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Jackie Chan: “Tsunami & Quakes Good in a Certain Country”


Jackie Chan’s recent remarks that it was “good” for tsunami and earthquakes to devastate “a certain country” have sparked plenty of criticism.

According to the Hong Kong press, Chan’s recent trip to California to promote the US release of his “CZ12” movie saw him make more of his legendarily ill-judged remarks to media in local interviews.

Just which country he was referring to is not clear, but the context certainly seems to exclude quake-prone California and China:

“Americans and Chinese shouldn’t just join hands – the whole world should join hands.”

He clarified that this did not include a certain unidentified country:

“Even saying this, I think it is best natural disasters befall a certain country. Like giant earthquakes and tsunami.”

“In times like this the world will join together to aid them, which is great. Without earthquakes and tsunami nobody will do anything. Without them people just engage in conflicts under political pretexts.”

Chan is of course no stranger to making nakedly political remarks in support of China.

The “tasteless and insensitive” comments do not seem to have been well received in Hong Kong, but this pales to the response from Japanese:

“Everyone knows exactly what he is trying to say here.”

“Obviously he means Japan. He’s gone down in my estimation.”

“Please just keep him out of Japan.”

“Not this clown again!”

“He reminds me of Agnes.”

“Amazing he would say these things considering the situation in places like Sichuan.”

“This filthy Chinese dog’s vicious remarks are obviously directed against Japan.”

“Is he alright?”

“I want to believe he is being made to say these things.”

“He could be well meaning, if he is really that stupid.”

“He’s just inarticulate, really.”

“He means something like it would be good for aliens to invade because it would unite the planet.”

“This old fool still hasn’t learned to keep his mouth shut I see.”

“The CCP’s dog here is still barking I see.”

“I wouldn’t call this remark ‘accidental’ – it is pretty obvious where he is coming from and what he means.”

“He’s just an old fool now. Even the Chinese are criticising him.”

“He’s an idiot. It’s a shame he’s like this considering the positive impression his movies leave you with.”

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