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JK vs Creepy Otaku: “AKB48 At Its Saddest”


The desperate efforts of NMB48’s 14-year-old Natsuko Akashi to escape her creepy fans have been causing a stir online, with opinions divided as to whether it is the poor girl or her pathetically short-changed fans who are more deserving of sympathy…

She was evidently less than happy about having to make the fake lovey-dovey snaps her fans have secured through their diligent patronage – though perhaps understandably:






AKB48 watchers are split between pitying poor little no-escape-Natsuko, or the creepy fans she was bilking with such a lacklustre performance:

“The ota are too pitiful…”

“That poor girl’s ‘please don’t come any closer!’ face is priceless…”

“Pretty harsh how badly she wants to get out of there.”

“Look at how far apart even the chairs are.”


“Come on girl. It’s work so at least force out a pretend smile!”

“Why is she working as an idol if she doesn’t want to fake not being disgusted by her creepy fans?”

“I can’t really blame her for reacting this way though…”

“This is so obvious it’s funny.”

“To think they pay money for this!”

“She’s even like that with the women.”

“She is really not keen on these people at all is she?”

“That heart she is doing… she doesn’t want to make contact!”

“I think some of those otaku will actually be more turned on by the girl trying to get away like this though…”

“This is too harsh, poor girl.”

“She’s a sensible lass, at least.”

“If I had to get snaps taken with some hideous freak I guess I’d be the same way.”

“I quite fancy that girl she’s with though.”

“If she can’t put out for these specials properly she shouldn’t be offering them.”

“Quit being an idol, Natsuko.”

“This is just unprofessional. Her job is to pretend to like them.”

“She’s not suited to this line of work.”

“What a workplace…”

“She is getting paid for this so I’m not too sympathetic.”

“It’s sad what she has to do for this job. It’s sad what people are paying for here.”

“Blame Akimoto for making a hapless 14-year-old work in this sham-prostitution racket he has going.”

“At 14 I credit her with some ability to choose her destiny and it is not as if anyone is forcing her to do this.”

“Oh that heart…”

On the other hand, NMB48 does count consummate professionals like Aika Nishimura amongst its number:











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