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“10 Reasons Japanese Games Suck”


American opinions on just why it is Japanese games are so inferior to the fruits of American ingenuity – ranging from a lack of muscle and creepy anime eyes to insufficiently casual-friendly design and stories too long for their limited attention spans – and presented as the way forward for the Japanese industry, have been proving unsurprisingly incendiary amongst Japanese and others…

The reasons, based on a Japanese developer’s quizzing of “100” American developers at CEDEC 2013:

1. Market shift

The western markets have grown and so the focus has shifted onto them, particularly with the Xbox’s provision of games catering to American tastes, whereas previously there were only Japanese games around.

Japanese games also try too hard to appeal to western consumers and are losing their identity.

2. The cultural gap

Fantasy is perceived differently.

Stories are long: Americans typically finish their lunch in 12 minutes. They want quick gratification.

Nobody can get into the stories – they are too random, superficial and take too long to get into before you can play.

3. They have no good anime eyes

4. Westerners want “Roman proportion” beefcakes rather than effete Asian weaklings

5. The acting tends to be more “theatric” than “cinematic”

6. They have inferior “usability”

Poor pacing, no focus testing, packages which can’t be read from 7m away like American games

7. Japanese games (and anime) are too hardcore

Casuals can’t take them, hardcore gamers are declining

CoD is for casuals

It makes lots of money so it can keep up its “progress”

Japanese games don’t target casuals enough

8. They aren’t making the genres which sell well in North America

Not all genres sell well in the west, although console game sales have been decreasing even outside Japan

9. Japanese games are too old-fashioned

Did they completely stop progressing?

The end result is everyone got bored of them

Their smaller budgets also contributed to technological decline

10. Differences in their racial roots

Americans love guns and blood

Americans hate sex

Whether such helpful American admonitions to emulate the world-renowned greatness of EA are actually intended to help the Japanese gaming industry or instead finish them off for good have been the subject of no small debate amongst Japanese gamers themselves:

“Just which developers did they ask…”

“What do you expect from a society obsessed with murder games.”

“The west just treats any 2D game as retro though.”

“They basically seem to be talking about Final Fantasy, don’t they?”

“They say this stuff like western games are actually any good.”


“I hear FF14 surpassed Skyrim!”

“No western game has surpassed Puzzle Dragon.”

“But gaijin love Final Fantasy! 13 got totally panned in Japan but they lapped it up and Square Enix made a fortune off it. Even an interactive movie like MGS4 did fantastically overseas.”

“And don’t forget FF7…”

“We need an open world samurai game!”

“Japanese games used to have the upper hand when it was package based, US games have it when they can be updated. I guess in a market which rewards developers who shipp half-finished games and patch them up this is the result…”

“Japanese developers really need to stop trying to knock off western hits…”

“The Japanese market is totally centred on producing games for kids. I suspect that explains most of this.”

“The adult market is smaller because Japanese adults just don’t game as much.”

“The story in some games is just so bad you have to stop playing – Dead Space 3 and Yakuza 5 being cases in point.”

“Saying that Japanese games target hardcore gamers – what? Isn’t it the other way around?”

“I think the real difference is that Japanese games are a direct extension of anime and manga whilst those of America are an extension of movies and drama. As such they are less dependent on 3D graphics, whereas these are essential for the realism of film-based games.”

“That seems to be exactly it…”

“What exactly is so advanced about western games? They just churn out endless sequels for the same big franchises. And somehow total linearity is OK if it is western, but if it is Japanese it is a problem. I think it is just simple racism at play.”

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  • Japanese games are dreadful. They haven’t been relevant since the early 90s.
    The comparison to American games is also false, as it should be compared to western games.

    My problem with Japanese games is two-fold; extremely shallow gameplay and stories aimed at teens and children. It’s like they only make jRPGs with horribly generic, childish stories that are almost completely linear, or twitch based games that require nothing but repetition. Of course, when you only make games for consoles, that’s what you get. Western console games are usually just as bad, even if there is more variety.

    There are no intelligent games in Japan.
    Where are the strategy games and RTS? Where are the combat flight simulators? Where are the tactical FPS games, ala Arma 3? Where are the grand, open world RPGs? Where is the innovation and technical progress? They barely even have an indie scene.
    Japan is stuck in a world where they only appeal to young people, who are obsessed with living in childish fantasy worlds.

  • -Capcom is basically EA now
    -Konami has essentially become the official delivery vehicle of all the good stuff Kojima makes after Silent Hill went to shit
    -Square doesn’t know what the fuck it’s doing
    -Sega is a joke, removing videos from youtube and recently wiping people’s HDDs
    -Nintendo keeps making psychotic decisions such as the 2DS and ignoring IPs like F-Zero and Custom Robo they could use to get the “REHASH ALWAYS MARIO AND ZELDA” people off their backs.

    Did everyone forget how Capcom had that huge period where it felt like they released Megaman games every month back in the GBA era? And they complain about western devs rehashing concepts? Or the the fact that Nintendo is rehashing so much gameplay for their money-making New Super Mario Bros? Japanese game developers are just as guilty as western devs in the way the game industry has stagnated.

  • mainstream games suck shit from both Japan and America.
    for example. halo 1 and 2 were fuckin great then turned to shit once it became mainstream (the same said for assassinscreed and crysis).
    Clearly the Americans and Japanese havent herd of games like:
    – Minecraft
    – Planetary annihilation
    – supreme commanders
    – Mount and blade
    – Total war
    – Crusader Kings II
    – Kerbal space program (no blood, gore or killing, amazing >.>)
    – Homeworld 2
    – Age of empires 2
    – portal
    – thief
    – dishonored

    personal preference: I like to play my games, to solve puzzles, maneuver around objects and obstacles. if i wanted extreme story, i would watch anime(maybe this is why some dont consider VN’s as games). Multiplayer to me is key because i am human, a social creature, i like to do things with my peers but gameplay/mechanics shouldint be sacrificed in-order to fit MP mode in a 8gb disc.

    my japanese wana-be friend always attacks me for choosing a bulky male character in games. calls me gay for wanting to stare at a guys ass all day. I pick bulky males because i like to perceive my self as the character, not to perv at it(which is why he always chooses female)… emphasis on bulky because i want to pretend that i am strong/dominant rather than the skinny weak shit i am T.T

    like, American games are shit if the only game you know is CoD. but there are so many others that are out there innovating with evolving technologys, that make use of the power that is available to the consumer(just coz a game is shinny doesint mean is shit and vice versa)

    tbh i havent really played many japanese games. but i must say the new ones are shit i.e the new FF games and castlevaina lord of shadows(the most scripted liner shit i know).. but i must add that ive played the old 2D castlevania which i really like. but then again FF is mainstream as fuck like CoD. i dont really know any japanese indie games except for touhou which is pretty alright but gets boring fast.

    another personal preference: i like my games to be in a sand-box environment like skyrim, assassinscreed, gta, minecraft, etc…. where you can actually play and do what ever you want rather than scripted games like CoD, FF. some of the post above attack open-world/sand box but i cant agree, all i can say is that i like to do what i want in an environment created by others.

    ps western games are short… Dota, LoL 45mins a game… yet ppl manage to play it for years and years.

  • Can`t really argue. Been feeling the effects of a mass of the general public who very much do like instant gratification. That and sports and guns, which dont typically have much story from a gaming perspective, so when confronted by a game that lays down story first, many think it “takes too long” to get to playable portions. Its sad really because they miss out on so many great games as a result.

    Hell, even over this last week I tried to get one of my friends to play FF14 and they quit before they even got out of town because, and I shit you not, “too much reading”. He quit befor even PLAYING the game! His loss I suppose but damn its infuriating

  • Well I’m a westerner and I piss all over this opinion that American games are superior. I’m sick of stagnat sequels to franchises that are dead. I like story and plot. Why do I have the feeling this was a poll asked by EA and their child companies?

  • I honestly have to say, I’m with the Japanese on this. I think the story against them was fabricated out of nowhere by a foolish mind. may I remind you all that it was the Japanese that made gaming what it is today, or have you forgotten that. America…on a whim you’re quick to make wild accusations. Although I do wonder as to who brought this about to begin with ?…where does the blame lie ?

  • It’s all much ado about nothing. People are overthinking when wondering why entertainment from one culture isn’t as popular in another. It is delusional to expect differently, and people making entertainment should always have a targeted group in mind – it is always a failure trying to be everthing for everyone.

  • If people wouldn’t be too busy flipping out over this, they’d find it brings up several good points. While I don’t find Marcus Fenix from Gears of war plausible and actually find his proportions laughably absurd I still find Western games have more realistic protagonists most of the time.

    Default Commander Shepard from Mass Effect for instance.

    FF13 sucked and few liked it here in the west. what are they saying?

    But lets face it, Western games also suck in ways. If i have to shoot minorities/russians in a desert environment ONE more time…

  • I like anime but I must say the OP is a troll (unintentional or intentional) because he started an inflammatory topic (unintentionally or intentionally). Proving that American culture is better than Japanese is bound to start a flame war on a site GEARED towards fans of Japanese culture.

  • “What exactly is so advanced about western games? They just churn out endless sequels for the same big franchises. And somehow total linearity is OK if it is western, but if it is Japanese it is a problem. I think it is just simple racism at play.”

    Can’t believe it came from a country that released final fantasy and dragon quest.

  • Hate long games ? Skyrim, Mass Effect, Witcher, yep instant gratification.

    Problem is that japanese use cheap methods to prolong game. Long menu reactions, unskipable cutscenes before and after battle. Heck recently I’ve played Rune factory, I wonder how much time I’ve wasted when I had to manualy equip each item I was supposed to give to quest giver, or crafting – use crafting equipment, select item, confirm, press button when it’s in the zone, confirmation of an item crafter..

    Serious pain in the ass when you want to craft 100 or more items.
    Then there’s waiting for monsters do disappear to see whether they drop some loot, another few seconds.

    In games like atelier rorona you tend to look up recipes and such online when you’re farming since devs were too lazy to provide a proper list that you could check anytime.

    Then there’s japanese misunderstanding what people mean when they hate weak characters. It doesn’t mean you have to make steroid induced character designs, what people mean is that they’re sick of self loathing emo main characters which are too much of pussy to do anything saving the world and getting bunch of girls. Seriously no wonder the japan is full of pussy otaku if that’s the main type of characters they can look up to in fiction.

    Bad controls ? Resident Evil games ? Dead Rising ? Monster Hunter ? God Eater i have no idea what moron thought up claw controls but he should have all his finger broken.

    Coding ? How many bad ports have you seen ? Dead Souls pc port is one great example, not to mention it had gfwl.. who in the right mind would release gfwl game when it was pretty much dead and loathed by everyone ?

    English dub ? It’s always the same crap actors who wouldn’t land a job voicing any western game because they suck too much, yet they always get the job voicing anime and games.

    Butchering content ? Yakuza ? Sure cut out all the japanese exotic content out of game about japanese mafia, we all want another crappy gta clone.

    Bad design? cheap deaths?

    Main problem is that japanese are xenophobic nationalistic pricks that were so full of themselves they didn’t notice when they fell behind the western, second problem is that they simply misunderstand what players want.

    Add more muscle, change cute 2d for 3d, add crappy english dubbing, cut out all the japanese exotic content that actually might be a selling point. Yea that’ll sell
    Oh and don’t forget about genius of selling few year old games at the same price as new aaa titles. Do you see prices of japanese games in shops ? on steam ? it’s a joke. How about eroge ? remember few year old koihime musou with cut out voices getting sold for 50$ ? oh yeah that’s awesome way to sell more games and get more clients.

    And please don’t go with budget, there’s tons of games that didn’t have great budget and still made it big.

    • The silence of the lambs (weaboos and anti-american pussies) is deafening.

      I want to hear you screech more – your impotent and wanna be attitudes are a constant reminder of how easy you are ^^

  • The fact is JRPG’s are getting stupider and stupider. Thanks squenix and other similar companies. And rest of japanese developers are going main stream to please the wester demographics do get more moneyz the sad/funny thing is they are making less and less. New small japanese developers need to embrace kickstarter for a new genre revival. The big japanese developers are doomed. BTW another retarded article from sankaku.

  • and Americans like shooting games that’s why there’s alot of school campus shooting accident especially the latest news “8-Year-Old Intentionally Shot And Killed Elderly Caregiver After Playing ‘Grand Theft Auto”

  • Japanese games don’t sell well???? where they get that??? I can name many series, Tales, Final Fantasy, Tensei Shin Megami (aka Persona), Dragon Quest/Warrior, Pokemon…. and A LOT more….

    Wasn’t there a petition to get games like Xenoblade, and The Last Story in North America…. Someone needs to do their research about Japanese games…. Why do I want to see a half naked way over toned man running around… when I can see nicely done pieces of work done.

    To long of a story???? how is 30-40 hours of story to long (less if you do rush throughs). I am not going pay 60+ bucks for a game I can beat in 5 hours, or game that you basically hit X or Square all day…. Isn’t that why games like FF, Persona, Tales became big hits?????

    Wish people learn to actually research things, not just sit down and think their opinion is equal to everyone. Yes some games not meant good for some, doesn’t mean they suck…..

    p.s. North America don’t receive even 1/20th of games made in Japan….. so how can you rate them…. don’t you notice all the people buying imported versions….. and the fan translator web sites……

  • Sorry but that last comment “What exactly is so advanced about western games? They just churn out endless sequels for the same big franchises. And somehow total linearity is OK if it is western, but if it is Japanese it is a problem. I think it is just simple racism at play.”

    This is sooooo true I mean really how many F*&king Halo’s, Call of Duty’s, Medal of Honor’s do we need this is getting to be stupid! Add in a few more weapons some new maps and watch all the tards go spend money on it as they laugh all the way to the bank! Almost forgot to mention all the stupid sports games that they keep churning out every year omg holy Sh*t people they added one new player and changed the cover and people rush out to buy it like it’s life blood. Same goes with some Japanese franchises though Mario needs to die in a fire way to over made Final Fantasy needs to retire finally. But overall I think we Americans way overdo certain franchises.

  • Am not sure if I have any right commenting on this post, Being am not American nor Japanese and am in no way a gamer. However I have had the pleasure of living in both the United States Of America and I currently work and reside in Yokohama, Japan. I have been able to enjoy both nations cultures. Video games I have seen are huge in the USA and Japan.

    Living here in Japan I my self have become obsessed with Nana Mizuki and Akb48. In America it was ” The Walking Dead” and ” Breaking Bad”. Am sorry am going off topic. Video Games. I suppose what am finding problem with is the stereotyping of both sides ” All American Gamers are obsessed with murdered and guns ” and all Japanese gamers are ” perverted loli lovers”. The US and Japan both have amazing games and wonderful verity to their games influenced by their respective cultures.

    The racism that exists on both sides scares me a bit. Something as trivial as witch country has the best games is all it takes to bring it out. I myself know of racist stereotyping being from Iraq, It would be lovely if we could just get along with one another, Hell why not start here. American games & Japanese games are both incredible.

  • “Americans hate sex”

    Fuck whoever said this, whoever agreed with it, and whoever’s fault it is that this is actually something you can say with a straight face.

    Fuck them until they’re stupid.

  • “What exactly is so advanced about western games? They just churn out endless sequels for the same big franchises.”

    When it comes to beating a dead horse America’s got nothing on Japan *cough*Megaman*cough*

  • “Japanese games are so inferior to the fruits of American ingenuity”

    HAHAHAHA!! Ye, no…Japan gave me Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong, Ni no Kuni, Xenoblade Chronicles, Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden, Shadow of the Colossus, Okami etc etc. Not saying the West don’t make a whole bunch of great games that I love as well, such as Assassin’s Creed, Fallout, Half-Life, Heavy Rain, Rayman etc, but as a whole, Japan wins by far imo. They’re also the only real source of visual novels, which I also love.

        • lol fucker you still in high school ain’t ya? The fuck you bitching about this and that again?

          Little tip here: Don’t bitch unless you got what it takes. Especially don’t fuck around with your mouth and hope it gets you anywhere.

        • @15:10
          Lol, what are you on about? No seriously, I don’t even get what you’re trying to say. Forced “idocy”? Do you mean “idiocy”? What forced idiocy? Are you saying I’m trying to sound like an idiot? The fuck? O_o I was pointing out the idiocy of 13:54 and 06:05’s posts, how does that make my posts a case of forced idiocy? O_o That doesn’t even make any sense. And my smilies aren’t forced either, for the record.

          Also, this part has me even more lost:
          “I think many of us observers ‘know’ you too just something for you to keep in mind :)”
          You know me? Um…ok…Good for you I guess? What, are you a stalker? Don’t see what it has to do with what I said or what we were talking about though, anyway. ( -_-‘) And I especially don’t see why I should keep that in mind.

        • ANNNND the smilies and forced idocy from weaboo goes up. You people are so predictable mouthing off on a porn site lol

          I think many of us observers ‘know’ you too just something for you to keep in mind 🙂

        • @07:53
          I’m pretty sure many of the observers already KNOW why. I would have thought it was obvious that I came back the next day because I wanted to see what kind of retarded reply he was gonna come up with next. 😛 You don’t find it amusing when people are being stupid? I enjoy reading posts from dumb people. They give me a chuckle. 😀 And I replied to him to make fun of how stupid his replies and comments are, of course. 😉

        • @06:05
          Hahaha, omg, lol, are you a complete moron? 😀 “Bitch and moan about ‘america’ every day”? I rarely comment, and I certainly don’t bitch about America very often. And making up random and complete bullshit like me “getting ass fucked by american interests”, man…just lol. Really, your whole post makes you look like a retard. You probably are. 😀

        • lol

          You show your butthurt everyday by getting mouthy with bitchy attitudes….and getting ass fucked by american interests. How come you bitch and moan about ‘america’ everyday like a rape victim?

          Bitch need some vaseline for the ass pain and tissue for the tears/

  • Americans do not like poor little sex (leading provider of porn world what a joke), and by the blood against the weapon it’s cute, it’s adorable killing people. (Really what mongole mentality like most French, Luckily they are not like those idiots
    Just racist and commercial provocation to sell their dung bobox
    Crappy, it is a kind of Tania Bruna-Rosso
    That’s one more reason not to buy the bobox.

  • mais lol ce type est juste une grosse merde , les jeux américains sont totalement nul à chier , les américains font de la production en masse de merde.
    Tout les cod et halo ( pour la blague allo qui est à l’appareil) sont des jeux pour kikoolol

  • Some comments from a gamer who’s been in this shit for more than 25 years:

    1. The second half is true. The first half is bullshit. Xbox caters to casuals, not “western gmaers”. The CoD Brocrowd are casuals despite the industry labelling them as “hardcore”. I am hardcore, spending 8+ hours a day playing ALL kinds of games from Borderlands to Dark Souls to Papers Please and the Xbox does NOT in any way cater towards me.

    2. First two parts are relevant, the last part isn’t. If they can get into LOTR, they can get into anime-like plots. They simply don’t want to because they perceive them as stupid (yet clap frantically when watching two and a half men). Japanese stories are often cheesy, absurd and very deep. Americans often don’t “get” that but it’s far from everyone. If you like anime, you’ll like japanese game plots. Just look at the plot in Gears of War. It’s utter shit and absolutely boring, yet a success. I prefer japanese plots. They are unique and bring something entirely different to the table.

    3. —

    4. The brocrowd needs sort of a male idol they can identify with so they can pretend they themselves are just as awesome as that guy (if that makes any sense). American characters are very simple an one-dimensional because they are targeted at simple, one-dimensional people. Japanese characters are often very grey-ish and more complex than american ones. That’s because japanese players focus a lot on characters, while american players focus more on the simple hero type character. They are socially underdeveloped and can’t handle much character development and the corresponding social aspects of japanese stories.

    5. Depending on where you live, those are the same. Still, western gaming is very focused on making movie-like games because, again, they are going for the simple casual gamer who pays 15 bucks to watch transformers in 3D – and loves it. It’s more about overloading your senses than telling a good, compelling story. Avatar is proof of that. Shit movie, super successful.

    6. Japanese games are slower and tend to actually demand players to get into the mechanics and characters. Western games are afraid of pissing off the spoiled brat who just bought them. Western gamers have already been conditioned to fast-paced, easy peasy hand holding action. They are unable to sit the fuck back and let those japanese games sink in. You can tell a shitty western casual “gamer” by his or her affection to Dark Souls (one of the greatest games ever made). Real gamers love Dark Souls. Period.

    7. 100% true. Japanese games tend to be very hardocre-ish and demanding. Too much for you typical, tiny western gamers brain (I’m a Westerner, FYI).

    8. Wrong. Japanese games do sell fairly well. They’re just not selling enough for publishers to buy tons of cocaine and hookers. The stupid mainstream won’t buy those hardcore japanese games, but gamers do! I fucking love MegaTen, YS, Tales of, and Star Ocean and I’ll always buy those games. That’s because I want to play actual games, not quick-time bullshit.

    9. I’d say they are “too modern” in the sense of them trying to adjust to the western market by butchering their own talent. Japanese games were the king in the ring in the previous generations because they fucking did whatever they wanted. They were original, compelling and challenging. Nowadays, we get Final Fantasy 13 (the single worst Final Fantasy game since FF2, imho). If you are going to be modern, then do so by being yourself. You don’t have to fit into the mainstream market. Again, Dark Souls. It did what it wanted to do and was incredibly successful WITHOUT trying to get into the mainstream. Do your shit and do it with confidence. Don’t immitate companies who make terrible western games. If they can’t do, you won’t either.

    10. Fuck Americans. Their country is pretty huge but their population is relatively low (320 mil). My country has only 80 mil and adding the rest of the EU, we’ll easilly surpass the US.
    Yeah, they like guns and shit, but not everyone. There are tons of american gamers who love Ni no Kuni and then there’s always Europe.
    Europe doesn’t give a shit about guns. We like everything if it’s done well.
    Americans have their shitty XboxOne and their shitty EA. Leave them with that shit, do your own thing and release it digitally (roughly 10% of the cost of retail releases), if you don’t expect to sell much.
    The only reasone sales number are huge these days, is because of the stupid casual crowd who recently jumped on the bandwagon of gaming.
    They weren’t there before, you didn’t need them before and you don’t need them now.
    All this bullshit is american-made. Let it stay in the US and focus on doing YOUR thing.
    If you persue 5+ million sales, you’re doing it WRONG. Expect 1-2 mil and budget accordingly.
    It’s only a matter of time until the american market crashes because of it’s self-made stress.
    You don’t want to be part of that.
    Japan saved console gaming in the past and it sure is capable of saving it again.

  • action first person shooters games wasn’t americas only game. when counter strike got involve before anything and it became a global sports event called cal. so i believe it was just the community that loves it and not that americans only just make shooting games it’s because you guys love it and it’s been working longer then you think. when everyone plays it and got friends that plays it your willing to play it too. its just the games that could play with a bunch of your friends like when i start a game with my friends of 6 vs 6 making it 12 of my friends playing and even though we lose or we win we had a great time all the time and when it comes to other different genre of games they don’t let all 12 of us play at the same time so that kills it for the game even though they have co-op but it’s only about 4 players. i play different veriety of games like dragons crown and tales of xillia but i got to admit playing a group of your friends like i said before is the best time i spend playing games than passing the tales series.

  • People lets face it Japanese are just true to themselves… they are perverts who enjoy every bit of fanservice even if it comes from games. But then comes your average westerner and sees some fanservice/panty slip and goes like Yui Kotegawa from TLR ‘harenchi!’ (how indecent/shameless w.e) EVEN IF THEY ARE MALES!!. Come on people (and by people I mean male dudes) are you gonna lie and say that you ‘mind’ that stuff? Okay this is just an example… Harvesting wearing Kirin armor, anyone? Yeah I guess I’m a pervert… 🙂

  • It is completely true that japanese games are not nearly as good as american games. Then again, most japanese games stay in Japan and never get released elsewhere.

    The problem with japanese games usually is that they’re either extremely grindy, perverted, crappy licenced anime games or not really even games(visual novels and other stuff). But as I already said above, most of this stuff never gets outside japan.

  • There are games are targeted for every consumers needs but in this case,guns and sex are advertise heavily.Sex sells but okay,just give me a gun so I can sell it.I stop reading game review magazines because the majority of the articles are focused more on the baddest characters with the baddest guns and 2D women scantily dressed that can be used as a substitute for a centerfold for some adult magazines.

  • This seems a tad on the prejudice side and overly generalized. Personally I enjoy a game with a great story. And just because its not what they allegedly want it doesn’t mean what they want is actually anything good. The problem is the unreasonable standards in people that aren’t very bright to start with. Its also the reason why various american entertainment formats are in such a decline in quality cause they treat their viewership like they’re all stupid and will take any slop they feed them. The truth is you can make something smart and have people enjoy it, the bigger problem also is the rush of wanting it sooner and sooner. To counter that you need also a foresight of making sequels so you have time to prepare it with the same quality you had with the first. Simple enough if you just have teh time to think about it.

  • Could’ve sworn that Japanese games tend to top the lists of popular games. This list only considers Americans who are idiots. And OH MY GOD, this stupid list said Americans hate sex! That’s…I don’t even know what to say to that. HAVE THEY EVER READ COMIC BOOKS OR SEEN A MOVIE!? This list must only be considering visual novels and eroge or something too, because I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a kiss in Mario, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, or Ninja Gaiden, but I could be wrong.

  • Why can’t we all just get along and not be critical of each others game development scene. I like Japanese games, and some American games. There are some unique games out there that are collaborations of east and west.

  • We don’t hate sex. It’s just that we don’t want to masturbate while trying to understand a deep/dark/compelling story or while beating up/killing a big boss.

    We can do it on our own time, not during fun time.

  • Seriously this is funny the PS4 and XBone are almost 95% the same.
    Even the PlayStation brand biggest exclusives God of War. Uncharted, LoU. Killzone, ect are more Western than Japanese.
    Japanese gaming is all but dead killed with the “hardcore” CoD generation. Most Japanese games have anime look and anime isn’t “realistic” enough so it doesn’t have “good graphics”. Not having “good graphics” that are more colorful than real means “kiddie”

  • This is the problem, im an American, but unlike the others, i hate rushing through games. And thanks to these fat lazy bastards they dont make games with a good long story anymore, a game now only takes 5-6 hours to beat. And in online games they just want to rush through, get the best equipment so that they can hurry and just PVP all damn day. Thanks to these lazy bastards, FXIV babies you in story missions, You can’t die, seriously, NPCs heal you, they took out the harvesting mini games, now all you do is click on something and get free items, these fags ruin everything because they are a majority and the devs listen to them.

  • Is it just me or was sankaku always this fucking boring?
    For some reason I remember that they actually got some interesting topics in the past? I don’t know why I visit this site anymore. Out of nasty habbit, maybe.

  • Do we hate sex? NO. WE LOVE SEX. We don’t censor our porn is proof enough.

    Also, our government hates sex, not us. Our politicians only pretend to hate sex, but they do drugs and rape women all day long. Our femnazi organizations hate sex because we don’t put it in their butt.

    • Sure we do. It’s not like the French have ever took a shit on the US and proclaimed themselves superior, nor has the UK or Russia. Nooooooooo, just us ignorant Americans who have people with a complex.

      • You see, it’s because Americans actually have what it takes to back up their claims unlike just empty bitch fest other nations engage in.

        I always enjoy the desperate and deep insecurities other people show when America slaps them down. Especially the anti-American crowd.

        I can still hear their impotent silence when Iraqi government fell within 21 days (all the anti-Americans said we will suffer 2 million casualties and saddam will fight for 10 years – he was hiding in his hole like a bitch while we suffered total of less than 40,000 casualties including broken ankles and less than 4500 dead in 9 years), or when osama got fucked by SEALs under paki’s very noses.

        Some cunts don’t know shit until someone fucks them in the mouth. Then they crawl and act submissive.

  • I couldn’t help but laugh when i read the reasons they listed.
    Taking what we can get from this, americans like games that contain:
    A lack of story
    10 minutes worth of gameplay
    Violence and blood
    Beefcake characters with no depth to them whatsoever
    No women
    No references to anything culture-related other than jesus

    Someone needs to make a game where you’re a beefcake jesus trying to save the world by shooting as many aliens/nazis/commies as possible within 10 minutes. Of course it must have an online multiplayer part where they can sit around yelling in their microphones while everyone has muted each other. It would probably make billions, and make every other american game developer go bankrupt.

  • Tired and outdated mechanics, robot like animations, cliche stories full of emoness and pretentious attempts at seeming deep, corny and lame dialogs.

    These are some of the problems many Japanese games have this days, many Japanese developers are stuck in the past basically, lack of money is not an excuse.

  • Don’t trust Americans who don’t understand the artwork of true video game. They will make the games mega boring. I always buy Japanese games because there is purpose behind all of the artwork, characters, music. In american games, there is violence and no taste. Japanese developers should not put western stuff in games and everyone knows why(it is stupid). Show the true style of games to the american, so they finally learn something right.

  • The “Americans hate sex” comment made me LOL!

    The fact is that the Japanese make a lot of good games, but only the crap is translated into English and exported. I’ve seen demos of some games that actually blew me away, but being unable to read Japanese, buying the game would just be a waste.

  • We don’t want our male characters to be “beefcakes”. We want them to be men. There’s plenty of Japanese games with western friendly male characters, it’s just that most of the main protags are effeminate children. If you can look at them and go “Is that a boy or a girl?”; that’s what turns off westerners.

  • The main problem in western market is the preconception in “japanese design”. Since you won’t find violence, and will find cute characters or whatever they won’t play because “looks for kids”.

    Example, play any game from level-5 like Dark Cloud 2
    the game looks ridiculously for kids if you look by it grafics but is not. And the game has incredible story

    anothers awesome(recent) examples(and huge succes) like:
    Phoenix wrigh
    Little King Story
    Rune Factory
    Yuusha 30

    and a lot more… Fuck you if you think game is only about shooting, graphics and violence

  • (Sahakiel)

    I will make here an actually informed comment about the rather insulting comments about American finding Japanese stories ”too complex”.

    While anime and JPRG does have at times complex plots, there are very often cases in which the plot is actually very basic while masquerading as abstruse (FF XIII comes to the mind as well as countless mecha animes)

    A good plot is not neccessary a complex one-especially outside books. For instance, ”Macbeth” (that people across the Pacific will might known as ”Castle of Blood”) have a plot that is both simple and powerful.

  • As much as I hate to admit it, but maybe after 2001, almost (if not) all Japanese games are far better than western games hands down, in both voice acting and the quality/quantity ratio, and I live in america unfortunately.

    And the whole “America hates sex” obviously never listened to music or watched porn in their life.

    But far be it for me to say that Japs bested America since the start of the mille nium. I mean who am I to say that English voice actors are more lazy now than 13 years ago or that we ruin everything Japanese related with our English translators or we prefer blood and gore over fanservices and 4th wall breaking.

        • Right, right. That’s why XBox was a hit, sony is going down the drain, all the japanese companies are giving up and trying to copy open ended rpg and games like skyrim, etc.

          Only way anyone would think those vapid jap games are better is if they are biased to its immature and ignorant premises to begin with, hence having vested interest in insisiting for something that is clearly inferior and lacks substance. Or stupid enough to try and find ‘depth’ in a fucking anime and games.

          It’s entertainment. If they had any ‘depth’ they would be taking care of that fucking leaking nuclear wastepile that is fukushima, but don’t trust japs to actually man up when it really counts, and don’t trust fucking loser weaboos to know the difference.

          Get the message?

        • If you think Japanese is better than American, I point out that European is better than either. Many of the great indie titles with original and actually-good ideas are coming from there now. There’s also been a rise of triple-A titles from that region as well, that smells of quality in terms of gameplay (the most important part of a game, believe it or not).

  • Typical US-made games :

    1. “Super soldier” (or super-cop / 1 man hero) where you’re on solo mission, shoot and kill ENTIRE enemy army (could be thousand of them) by yourself.

    for example : Crysis, Half Life, Wolfenstein, and some COD mission.

    2. Sports (football, soccer, basketball, hockey, etc.)
    3. Short playtime (3 to 9 hours of gameplay)
    4. Single Player Story-mode ? nobody cares, people only care about Online Multiplayer

    it’s completely different to Japanese games where Story and Single Player Mode are more important, that’s why Final Fantasy Series (except “FF Online”), and many J-RPG didn’t have Multiplayer features.

  • ““What exactly is so advanced about western games? They just churn out endless sequels for the same big franchises. And somehow total linearity is OK if it is western, but if it is Japanese it is a problem. I think it is just simple racism at play.””

    *Ding Ding* Ding*

  • “Poor pacing, no focus testing, packages which can’t be read from 7m away like American games”

    Poor pacing?

    Have they really played many western games?

    Western games have the worst paced stories ever. Especially western RPGs

  • 6. They have inferior “usability”
    Poor pacing, no focus testing, packages which can’t be read from 7m away like American games

    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE IN EVERY RESPECT AND IT SHOULD BE HEEDED. spent 3 years and 5 million !-!it&ch! bucks trying to introduce those idiots to the idea of actual usability. Not in frikkin dumb video games, but for software for the use of scientists. NOT otaku – average 140 iq scientists. BUT, they though it was cheaper to throw 100000 word manuals for gene^^^% systems, than to write easy software to help smart people solve G3netic mysteries.

    SO…… 2000 bug reports and 4 months later… Not only did &^%#&^%%$ company divest itself of the H^%$$#$%^hi sometimes-elevator company, it kinda giggled when mee-too !-! got destroyed by a tsunami shortly afterward.

    Yes. Apparently God insists on a good GUI too.

    SUCK IT.

  • Well about being theatrical this is true, am bored of those over acting chars, just makes it so wrong.. Technological decline? also true, the time when Square Soft released games with CGI that would BLOW away any other game graphics is so long gone it makes you nostalgic… losing identity I also agree, they don’t seem to understand their games won’t get better if they just try to look american, they just need to do what they know best but with a 2013 wrap around it… As for the rest about sex, muscle, violence, anime eyes and shit it’s all just american bullshit, in europe people don’t give a fuck about big guns and crap

    Make a GOOD final fantasy you’ll see the sales going roof top again, same for Secret of Mana, Metroid (not the fps shit), stories aren’t too long or complicated, they just SUCK atm, like FF12

      • you obviously either didn’t play the old ones or the XII I’m talking about, or you have no clues at all. Check the XII again, it’s closer to a tom clancy novel than a japanese hero vs bad guys easy going story, sure the old FF are cliché but was that a bad thing back then? NO, is it bad today? NO, but as long as you don’t wrap that in a fucking cliché candy wrap with cheap and theatrical acting, just making everything so over the top sickening. Check why americans complains about stories, too long too complicated, exactly my point here. Stories back then were easier, doesn’t mean they weren’t deep. Check again FFVI you’ll see what I mean, tons of different chars, each with an unique story, not complicated one but enough to make you attached to the char, we don’t need MORE, they used that kind of narrative with Lost the Tv serie, we don’t need to know EVERYTHING, just what’s necessary, leave the rest to what’s left of our brains

  • Anyone else noticed how the list gradually turned out as if written by a troll the closer you get to the end…? And the last line is “Americans hate sex”.

    I put in questioning the reliability of the source of this… “poll”…

  • “Japanese games also try too hard to appeal to western consumers and are losing their identity.”

    – Doesn’t sound like Japan at all. Then again the Jojo series comes to mind. Then

    And why should they? Most of the games I’ve seen and worked in the west are usually vice-driven, dark themes, based on the movie in all detail with nothing in return to a dedicated gamer. Plot wise though they do well in telling great stories.

    Japanese games? Well Japan’s about making the old interesting and new to the modern world, those based on animes had tons of extra stuff gamers can try to play further to get them, the artworks are awesome, though the plots seems to stay with angsty teens and how they grew a pair with the help of their friends and a significant other.

    and how can we forget that even though they would try to aim for a wider audience their target is always their people..Otherwise they could just hired translators and do the work themselves so that it doesn’t need to go to licensing for foreign releases…And yet Japanese gaming companies don’t do that.

  • I’ve been saying this since seventh generation began but it always fell on deaf ears, the west but more specially Microsoft has pretty much ruined the (original japanese) gaming industry. That picture is extremely apt for what the xbox and MS represents, the lowest common denominator of americans.

  • It’s not America, it’s you Japan. Your game design is in the shitter and your ideals about America are all wrong. You’re too big of a pussy to publish games here that do well in Japan, but might fail in the US. You’re too fixated on safe RPG stories, androgynous emo heros, and cutscenes to make a good JRPG. You’re afraid to offend anyone here incase it might cost you your job, so you say we’re afraid of sex and what-not. You see one screenshot of Gears of War and say we want beefcakes for characters, when games like Infamous prove you wrong. You let game studios, the people who want profits off video games and not happy fans, tell you we want more casual games, while ignore the success of Dark Souls.

    Japan, get a fucking grip and grow a set of balls. Once you start maning up, releasing uniquely Japanese titles, and stop listening to the people who are killing gaming, you’ll make it big in America again.

  • I feel that Japanese game industry is in general stagnant. A lot of games lack the originality of Japan’s golden era. Their rpg market, for the most part, are flooded with mediocre interchangeable titles that rehash the same story over and over.

    Secondly, they tend to shy away or not give support to gems that show individuality, like Valkyria Chronicles. They don’t like to leave their comfort zones. The same can be said about non-Japanese game manufacturers, the proliferation of the shooter for example. However, you do find new spins on old ideas in the west along with moments of great creativity.

    • i know everyone else on this site would are pro-japan all the way, but this all the way. that being said i wish more american fighting games took just a little bit from japanese development and mixed them with american flash. Case one Killer instinct enviromental changes. musical changes with combos. things like battle damage and little nuances like wear and tear

    • “Their rpg market, for the most part, are flooded with mediocre interchangeable titles that rehash the same story over and over. ”

      And Western RPGs don’t do this?

      I haven’t seen an original Western RPG since Baldur’s Gate came out.

      • Yep, I agree. Mass Effect 1 was basically Dragon Age: Origins….IN SPAAAACE. Mass Effect 2, on the other hand, is somewhat different at least.

        All the Elder Scrolls have the same story. Wait, we actually play that for the story? I thought we just mod the hell out of it.

        The Witcher series on the other hand is good fun, especially with II. However, it’s made in Poland so that may not count.

  • I dont hate sex but there is a clear difference between a few boobies as in max Payne 3 or the witcher 3…… and games that have “moe” focused or just “uncomfortable”. I think this site provides a lot of examples of that…

    • “I dont hate sex but there is a clear difference between a few boobies as in max Payne 3 or the witcher 3…… and games that have “moe” focused or just “uncomfortable”. I think this site provides a lot of examples of that…”

      Ero in Western games always has ADULT looking characters. In Japan, it’s usually but not always some sort of loli or pseudo-loli. Oh but she’s a 1000 year old vampire or a 21 year old alien, or even a 19 year old who looks 8. This is of course after the censorship started. Before Japan did not make child pron illegal, before 1994.

      • An action is either legal or not. All the 2d rape simulators (real moe ones on getchu) have their papers. They’re legal.

        Now about “uncomfotable”, that’s totally ambiguous. If you feel uncomfortable than you feel uncomfortable. Its just the average western normalfag feels uncomfortable about sexualisation to the point where it can reasonably be said that they hate it.

        This is why we say amerifats hate sex. At least one aspect of it. Specifically sexualisation of virtual creations. I avoid using females because JP does it for both but i’d bet the US will faint over oyajis showing ahegaos when taking it in the ass.

  • kinda rich the american’s bitching about story lines that are too long to enjoy, i love a long story in my games, makes them last more then 5min’s. Look at most american movies these days, they will take something like the simpsons and make a whole movie from a stupid plot that could have fit in a 10 min episode.

  • If they actually surveyed real people instead of publishers then this list would be entirely different. Most of the sales for games and other things comes from people being manipulated rather then the product being good. All of the marketing and designing of the games to stimulate parts of the mind to get people to buy stuff they may not even truely like. Until companies are forced to stop manipulating people in that way you will never really know what people really like.

  • I find games from both markets I like and I’m American. Granted I’m not a big fan of RPGs, but I like to play a game where I am doing most of the work. The metal gear series was awesome. Fallout 3 and New Vegas are great, although they got a little carried away with weapons mods, armor, and enemy strength in Vegas. Most people these days just want the positive, childish shit though and the gaming markets have gone to complete shit; making games where you have to pay extra to finish or get better shit. I’m an old fashioned gamer though. I prefer to play story mode rather than online where everybody fucking hacks. I’ll play a Nintendo emulator for some simple relaxation. My first console was a sega genesis though so, once again, I’m more old fashioned with gaming. I do only computer games now rather than buying consoles all the time.

  • I like japanese games… but the problem I’ve noticed for a while, is that most games are basically the same… you can change the graphics and the “story” but the core concept is basically the same as it was 10 years ago.

  • Seriously whoever wrote this knows so little about our culture it’s laughable.

    We hate sex? California is a living defiance of that. We have a major Christian run nation here and if you can’t tell why sex is so taboo in the us your under informed…

    Right, so we finish our lunches in 12 minutes means we have short attention spans…uhhu… I think it’s more along the lines of we are tired as all hell of the repetitive, generic, easy to guess what’s gonna happen stories that purvey the culture. Seriously I mean obvious love interests, obvious bad guy who is astounded you managed to defeat him! OH! HOW CAN IT BE!!?! I mean c’mon look who is calling the kettle black…

    packages that can’t be read from 7m away? wtf are you smoking? your just looking for a way to justify your hate now…

    We in the states don’t give two shits where a game is made. if it is unique and interesting odds are it will sell. So that last bit about racism is moronic.

    tldr: this is a pathetic excuse of an article trying to spur hatred for another country. And if you can’t tell who is really stereotyping just look at the picture at the top of the article.

  • Most games nowadays are shit. Doesn’t matter what country they are from. Everyone’s too busy trying to blame games sucking on other countries than focusing on actually learning and refining proper game design.

    Actually, they do the same thing with pretty much everything. Always pointing fingers at other countries while their own countries fall apart.

  • This is such laughable bullshit. Japanese games are too hardcore for westerners? Has japan ever made a truly open world game? Westerners want to play their games, not have them play themselves like FF13.

    jesus the fuck christ, was this written by Square? Only they could get what the industry wants so massively fucked up beyond logic and comprehension.

  • This whole post proves why the most interesting games from the last 5-6 years have all come out of small european studios. Instead of blaming their lack of blockbuster making ability on the buyer or the lack of budget, they are still trying to make a living developing fun games.
    Stalker, Witcher, Unepic, the list goes on and on…

    • Because smaller studios know they can’t complete with “AAA” studios and blow people away with fancypants visuals, so they aim to please via other means.

      In other words, they respect that games are games, not pretty pictures.

  • Sorry bro but this article is total BS. Americans buy all games, Japanese, American, Canadian, British, etc etc. American games may be more popular here because developers know their customers, there is nothing odd about that and it is certainly not derogatory to Japanese. Japanese prefer Japanese games, that doesn’t mean they think worse of Americans.

    I hope you’re just writing inflammatory troll articles to get views and comments. Cause if you believe this sh*t then you’re pretty dumb.

  • Screw that, Touhou is the best game ever.
    Not trying to appeal western gamers (not even translated officially), random story with unknown fantasy, anime eyes, most of girls are flat, no time and need and test subjects for focus testing, really hardcore, danmaku is unpopular genre outside Japan, old-fashioned (who needs 3D if sprites are perfectly fine?) and lack of guns and blood (bloodless carnage). 10/10, screw you, murica.

  • The older I get the more I think this list actually makes sense. I’m American, and I believe I fall into the largest gaming demographic here. I’m 24, used to game non-stop as a kid, and keep up with video game news, but I only play games once in a big while now and almost never to completion. Stories are boring. Save points make no sense. cinematics are a waste of my time. When I want to play a game, I have a specific type in mind, and I just want to play the damn game. Not sit through 5 hours of nonsense just to play a dumbed down version because I haven’t made it far enough to play for real. Give me a JRPG with no story line, all the characters, all the spells/skills and just let me get right into the action, and I’ll play the heck out of it. Even Western games I find too boring if I can’t jump right into the action. Hence why phone games/apps and FtP games are becoming popular.

    • It provided a unique and powerful foundation. I am tired of people bitch about skyrim when no other game measured up to its scale and vision, since basically they can’t top it and hence resort to bitching and moaning trying like a fucking impotent boys nit picking for any excuse.

    • It’s only good with mods… like pretty much every other game out there.

      In other words, game devs don’t know what the fuck players want from games, and most of them won’t even let us modify their precious games.

      Hell, they go to great lengths to hand-walk us through their linear narrative. Take one step away from what they intended and it’s instant game over. I hate modern games.

  • we don’t hate sex. grand theft auto, nuff said. i think it’s dating sims they are referring to. or they could just have the wrong people talking to them. if they get their information from media rather than gamers, it will be wrong. politically correct groups think sex shouldn’t be in games. however, i remember the first time i played leisure suit larry for the PC. when i was about 8 years old. my imagination went wild thinking about scoring with chicks. lol. unfortunately i was too stupid to figure out the puzzles.

  • Well, there is Demon’s/Dark Souls.

    Those are eastern games, and the only game that come even close to being that good in its genre is Severance: Blade of Darkness, which is from Spain.

    Oh, also being popular doesn’t mean it’s good, and being good will not guarantee popularity either.

    I think Japan should stop trying to rip off the west in what we do wrong or based on popularity alone, you can see western CoD rip offs that fail too, like Homefront.

    Instead, what they do need is to build their games from a mechanical point of view. And when they nail down an enjoyable gameplay, they can make their own story/artstyle as they please. It will blow both west and east away in awesomeness, like Dark Souls did (IF they have the skill to do so).

    Also, if there is one thing the Asians are lagging behind, is in online multiplayer experiences (I don’t mean MMO, I mean real ones, like Natural Selection or Chivalry), which is ironic since they have one of the best if not the best network in the world.

  • While there are some awesome Japanese made games like Metal Gear and the old FF. I can’t disagree with the list, the budget for Japanese games are small so most games tend to be sprite based or visual novels. Western made game cutscenes are better acted too as opposed to the Japanese cheese fest, you can add cool moves and fancy flashy fireworks here and there but if your lines and voices come off as too cheesy it just doesn’t work.

  • Consider that nobody in the industry is going to give a shit about the realistic violence in GTA5, but Dragon’s Crown having huge boobs on cartoon characters became a huge issue. Sexuality is a HUGE deal for the west, violence isn’t. The guy in the article is 100% right

    • America has double standards for sex. They repress perfectly safe and natural sexual urges. They are sexually repressed so that’s why they have such high rates of sexual abuse, assaults, rape and murder. If a group of people are that sexually repressed when they act out, it will be very violent and destructive.

      I say sex is far less harmful than violence.

      • Sex in games is a very touchy subject. There are alot of people out there that would love to see more of it but a big problem about that is there are always “reviewers” out that that will make a huge deal over it.

        Like the “sex” scenes in Mass effect 1, all they really are, are a bunch of snippits with some sexy music, but even with it being so minimal some people managed to make a huge fucking deal over it on the news.

        My personal opinion on sex in games is all about how you present it. If it is used as a way to show the intimacy of the relationship between the characters involved it will seem alot more natural and could be seen as a way to get the player to understand the bonds the characters have. Sex after all is completely natural and isn’t something to be fussed about, aslong as it is presented properly.

        Another example of sex would be in fallout 1 and 2 where the player could pay hookers to have sex with them just for the hell of it or use the player characters sex appeal to leverage favors from npcs such as price drops at shops and secrets info the npc would normally not tell the PC. In these instances the sex is completely voluntary on the part of the player and is actually being used as a tool in the latter example to get things the player wants. To me this is a acceptable way of presenting sex since it is completely up to the player to make use of these methods.

        The way I can never stand sex in games is overly sexed females characters (I mean super sluts that jiggle wiggle and do everything with provocative camera angles) and obligatory sex scenes. When the PC has sex with people and the only reason they can do so is because the player character is darn bad-ass that he gets all the bitches, is when the sex seems pointless. The only function of the scene is to show how cool the PC is or the game devs were just trying to piss people off.

        A good example of well done sex can be found in Dragon Age Origins. The player has to actively work on getting to know the NPC which ultimately leads to sex. But part of the fun in this is that you get to know the character, you get to learn about their background, their aspirations, what they like and dislike, and how they view the world, Every character in that game is unique and it is enjoyable to learn more about the NPCs.

        Sex in a game has to be done properly or it just seems like it was added to make the game edgy which ultimately just makes the game look bad.

      • “America has double standards for sex. They repress perfectly safe and natural sexual urges. They are sexually repressed so that’s why they have such high rates of sexual abuse, assaults, rape and murder. If a group of people are that sexually repressed when they act out, it will be very violent and destructive.”

        Total mythological bull$hyte. Look up where in US all the rape occurs asswipe and tell me there’s repression.

        • Explain “We express our sexuality perfectly on japanese pussies everyday!”

          My sex drive is far greater than any American redneck. My penis is 12 inches long when erect unlike your redneck micropenis.

          And I masturbate to anime pornography at least 3 times a day. That’s where I get most of my arm exercise. And believe me, my biceps and triceps are very muscular from all the masturbation I do everyday. At least one hours of it everyday lol.

      • “japan only does slutty outfits in console games, american games will show actual nudity, its the japanese that are the real prudes”

        Japanese games usually have a colorful enough world or too silly a story such that any nudity they put in their games would be considered “tasteless nudity.”

        They also usually aren’t interested in telling adult stories using an anime inspired medium and Japanese consumers appear less interested in nudity in gaming when they already have so much eroge elsewhere.

        Western games on the other hand usually intentionally make themselves appear as adult as possible regardless of context and can much more easily achieve a “tasteful nudity” status if story plays a focus in the product.

        All these things combine to form an environment where Japanese developers have more reason to be cautious about nudity in general if they’re aiming for an international release.

      • you have apparently never played a VN before where you can pretty much get hooked up with nearly every girl in it. I think that goes back to the above quotes about the average Americans attention span and patience being to low and small to sit through over ten hours of dialogue to play. As an American I love games that require you to think and make choices and those choices affect future outcomes.

        • He was referring to big-budget, top-selling games, which is what this article is about. Visual novels are a poor example since they’re more of a niche product that only appeals to a select audience. Also, he was referring to console games, where VNs tend to be a lot more modest in terms of content. Plus, most barely classify as a “game”, and are more of what their name implies, a “visual novel”, so they’re not likely to appeal to someone looking for actual interactive gameplay.

          As for “thinking and making choices that affect future outcomes”, Most VNs don’t actually do this particularly well either. The majority are quite linear, with choices few and far between, and often the results of those choices tend to feel pretty random. The visual novel genre has really advanced all that much over the last decade.

      • Yeah, when the hell have there actually been sex scenes in Japanese videogames? Outside of dating sims, that is?

        God of War was an international best-seller and fueled Americans’ need for violence and over-abundant man-penis, and it had minigames where you fucked the living bajeezus out of Greek sluts in between all the action.

        I like a variety of games, none of which include Call of Duty or Halo. I enjoy some tatsucap, God Hand and I’m looking forward to the next Smash Bros. I really hope this isn’t how the gaming industry is intending to slant, because these stereotypes reek of trolling and does not apply to American gamers as a whole.

        Just the ones that pretend to be gamers.

      • you have a point, but the videogame censorship in Europe is limiting their creativity badly, this is the reason why European game developers are leaving their countries (i heard Crytek is from Germany and they had to ship to the US because of the horrible censorship German laws has)

        • @6:52
          As an intro
          headquarters in Frankfurt/Main.
          Horrible censorship laws? Can’t deny that, although they opened up a little in the last years, giving way to quite brutal games without banning them. Adding to that, there are several stages in “youth protection”: Ages the game is meant to be played by range from 6 to 18, then 18+ as in you’re not to advertise it openly but can still sell it, and lastly banning it completely.
          Albeit i like my games/movies/whatever to be uncut,
          i wonder about the brutality some things offer and if there’s a need for that.

          @20:58 Questioning the holocaust will not get you arrested, but denying it is something frowned upon in this country of mine. We do have a kind of scar in this matter and tend to ‘punish’ ourselves for the history, although younger generations can’t do anything about it…
          (That’s also the reason for denying active involvement in wars, since it is stated in the constitution: Attacking no, defending yes)

        • We don’t have much censorship laws in the UK, we did invent Boobraider after all. Germany on the other hand…. well you get arrested over their for questioning a certain historical event, so yeah.

        • 11:43 Don’t tuck your tails in and run if you can’t take the heat bitch ^^

          Nissan GT-R is nothing but a wanna-be trash rig that doesn’t have the potentials or the design of European made gears. Besides, you sidestepped by point about EU cars being under FAR more scrutiny than wannabe jap garbage that has no future. Care to tell me why all the top winners in all the demonstrations and races were majority EU made?

          Typical bitch squealing ‘ignorance’ when shit doesn’t roll ‘his’ way. Either give concrete facts, or fuck off and delude yourself with ignorance 🙂

        • @14:06: You are obviously biased toward European trash.

          Nissan GT-R will decimate European cars at half the price. You butthurt?

          Anywho, the overwhelming amount of ignorance conveyed by you does not warrant any more of my time.

          Japanese cars are clearly superior. End of discussion.

        • 12:53 LOL haha typical response from those who have never driven any of them. The performance and quality on those vehicles is sky and earth compared to jap trash whose ‘quality’ is nothing but hype based on psychological returns rather than true quality.

          No ‘overpriced’ junk can outlast decades of scrutiny and criticism and attention, far more than those given to inferior jap junks that now use chinese labor. I don’t recall those companies recalling millions every other 3 years because of faulty quality. I bet you think ‘lexus’ is a luxury car lol

        • Cool… so many games I’ve never heard anything about…

          ..except for the ones I already heard about some 5-20 years ago and won’t thus classify for “these days”.

          “What you call a ‘hardcore gamer’ is someone who plays games a lot”
          ..yeah.. I watch more anime than I play games, so on time I’m casual. I also blame a lack of good enough games to waste my time on. (Where is Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Redemption? Fucking where?)

        • @12:16 Since when Assassins Creed is a good “game” ?
          Ubisoft Montreal are good at making long repetitive games that abuse the use of collectibles and various other gameplay mechanics. Story and chara design are OK but that’s all.

        • To add a few masterpieces (imo) to 08:59’s list:
          – Gothic (as mentioned above)
          – Sacred
          – FarCry, Crysis, upcoming Ryse – Son of Rome
          – Book of unwritten tales (point&click adventure)

          All that aside: You can’t push games into a bin and declare it ‘Standard’ or ‘How to look’…

          While i love the Disgaea/Star Ocean/Metal Gear series and did love FF (6 to X-2) and Dragon Quest V, i couldn’t get into Tales of Graces f.
          It was just too damn superficial, too stupid in its dialogues, too fucking foreseeable. Sometimes you knew what nonsense they would spout before they actually did…and THIS is ONE reason SOME (japanese, american, whatever country’s) games suck!

        • @8:37 Ubisoft is French but Ubisoft Montreal, who has made all the main Assassin’s Creed games, is Canadian. You don’t say McDonald’s teriyaki burger served in Japan is fine American cuisine just because the company is American owned, so nor should you try to steal Canada’s credit. ;-]

        • Seriously? You never heard of ‘The Wither’ (made in Poland) or the ‘Gothic'(made in Germany) series? If so, you miss out on life then ;/ … and still, I’m just naming just a few of those.

          And how the hell can you be a ‘Casual Hardcore’ gamer? If you meant that you only play ‘hard-to-beat’ games from time-to-time, that makes you just a casual gamer who likes such games. What you call a ‘hardcore gamer’ is someone who plays games a lot, usually to a point when he achieves everything achievable and unlocks everything unlockable in a title. Not to mention that a real hardcore gamer ALWAYS finishes a game. That’s what means to be a ‘hardcore gamer’. I know, because just until 4 years ago I was such a gamer.

        • Carmageddon – UK
          Tomb Raider – England
          Lemmings, GTA – Scotland, DMA Design/R* North
          Wipeout series – UK
          Heavy Rain – France
          Rayman, From Dust, Beyond Good & Evil, ZombiU – France – Ubisoft Montpellier
          S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – Ukraine
          Motorstorm, DriveClub – Britain
          Fable, Black & White, Populous, Syndicate, Syndicate Wars, Dungeon Keeper

          I’m not from Europe, but those are the first few that came to mind.

    • that’s just feminism at work. Though, I do find sexualized children in skimpy outfits(2d or 3d) distasteful, which is something you see a lot of in Japan based stuff. I really only like Japanese games if played at the arcade.

      • I often see people complaining about 20+ year old characters “looking like children”. Fact is, people in Asian countries look younger.

        I’ve seen Westerners who are 7-13 and look 30+. Some even have beards and shit. I suspect it’s all the chemicals and other crap people are ingesting nowadays.

        Point being, people whining about physical age appearance is ridiculous.

        Also, only a few decades ago, young characters were more common in Western media. Books, TV shows, everything. Don’t know why or when they shifted towards adulthood being so great (protip: it’s not).

        • So wait… I’m getting confused here. I thought the moral problem with sexually active young people had to do with their mental and emotional maturity? Not their physical appearance and proportions? How is this even a problem? Reverse association?

        • Anonymous 9:20, get used to it. The scale is coming down on the side of pedosexuality being a totally normal and natural sexuality and there is being some backlash against the “Rail against nature and say that even though children are born with fully functional genitalia, they are not supposed to be sexually active until 18!”

          It is past time to get off that insanity.

        • I’m realy flexible and oppen minded on a lot of thing but the moe trend is clearly pedophilia and I can’t stand it, I miss Trigun, Gits, cowboy bebop and other similar titles. I can’t fap to little kids.

        • Anon 01:37 That’s the point. “leaving it” means leaving Japanese games on the shelf. The choice is clear these days. Don’t like ‘moe’ character designs designed to appeal to pedophiles? Don’t play Japanese games. And a great deal of anime these days is right out for the same reason. And that’s the choice people are making.

        • Perhaps one should consider that the Japanese have a cultural heritage of large age gaps between couples. Westerners used to marry off their daughters at similar ages to older men, but that practice died off long ago; the Japanese are sortof cloistered on their little island and have a strong connection to their traditions.

          I’m sure they look at our violent ways in a similar fashion as we see their apparent ‘pedophilia’.

        • Its not calling others wrong for not liking, its the simple thing of ” you dont like it, you leave it” , the problem here is that, if they dont like it, its crticized to no end by those feminists and immediatly seen has overly sexualized or something along those lines, thats whats wrong.

        • Yeah, I suppose 7-13 yr olds with progeria could look 30+ but……

          Progeria sufferers and kids in cosplay of adult characters don’t count.

          18+ yr old Asian people rarely ever look like prepubescent kids.

          This has nothing to do with characters being young, but characters being children and designed for sexual purposes.
          Hiding a prepubescent design behind the idea that she’s a supernatural entity that has existed for 200+ years doesn’t suddenly change the fact that her child like body and mannerisms are very much designed after an 8 yr old child.

        • Ha! Canon age doesn’t matter when it’s clear the game’s character is meant to be a little girl walking around in underwear(a la Atelier Totori etc.) Pedoshit is pedoshit, and it’s one thing to ask for acceptance of you liking that, but to call others wrong for not liking it is only going to get you more negative reactions.

      • “that’s just feminism at work.”

        Feminism has become a huge thing that western devs pander to, it isn’t something you can just write off. Our side of the industry has been hijacked by those people

  • Yeaaah, developers don’t exactly know exactly what’s right and what people want.
    “stories too short for attention span” or what have you, fuck that. I want long ass stories that I actually feel like once its over I’ve lost something special D:<

  • “What do you expect from a society obsessed with murder games”

    how bout….what do you expect from a society obsessed with anything having to do with sex (not just games) yet with a large percentage that have probably never even had it,lol

    I mean isn’t one side who is full of pervs say the other bloodthirsty murders or whatever, sorta the pot calling the kettle black?

    I mean seriously? which is worse murderers or perverts?

  • I think people are confused by the “Americans hate sex” remark. Americans individually don’t hate it (aside from the bible-bashers), but America, as a country, is biased towards conservatism when it comes to sexuality. Which is why they have no problem with 8 year olds having access to guns but OH GOD GRAND THEFT AUTO HAD A SEX MINIGAME IT’S A NATIONAL EMERGENCY LET’S BAN EVERYTHING WON’T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

    To be fair, virtually all white christian-based nations are like this (I’m Australian and it’s even worse; porn movies can be banned if the woman in it looks like she could be underage (eg her boobs are too small or wears a school uniform)).

  • The biggest difference I can spot is the budget/production value of Western games are just very high and the most Japanese developers can’t really compete.

    Maybe SE (FFXV)) and Capcom but that seems to be it, at least what’s posed so far for next gen.

    Hopefully TGS finally showcases something “massive” from Japan, something that can stand against DA:I in terms at least in face value (graphics, expanse, dialogues).

    Maybe there’s a next gen “successor” for the Souls series (doesn’t seem to be the typical “popular jrpg” but well received internationally and JPN made).

    • For japaneses, having sex is masturbate for animes and other “2D girls”. The rest of the world prefer real sex, so, by japanese view, we don’t like sex (their kind of sex).
      We think japanese are wierd, they think the same about us.

    • I don’t really “hate” sex in video games, I just feel that 90% of it does nothing for the story and feels unnecessary.
      Like in the God of War series they have a QTE sex game in each one, all it nets you is a few souls that you could get by killing a few enemies, and the one time is matters is when you’re fucking Aphrodite and it triggers a movie with her when you’re done.
      This is completely different when I’m playing a sex game like Violated Heroine, Fairy Fighting, or Shinobi Girl.

    • Yes they hate sex, which is why they put actual nudity and sex in their mainstream games like Heavy Rain and Red Dead/GTA. Makes fuckin sense since there isnt a single japanese console game with nudity.

      • Though I don’t disagree, you have to admit…Americans don’t like pseudo pedo bait as much as the Japanese(?!). Also harems aren’t that favoured as much over here compared to Japan. Since that’s probably because of Japanese men hardly getting some compared to the Western hemisphere. We’re more likely to go get laid as opposed to Japanese men fantasizing of even getting a girlfriend.

        We don’t hate sex. We get sex and get into real relationships as opposed to having the need to fatasize as much. I’m just saying.

      • Western game = targeted at kids. Japanese game = targeted at everyone, but also adults.

        Obviously they don’t mind the sex. But then they also don’t mind the pedophilia in much of Japanese anime too. Go to a non-religious place like Sweden and they don’t like sex and pedophilia in games either, especially in kids’ games.

        • This 48 year old gamer begs to differ.
          Not only do I enjoy 2-3 hours a day gaming, but
          I also participate in the game modding community. You want sex in games? Look at all the mods out there for Skyrim. The game developers don’t need to add sexual content, because the modders will. Now excuse me, I’m
          going to go suck off a Deathclaw..

        • Hardly, Anonymous 18:34. I am a progressive/liberal and I am totally about people being treated as being equal mentally to each other while realizing that men and women will never, pound for pound, be physically equal to each other.

          Many liberals/progressives are ashamed of Sweden and what they have become today and are also ashamed of the whole anti-pedosexual bullshit going on at the moment.

          They have realized that the anti-pedosexual hysteria is totally about creating a ‘boogie man’ for all ills in society, without realizing that a lot of people or the majority of people with problems NEVER HAD SEX WITH ADULTS AS CHILDREN!

          They also realize that a lot of people who DID have sex with adults as children have no issues today.

        • “Sweden is not about equality since most “progressive” people are proud of hating men. ”

          The mask slipped there. Progressives are not about real equality but about pushing their own ideology on others. So for example you must be tolerant, but only to ideas they consider morally OK. You must not judge, unless the idea is politically incorrect in which case everyone judges. This is just a type of anti-liberty fascism. Fascists btw were progressives, look up Mussolini’s Fascist Manifesto.

        • I think many people will say that women and men are different. Evolutionary adaptations made them different would be the naturalistic explanation – and heck even something accepted by most religious people too. To say they are equal is to mythologically reject that, just in this case, while embracing it for other animals – because no evolutionaly biologist will say one strain of E coli bacteria resistant to ampicillin is the same as another strain which is sensitive to it.

        • “Calling a given ideology “religion” is criticism on people following it with dogmatic conviction. It doesn’t mean that they’ve literally adopted mythological ideas. A belief is something else entirely.”

          You don’t get it. The original criticism was that Americans being Judeo-Christian religious are sex averse in childrens’ programming. When it comes to the rather non-Judeo-Christian Sweden where such views also occur, you get a response that Feminism is a religion too. This is broken logic.

          Any ideology can be called religious because by definition ideologies are philosophical views. They are based on dogmatic belief in either them or in some axiomatic or “self-evident” foundations for such ideologies. Also what is a dogmatic conviction and what is not is a subjective assessment, and often becomes itself a dogmatic conviction that x is dogmatic and y is not.

          Beliefs and dogma go hand in hand, because you end up believing something based on dogmatic foundations. For example, the dogmatic foundation that the outside world exists, that your senses are reliable, and that other people have minds and are not automaton zombie robots. The belief that logic works is also dogmatic. You can’t use logic to prove logic works because that’s a circular logical fallacious argument.

        • [quote]. To now change that to “Feminism is a religion” is silly because you’re now shifting a meaning to any sort of serious taking of beliefs. We may as well say, the sexual revolution is also a religion and the view that people should screw left, right and centre is also religious, since we’re saying anything taken seriously is now religion.[/quote]
          Calling a given ideology “religion” is criticism on people following it with dogmatic conviction. It doesn’t mean that they’ve literally adopted mythological ideas. A belief is something else entirely.

        • Sweden is not about equality since most “progressive” people are proud of hating men. Its in the newspaper, its everywhere. In Sweden the mainstream logic is that if you treat men like you treated homosexuals in the 60s (force them to lie about sex), an equal society will appear. The pedo scare is simply a messed up extension of this logic.

        • “Sweden is a feminist country, and feminism is a religion at this point.”

          I think the original point was about Judeo-Christian religion looking negatively on pornography/erotica etc. To now change that to “Feminism is a religion” is silly because you’re now shifting a