!”

“I’d buy this – if I have a million yen.”

“The Gundam bubble returns.”

“To think this started at 100 yen!”

“Bandai, scout this guy now!”


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