60% of Japanese Guys “Have No Girlfriend”


The latest official statistics to highlight just how lonely the Japanese race has become of late show some 60% of young men apparently have neither girlfriend nor female friends, with women scarcely being any better off…

The Japanese government’s latest white paper on the vexing issue of how the younger generations can be squeezed to pay for the pensions of their elders if they insist on not breeding reveals just how few Japanese now enjoy the company of the opposite sex.


Their findings suggest some 60% of young men now find themselves without the benefit of female friendship or lovers (non-breeding homosexuals evidently being of limited interest).

Even women exhibit a similar trend, with 50% or so having no male friends or lovers.

Despite all this nearly 90% of unmarried 18-39-year-olds still harbour aspirations of marriage.

The government’s rather generous conclusions are that “the number of young people with partners who are marriage candidates is thus limited” and “the difficulty of finding the ‘ideal partner’ is also a factor” – but the reaction online is much more candid:

“You can only despair at findings like these.”

“What happens to that extra 10%…”

“Just go to a soapland every month, who needs a girlfriend.”

“I may be handsome, but 2D is good enough for me!”

“Japan has perfected a society in which you can easily live alone. It’s even cheaper to buy your food in single portions and eat alone.”

“Expectations have gotten too high… you can only expect good things from 2D in the city now.”

“The graphs really tend to suggest women are the main impetus behind this trend.”

“With money and a car you can get a girlfriend! And with a stable job you can get married! The dilemma is that if you have those things you’ll not have any time left to enjoy yourself.”

“They are crazy to expect people to keep breeding in the midst of some radioactive wasteland.”

“Polygamy is the only way to accommodate the uneven distribution of hotness amongst guys.”

“Be warned. Women just demand more money from you once you marry them.”

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  • As an American I wouldn’t have any insite on whats going on in Japanese culture but I’ve notice a trend here. I’ve had two jobs for the last couple of years. One is in game development and I work a part time night job re-stalking shelves at a local grocery store. Because of this I’ve ended up with two separate social groups that I’m friends with. Those whom I’ve met through my game design job, both men and women, do very little dating and few are married. the second group that I know from the grocery store are almost constantly in a relationship or married.

  • Behold the truth:

    1. Not all Japanese women are the money leech that Sankaku cracks them up to be. This is Sankaku simply spinning stories.

    2. Women actually want nice men and actually care for men’s feelings when they’ve made their choice. There are bitches, but there are also angels. You just need to know where to look for them.

    3. Japanese women looking into gaijins is plausible. This is true for any nation as well.

    4. Like anyone else, for any gender, what they want is to be treated well and humane, like anyone else. Neglecting this fact is where all problems start. Leave the relationship when you are not being treated well, after remedial dialogues and actions.

  • I don’t really know what to say about this. Been in a relationship is a lot of resposibility, especially if the government expect them to breed, which makes it sound as if they were animals. Marriage life? That’s another thing that many people avoid because, it seems to be failing. It makes it sound like an obligation instead of a want. I don’t know, I also think is because, it became harder to communicate with the technology of today. I mean, look in the streets, they tend to text every single minute now. “ticky ticky ticky” with that damn little keyboard on their cellphones. I wonder what are they going to do about this?

  • These numbers make NO SENSE. In most countries, women out-number men 60/40, japan included. SO if 60% of their men have NO GF/wife then NO LESS THAN 72% OF WOMEN HAVE NO BF/husband unless there’s a WHOLE LOT of sharing going on.

    These stupid polls should get a clue quick. General M/F population facts have NEVER LIED & NEVER WILL.

  • i went to japan a fairly devout christian. that included a commitment not to have sex unless very very serious relationship that could lead to marraige. i don’t know what happened but i’ve had a lot of sex in japan. and one thing that some of the girls mentioned is that japanese guys have nothing to say. they literally are uninteresting and can’t talk to anyone other than “sumimasen” “doozo” “doomo” “kawaii” “sugoi” “ohayo”. the second complaint is way too skinny in upper body. i’d agree. i see way too many rib/chest/shoulder bones at the beach/onsen. you’re making this too easy, my japanese man-brothers. try to see it from women’s perspective. they are literally desperate to find a man and most gaijin (korean, french, assie, chinese, american) have at least a bit of man in them even the nerdy ones. you gotta man up just a little bit. i’m thin in america but a big guy in japan. women like an arm to hold not chicken wing. they want chest to put their head on not a hard sticks. they want a sweet guy who can be sweet but sometimes powerful in bed without being vulgar, dirty, or mean. they want a bear hug. not all bears are tall. some are short and powerful. be a short powerful bear. not a mouse. japanese women are really cool. many are so nice. they want to be this for you. it still is the man’s job to be a man even in a changing world. even feminists don’t want grass feeders and pretty boys. only about 0.0001% of women want gamers and otaku.

    you’re a nation with declining birth rate. yet i was on the train and not one man gave his seat to very pregnant japanese woman. i gave her my seat and women looked at me like “wow, such a man” and men looked at me like “show off, arrogant gaijin”. that really showed me how you value women. you don’t give a seat to very pregnant woman when your entire nation sees plummeting birth rate? huh??? every work meeting where top level people are nearly all men. where are the female leaders? it’s not normal to just have men. men have talents. so do women. you need both not one.

    no korean or french woman would ever want to date men who exclude women, don’t have much to say to them, and have the bodies of thin 12 year old boys. come one. pick it up. it’s not that hard. girls/women are great and annoying. but they make life easier in their friendship and affection. you can make her feel a bit protected and safer against this cold, hard world. every country has battle of sexes but japan is taking it to extremes. and it is the men’s fault. you can’t blame those who are not in power nor can you blame the ones where aren’t as physically powerful. you don’t have to be a sumo size to be a man. you don’t have to be a bad boy jerk to be a man. but it helps to avoid all this 2d, idol, grass feeder, gamer, hermit stuff the modern world makes easy to do. you got to fight that not disappear into it. you’re making it way too easy for gaijin. you’re women want you…but they have to settle for us. that’s how bad you have gotten.

    • tl;dr

      1. Not all Japanese women are the money leech that Sankaku cracks them up to be.

      2. Women actually want nice men and actually care for men’s feelings when they’ve made their choice.

      3. Japanese women looking into gaijins is plausible.

      4. Like anyone else, for any gender, what they want is to be treated well and humane, like anyone else. Neglecting this fact is where all problems start.

  • i think nature has implanted dna inside the human insect species to control its population and message gets sent (without individuals knowing it) to not seek procreation. 100 years ago, if a country had 75 million people that would be considered massive. the roman empire was huge and had 60 million. does an island the size of california but less real estate because of so many jagged mountain ranges need 100+ million people? what if nature has dna in human insect population to control it when the individual insects don’t control their population. like when too many mice take up a field…they just stop producing mice until normal again. they don’t get together for tea and say “hey let’s control population”. it just happens without their knowledge.

    • That would be very fortunate, but it could be argued mammals didn’t experience that sort of selective pressure yet, and indeed as we know they can breed quite carelessly, depending on species. Which doesn’t mean there can’t be a glitch of the sort, but you have to consider the experiences of the nearby China and India, among others.

  • Let’s see…

    – 3x China Syndrome already happened, it will takes over 40 years for light-clean it and USD$ 50 billions or more;
    – U.S. is an insolvency country with over US$ 230 trillion in debts and getting bigger everyday;
    – WW3 is to happen anytime now;
    – 20 meteors more will strike the Earth very soon and appears to be even worst than that from Russia just few months ago;
    – We passed 7.2 billion people and everyday food and water gets scarce, expensive, and bad quality;
    – 300~400T radioactive material had been leaking for over 2 years now, in soil, water and atmosphere!
    – If we still manage to survive after all that, a 100% confirmed WW3 will happens around 2030 when China finally will want World’s dominance.

    YEP! We have a “nice” future!

  • Blame jpop idols for skewing the look and standards of ‘attractive men’ and unreasonable expectations.

    Blame the men for choosing to NEET-to-death than do something about their sorry asses.

    Either way they both lose.
    Clearly, only righteous gaijin dick can solve the problem.

    • And any gaijin fool enough to marry a Japanese woman deserves everything he gets. The ONLY think I’ve seen in this world more pathetic than the typical Japanese husband is the typical gaijin husband with a Japanese wife….whipped doesn’t even come close to describing their hell. Remember John Lennon? I bet he went to Japan, saw all the hot girls and said to himself I’m gonna get me one of these….and what did he end up with? Yoko Ono. Talk about the ultimate bait-and-switch.

  • Hello everybody, i´m 32 years old and never before gave much importance to marriage and kids, but now i must say that i want, no, more than want, I NEED, an stable relationship, plans for the future and all that, and of course childrens. My chest hurts when i see those men in the park playing with their wives and kids, i envy them.

    • Take a day off work, go to your local court house, find where the family court/divorce court is at, and spend the day there, listening to the cases.

      It’ll take a month for your penis to crawl back out of your abdomen, but then whenever you look at those men with their wives and kids in the park, you’ll see them as train wrecks in progress.

      • Nice try dissuading them, but there are successful families that do exist. If all you see about families are nothing but trouble, it’s time to see what is your true outlook in life. If it is bleak and come-what-may, you are in no position to tell someone how they should live their life, because you yourself don’t know how to.

    • Here’s to the future, but I’m afraid you’re trying to keep up with the wrong ones. That kind of life may not be worth the dirt on your shoes.

      Your chest may hurt, but you are at least not being told to leave your jumper back in the hall.

  • Articles like this is no surprise to me in Japan. I bet you in the near future, the figure is gonna way higher. A lot of factors play into this like change in lifestyle from rural to urban, the raising cost of living etc etc.

      • But it IS the women’s fault. The top 20% of the male population cannot possibly marry or have stable relationships with the top 70% of female population.

        The problem is defining the men that they CAN get as shitty and the unreachable ones as the only eligible.

    • There’s a substantial difference in not marrying, and not having any female friends/a girlfriend. The reasons the japanese guys stay lonely are most likely:

      They collect anime related goods, which apparently is a turnoff for girls
      Due to the abovementioned reason their confidence drops, and they are afraid to make contact with girls
      They have some sort of lolicon/tentacle/bondage fetish they’re open about, causing them to be avoided.
      They have watched so much anime that their ideal girl and real girls are like night and day, causing them to flee even deeper into their fantasies.
      They fear rejection like it would be the end of the world.

      On the other hand. This means that 50% of japanese women are single.
      *packs bag* see you in japan.

  • before anyone tries to make all these rash assumptions I have to ask
    are these people who can’t get GFs or just simply people in between relationships?
    and how do these numbers compare with other countries?

  • The more advanced society is, the more problems with breeding it will have. Take example form China, they live in backward communist regime but they have birthrate so big that they have to make laws and penalties to reduce it.

  • The answer to this mystery is that japanese men refuse to evolve from being sexist shitheads that want nothing more than a living doll with no mind of her own. I wouldnt date one either.
    The reason foreign guys make popular boyfriends is not entirely because they’re ‘exotic’, its because their western mindset is more appealing to them and will generally treat them like human beings.
    You guys would be out of luck though.

    • Welcome to modern Enlightenment, where materialism is No 1 and relationships are based on that and sexual pleasure. People throughout history have been able to form relationships and get married and start families. Heck even right now people do this in places like North Korea, Iraq, Syria, Mexico etc. But because you Yanks had it so well (and other Western Europeans too) now that your standard of living is dropping a bit (because of your exports of jobs to the third world) suddenly everything else which worked for thousands of years must fail. Get back to basics.

  • Japan should just allow more foreigners in their country and turn them into naturalized Japanese citizen. Give more benefits on white people that wanted to become Japanese. Because japanese guys and girls like white people especially blonde ones.

      • Good job pulling facts out of your ass.

        Japan is currently having a surge of expatriates from various nations. Just go to youtube and you’ll see a huge amount of non-japanese people living in Japan. This huge surge of foreigners is one of the reason why Japan created JLPT and various scholarship grants. They want smart people working in their country.

        • huge surge? HUGE SURGE? Dream on pissant! They let noone in – even those with huge bank accounts and massive amounts of experience, and NO (criminal) records. You must be seeing a navy recruitment film or something. Or a butt-buggering dreamscape of your own mentally-challenged design.

          Oh wait… they’ll take you if you have a smidgen of JAP in you… the rest of us are unwashed. So – they’ll just have to let it get a little worse (aka – EXTINCT) before they actually loosen up.

  • I think one of the reasons for this is that Japan has long history of marriages being set by their parents, mostly through through “omiai” aka marriage interview. This is also strengthened by the isolation of sexes, boys and girls are barely allowed to have contact with each other. But as times have changed Japanese haven’t learned the art of meeting opposite sex but also the omiai has become much more rare, especially succesful ones and thus the marriage rates are plunging.

  • They all have too high standards.

    Instead of Battle Royales the goverment will now be forced to hold Marriage Royale events! All participants must wed someone from the opposite sex by the end of the game.
    And it goes without saying that divorce will be banned 😛

  • Well, I might be thinking this too much but…
    Those who do not have a girlfriend/boyfriend are doing this planet a favor. We all know how over populated earth is so we don’t really need more people here. Usually you end up getting kids with your partner and that is not needed at this point. So I think it is not that bad thing not to have a girlfriend.

    • Thousands have said that at young age.

      To date, I am still waiting for someone who ACTUALLY believed it and did not end up being a womanizer/child molester/psycho/rapist/that-weird-neighbour-guy_-who-has-that-disturbing-smile-all-the-time out of sheer loneliness.

      The opposite sex, for BOTH sides, is a necessary evil. The sooner you admit it, the less painful it will be to deal with.

      Now, if you are of the rare breed of THIS generation of persons who does get a partner for life and everything goes well, just as past generations used to do rather easily, then congratulations… But with that mindset of “I only need fictional characters and myself to live”, that seems… unlikely to happen. Fictional characters can only beckon fictional feelings or, at best, VERY ephemeral true feelings.

    • Forgot the porn and 3D Illusion soft simulators..

      It’s about how women were earning privileges and men with less and less space ..
      Women with overconfidence and men increasingly demotivated.
      The error may be cultural .. how feminism was being treated all these years ..
      This situation inevitably will have to change or the family as traditional ceases to exist ..
      Meanwhile under developed countries, many couples having children without minimum conditions of livelihood ..
      After all, which of the two this more wrong?

  • Oh? Well, okay…let me extrapolate that for the ignorant masses…

    60% of Japanese Guys don’t have to fear for the content of their wallets and can spend their time and money and things THEY want.

    ‘Nuff said. If you want sex, fap or go to a brothel.

  • Overall men have no motive anymore to marry a woman. The time of traditional wives is over, and women, especially the self-entitled spoiled women we have today, can’t really bring anything to the table to make it worth it. Men produce the vast majority of the resources in our world and they are getting aware slowly but surely that they do not need parasites that give nothing in return draining the resources they produce.

    The phenomena Japan is facing now is happening in variable degrees all around the world and it will keep getting worse and worse until the real causes are addressed.

      • The problem here is not men or women, and only the people here who are young and foolish will attempt to pull the ‘blame them’ card. You will blame women for being money-grubbing and self-entitled, without recognizing the sides of men that are basically the same in different ways.

        No, what is happening here is much more core than just marriage and relationships. People have freedom now, and more than that, there is something that will not survive in the modern world: fakeness.

        You know that feeling of being around people who are in a relationship and you want to slap the shit out of them whenever they speak? You know that feeling when you just know someone’s not going to last? You know that feeling when you know someone’s not listening or paying attention to the other person?

        That’s because they aren’t. The over 50% divorce rate is not because marriage is a failure so much as most people are failures at being themselves, or waiting to find people who love them for who they are. The people who don’t have sex until later in life are considered a pariah. Why exactly? What precisely does that mean? Nothing really, but what do people make it mean? That they’re substandard humans? Maybe, but if that’s all it means to be a successful human even after thousands of years, then quite frankly it’s the people who judge your worth as a human being by how many times you’ve had sex as the cro-magnon of the modern world.

        Being with someone and having sex with someone have never been the same thing. The only people who think so are shallow and/or stupid people. And it is this concept that is beginning to fail in the paradigm shift that is happening in the world. The ebb and flow of allowance of ‘fakeness’ in people in relationships has tipped, and is no longer allowing its presence as readily.

        • >>The real secret, guys, is that women don’t like assholes.

          Oh, they’re super allergic to that, because they think that women are bitches by default, and the mere mention of a real woman who isn’t a bitch is SO PAINFUL FOR THEM TO READ, SO PAINFUL FOR THEM TO REALIZE.

          But they do exist. You just need to look. Instead of bitching and moaning– the very same things men accuses women for.

        • 03:33 01/09/2013

          That feminism hurting women remark might be true if it was that they ‘want’ to ‘marry up’ because it gives the process a nice kanji or whatever. But who needs a fish license, and one that’s burdening them so heavily with empty ceremonies, obligation and cumbersome arrangements? They, somewhat rationally, are after certain enhancements the situation allows for – at the expense of what the other side decides to spare – but if they could get them without marrying, they wouldn’t marry.

        • Sorry, pal, but you are completely out of touch with reality. The reality is, women are the only ones that can’t deal with reality. More than 75% of divorces are originated by women because they are not satisfied with their partners not meeting the imaginary standards they created.

          Women are only happy when they marry up, and it is progressively difficult for women to find men in better social positions than themselves due to all this feminist crap. So they ride the alpha cocks and when they are thrown away because they do not have the looks to keep up anymore they go after poor bastards to provide for them. Well, sorry to say, but the poor bastards are getting scarce.

          Feminism has hurt men but it has hurt women as well and will keep hurting women. It took any incentive for men to marry or have any long term relationship with women, and women have always and will always need men far more than the other way around, because all this feminist crap aside, men are the ones that do all the real work and generate everything in this society.

        • 22:46>
          Are you kidding me? You, being a nice guy, are like dime in a dozen. There are tons and tons of nice guys out there, and they are single. Why? Because it seems women are sexually attracted to assholes. You honestly believe guys here post things like women are only good for sex and make “sammiches” really mean it? I would like to think you are not an idiot! Guys post that because we are frustrated in having to deal with BS from women but also society in general day in and day out, and can’t really do anything about it without suffering severe social consequences. So we vent a little on sancom where vast majority of women will never visit.

        • I totally agree with HouseLife on this one. The guys on this site who blame women for everything ought to take a look at themselves. I’m dirt poor, but managed to nab a beautiful wife. Why? Because I’m a nice guy who doesn’t think women are only good for sex and making “sammiches”. The real secret, guys, is that women don’t like assholes.

        • Sure, women can get away with lots of crazy shit nowadays, but it’s mainly because society encourages them to act that way, and lets them get away with it.

          It’s society in general that encourages people to be selfish greedy pricks. Most systems you see around the globe encourage people to be that way.

        • I am a successful young man in his early thirties. My net worth is $1.8M in assets. I am looking for a Waifu, 2D or 3D.

          My extensive checklist of requirements for a Waifu are as follows:

          She has got to be
          1.) Cheap
          2.) Cute
          3.) Practical

          So far, 0% of 3D women and 100% of 2D women qualify even starting at the first requirement. And furthermore, those 3D women have 100-point safety inspection checklists that even I don’t qualify, since I am not cocky-funny.

          Thank you.

      • Probably because their “education” grinds them so hard, grooming them to be the perfect salaryman, that they have no time to learn those basics of life.

        When I think back to my schooling days, they never taught anything for living every day life or even basic survival. School is a fucking joke.

        • Hey I would like to SEE YOU do it. Cause I think your all dick. I am a Canadian who has plans to revelutionize the world. U can cook and clean I don’t need no mother. Sure I wife would be nice but do I needs one probably not.

      • Or they just WANT someone to do the dirty work for them^^ Why would a Japanese man want to work all day and then do all the chores and cooking himself? Just have some woman do that shit…

        Personally, I’d rather do the cooking and chores, while having a woman earn our money 😀

        • Your wife is your baby, UNTIL your REAL baby pops out her ass.

          Then SHE NEEDS TO LEARN, if its a GIRL BABY you have…

          THE TORCH IS PASSED ON. I couldn’t give 2shits less about my wife then after my baby arrive. Do the best to provide for your kids, your wife unless she wants to work; YOU ARE A BABYSITTER.


          Grow the fuck up. Learn, your kids are more important then your fucking high price clothes, makeup, supercars, fancy spa treatments.

        • I’d rather stay at home, cook and clean and look after the kids, than waste my entire life slaving away for some meaningless profiteering business filled with greedy assholes who are desperate to make a quick buck.

  • The women have let their standards reach impossible levels, while completely forgetting to make themselves appealing when it comes to homemaking skills and fidelity. If a man can’t even expect an average girl to keep her legs closed to other men, they are just unnecessary baggage.

    At the same time, the young men have such poor job opportunities (in terms of income and free time for enjoyment) that they can’t fulfill even simple, reasonable expectations as a husband, much less the unreasonable ones which abound these days.

    These problems are exacerbated exponentially because even the ones lucky enough to be in desirable positions (good-marriage-potential women and successful men) are now in a position to “play the field” and sample from many potential suitors.

      • No, it’s not the 50s. But women seem to have forgotten that if they want a relationship with a man, they have to do *something* to be appealing to one!

        Beauty fades. Sex, even in marriage, is never guaranteed and far too many women use it as a weapon. Besides, men now have nigh unlimited amounts of internet porn, and most of us still have opposable thumbs. So if there’s nothing else a woman is bringing to the table, why on earth would a guy decide to be with her?

      • Men are expected to make themselves appealing, why shouldn’t women?

        – Men are supposed to work out to gain muscles.
        – Are supposed to be successfull in their job.
        – Are supposed to have a plethora of skills and knowledge ranging from fixing stuff in the house to dancing tango.
        – A lot of other stuff.

        So why exactly is it okay for women to demand all these things but men aren’t allowed to expect ANYTHING at all?

        • we actually expect you to:
          -don’t look like a buffalo got hit by a train.
          -don’t be 50lbs over your ideal weight.
          -stop seeing to your own needs at expense of others.
          -want sex at all after getting married.
          -be able to cook edible food (a sandwich is not 5 stars).
          -don’t disagree emotionally. Bring evidence to support your claims and win a debate, or accept defeat gracefully.
          -understand the difference between having a free will and having your “free will” thrust up on others.

          all in all, i am hoping you are not an idiot. and hope your gender take that as a whole as constructive criticism.


        • Since when did women demand any of these things? Did you know women are a whole lot of different people and not some kind of separate race of strawmen?

          -I dont like muscles
          -I’d just prefer you dont live with your mother
          -I’d just prefer you arent a total moron
          -Other stuff can include ‘a personality’ ‘is nice’ ‘has a sense of humour’ etc.

          But I can play the dumb strawman game too.

          Men expect women to
          -look like supermodels
          -not even be a gram over their ideal weight
          -see to their every need
          -want their dick every second of the day
          -be five-star chefs
          -agree to everything they say
          -have no free will

          Of course, I’m not an idiot, so that was sarcasm. But to say that men dont expect anything of women and that only women have high expectations of men is hypocritical and idiotic.

        • Men are much more realistic than women. Men do not expect his women to be a supermodel and care very little about overweight unless it is a lot of it. Actually women care a lot more about other women overweight, mind you.

          Men do expect women to do their part though. If he has to work his ass off to bring money to the house a man has all the right in the world to expect house shores from his woman, like cooking, unless she is also working full time and bringing money in similar amounts.

          And yes, men expect sex from women, it is the main motive any men will marry a women. Live with that.

      • I mean, not implying that people should cook based on their gender, but it’s somewhat telling when there doesn’t seem to be equivalent level of knowledge between the two. It shows how irresponsible and lazy society allows them to be.

        • >>because society keeps telling them that they are all special snowflakes, perpetual victims of every men who has ever lived is currently living or will ever live and whatever they do is okay and justified.

          And efforts to stop this trend is always challenged by feminazis, and anyone who does are decried to be ungentlemanly.

        • This is have to agree with. I grew up with my mother and three sisters and I’m the only one who learned cooking and doing chores (not for my family but for myself).
          Basically my sisters didn’t help at all and my mothers arguments were either “they can’t do that, they’re girls!” when it came to going to the store and buying stuff because it was apparently “too heavy” for them or “I don’t want to force them into female stereotypes” when it came to things such as cooking.

          Now they are lazy, they failed at about everything they started in life, two dropped out of college, they can’t cook, clean or do anything at all and the only thing they ever do is throw out money and partying.
          If they wouldn’t have their good looks they’d be utterly screwed. But since they have the oldest one found some idiot who married her and who’s for all purposes her personal man servant.

          Growing up with so many women around me caused me to question everything a women does and not be as naive and it kept a lot of harm away from me.
          The truth is, you can’t trust women in our current society. They WILL screw you over and not even feel bad about it because society keeps telling them that they are all special snowflakes, perpetual victims of every men who has ever lived is currently living or will ever live and whatever they do is okay and justified.

    • Add to that their hostile behavior towards men which is hammered into them from a young age. Many of them outright see men as the enemy nowadays and think men owe them big time because some completly unrelated people a long time ago might have oppressed one another.
      The whole dynamic is completly flawed at the moment, I wouldn’t get into a serious relationship either simply because it is more detrimental to me than it would be positive.
      You don’t even have to pay for sex though because it is incredible easy to get nowadays even without a relationship and unlike a relationship you get to have sex with different women. Also you’re safer from STD’s because these women will never come up with the whole “Don’t you trust me enough?” bullshit to leave the condom away because they “accidentally” want to get pregnant.

    • The source article says 60% of men and 50% of women from the age of 18 until 39 still doesn’t married.

      The picture shown are average age for a man (30.8 years old) and average age for a woman (29.2 years old) in year 2013 still doesn’t married.

      • Sure, what you say is correct. One doesn’t need marriage, children and that stuff. People have a better living experience nowadays, ok.
        But there’s still three problems:
        1. who pays for the elderly? Even now the number of elderly in Japan is pretty high. Imagine when the current generation gets old and there are no young people. It’ll be a financial hell… and no, the solution is not to kill all elderly people^^
        2. what about children? Without children the population won’t stabilize: more old, less young. Basically, to make a child you need two people, so to even out the loss of the two parents, two children are needed. If you want to stabilize the countries age problem, one would have to make at least 3 children. Many people can’t even pay for the life of one child…
        3. Loneliness… just because 60/50% don’t have a partner, doesn’t mean they aren’t lonely and want a relationship.

        Oh, and I myself am a 23yo Hiki and NEET, don’t have/want a girlfriend or children, and I am happy with my life lol. Yet I am aware that I am a financial burden to others and won’t contribute to solving the countries problems^^

        • F**k this! I’m a 25 year old shut-in (but I do have a pretty good paying job). I thought money would solve a lot of problems. IT DOESN’T! You’re either:
          1) born an alpha male
          2) manage to fool others to believe you’re one
          3) WELCOME TO THE NHK, by the way my name is Hand Solo.

        • >>00:57
          Thanks, and good luck dude. I said the thing I said not to show off how good my life is, but to make the point it doesn’t matter if it is a neet or not, a lot of guys feel happier single. I get the feeling you are the same way.

        • Sorry but that guy aknowleding his problem is already an improvement.
          It means he will get his shit done when the time is right.
          Now about the society to improve part,you are either a troll or a dumb fat bimbo.
          i cant figgure which but my bet is on the troll part.
          One dude cant improve a rotten society no matter how much he tries alone.
          Personaly i worked like a dog my entire life and i still do.
          But with the current female mindset in most countries id rather stick my D on a blender or in a trap than do the mistake to get involved with a female that sees me as a bipedal ATM.

        • I beg to differ slightly, wives can be more expensive than kids if you live in a country with outrageous alimony laws.

          I am also a 33yo salary man. I have 7 houses (thanks to my rags to riches grandpa). I need kids so that my inheritance don’t go to my good-for-nothing cousins otherwise by default. Otherwise I would have just bought a cabin in the woods and lived the lowest carbon footprint possible as a hermit who hunts and fishes for his own food.

          I think I just might go the surrogacy route.

        • LOL… I don’t blame you. When everything comes down to it, most people on the planet lookout for themselves more than others.

          1. Honestly speaking, what kind of fool would want to slave themselves away just so the government can feed the elderly?

          2. Also, being “hikki”s and “neet”s is what a lot women have been doing for generations. It doesn’t have anything to do with anime, manga, nor the internet. Gals don’t seem to understand that guys didn’t really force this up on them. We would love to find women who can pull their own weight, but many women don’t seem to get the message – Equality is a two way street.

          3. Wives are expensive, but you can still divorce them at anytime at a cost, but babies will screw you over for 18 years. The solution to all these elaborate and extensive child protective laws is to not have children. It’s economically expensive to have kids, especially for people who are not prepared.

          Oh, and I myself am a 33yo salary man with a sports car, two houses, and six figure (us)income; But don’t have/want a girlfriend or children, and I am happy with my life lol.

        • “Oh, and I myself am a 23yo Hiki and NEET, don’t have/want a girlfriend or children, and I am happy with my life lol. Yet I am aware that I am a financial burden to others and won’t contribute to solving the countries problems”

          I’ll give you points (and an upvote) for being honest, at least. 🙂

        • Oh, and I myself am a 23yo Hiki and NEET, don’t have/want a girlfriend or children, and I am happy with my life lol. Yet I am aware that I am a financial burden to others and won’t contribute to solving the countries problems

          I’ll give you points (and an upvote) for being honest, at least. 🙂

        • Oh, and I myself am a 23yo Hiki and NEET, don’t have/want a girlfriend or children, and I am happy with my life lol. Yet I am aware that I am a financial burden to others and won’t contribute to solving the countries problems

          I’ll give you points (and an upvote) for being honest, at least. 🙂

  • Japan culture is just isolationist in nature.Some kind of obedience to hierarchy.

    It’s so easy to talk to random people, generally, but in Japan, Japanese people that I knew were always shocked that I could talk to a random Japanese person for no good reason. It’s like you’re supposed to have no right to talk to anyone that you haven’t been introduced to by some mutual acquaintance. As long as I’ve not been too aggressive, they usually always opened up. Big smiles and all……

    smh…They commit this lameness of social culture themselves. It has very little to do with the women wanting a rich guy…….They certainly do, but that is a superficial want. Same with guys and their toy collections..
    It’s hard to get past if you’re as socially inept as the average J-person, though.

    Fortunately, it does, sometimes, lead to some cool things that would be harder if everyone were trying to be the most sociable, but overall….seriously, it’s not a bad thing to talk to people you don’t know!

    • Anonymous says:

      This actually reminds me of a trope that always makes me roll my eyes in anime. You’ll have 2 characters who obviously like each other but any even slight mention of the fact that they do leads to awkward blushing or in some cases even screaming fits.

      Hell even other people mentioned their possible relationship leads leads to everyone awkwardly blushing, it’s the weirdest thing for a Canadian like me, it seems like they can’t even mention liking someone without everyone freaking out like you just pulled down your trousers and did a helicopter dick or something.

      And then when someone FINALLY does admit their crush it’s NEVER the right time for some reason. Seriously how many time have you heard “How can you say something like that at a time like this!?” in an anime, bitch it’s the right time! Unless you wanna spend another 13 damn episodes blushing and making weird noises at the slightest hint of romance THIS is the perfect time.

      I dunno how much this crosses over to real Japanese life but if it does at all I can see why alot of people don’t even bother.

    • That’s common in most European countries as well, at least it is here in Norway. There’s nothing more annoying than an American at the airport who’ll talk to you for 20 minutes non stop.

    • In Russia you can get stabbed to death for annoying people with your social skills and personally I think this is great. There is such a concept as “personal space” and it must be respected even in public.

    • I think it’s more because Japan is a smaller place, so it’s harder to escape from negative consequences if something goes wrong. Japanese people also tend to be more closer knit, so they are a lot more self-conscious.

      From my experience with Japanese society, they also tend to be more considerate of others, although they achieve that whilst maintaining personal detachment. Being considerate of others is good, but it’s also bad because it makes people more afraid of hurting each other’s feelings.

      In the West, nobody gives a fuck about each other. If anything goes wrong, people blame others (never themselves), cut connections, and look for new people. That kind of attitude makes it easier to approach others, but it also means that the value and importance of each individual is lost.

    • Actually they didn’t really open up, big smiles and polite laughter are the typical reaction a Japanese person gives to any stranger with the audacity to confront them. Talking to people is a taboo, but letting people know they committed a taboo is a taboo.

      • With Japanese there are certain rules you can abide by.

        The larger the smile, the more they are uncomfortable to interact with you. So, if you really want help or a meaningful interaction, look for the ones with a plain or slightly annoyed expression. Those are more honest.

        The more they say, the less they actually want to express. Constantly talking people want to shoo you away, not bind you in a convo.

        Also, one of the more serious rules. Don’t get them wet after sun-down, ie. a drunken Japanese loses all of his “politeness” and inhibitions. It’s fun to watch as a bystander but ugly if you have to interact with that person.

      • “Talking to people is a taboo, but letting people know they committed a taboo is a taboo.”

        So instead they let people know they committed a taboo with big smiles and polite laughter. I get ya.

      • That’s true. After being there for a while you can spot the difference most times and cut short if necessary.
        Either way, how likely are you to meet a partner as an outgoing person than as a shy and introverted person?

        I’d rather take the chance than not as long as they’re adult(which isn’t always easy to tell).

    • Personally, I think the exact opposite. Over here in America, it bugs the hell out of me how people can just randomly greet a passerby for no real reason. First thing on my mind whenever that happens to me is “Who the hell are you, and why are you singling me out?” When I took a trip to Tokyo three years ago, I was totally enamored by the way pretty much everyone there just kept to themselves, rarely ever speaking unless prompted. Quite a nice change of pace from a nation over-running with extroverts.

  • Culture has long joked that a LOVING wife closes doors, is a ball and chain, is a nag, and is your boss’s boss. “My child rules Persia” or whatever.

    Those were the best conditions men would ever see.

    Let’s generously assume incredible fortune grants me a woman who views marriage not with eyes of social obligation or financial security, just love.

    Even then, I still don’t make it back up to the nag bosses.

    Not anymore. Because I live in the age of litigation, of feminazis, of harassment and abuse accusations, and that’s _after_ being cynical enough to regard the shortsighted and shallow as beneath me.

    But hey, my observations can’t be counted relevant, I have no lab coat.

      • You know why I watch anime? It’s not for the “unrealistic beauty” — I can get airbrushed model shots or porn for that.

        Anime is the only place where at least some of the female characters are nice.

        I’ve often thought that this explains why the My Little Pony latest version took off among western young males — they’re THAT hungry for any exposure to female characters who are nice and don’t spend all their time bashing men. So hungry that even non-human characters will do.

      • Oh please. It’s scientifically proven that guys usually marry down while women expect to marry up. It’s why the two biggest single groups are high educated well earning women and unemployed/low educated men.
        The first group would only search for a partner in a very tiny group of similar or higher educated men, men who neither want them nor need them because they don’t meet their criteria (looks, age…).
        The second because they are usually seen as undesirable and societies outcasts.

    • Modern society is all about individual control and achievement.

      People don’t like being asked out unless it’s someone that they can show off to others. There’s no control and achievement in accepting someone’s love, so people prefer to chase someone down instead.

      It’s why women tend to go for jerks. There is achievement and control in managing to rein in a jerk that nobody else could. They can then boast about their dominating victory to their friends.

      They won’t go out with a random nice guy because that would make them look desperate, and they wouldn’t be able to show him off.

      Society is fucked.

      • Guess what? Women do not “go for jerks.” ANYONE can act nice and most people do, it’s the opposite of acting like an asshole.

        If your ONLY quality is being a “nice guy,” then you’re a loser. No talents, no skills, no drive, why the hell would anyone waste their precious, short lives on “nice guys?”

        Why would a women go out with the “nice guy” when there’s a “nice guy who’s good with cars?” or the “nice guy who’s athletic?” or the “nice guy artist?” or the “nice guy that’s fashionable?”

        Blaming and making excuses is just you trying to justify your pathetic, do-nothing lives.

        There’s no pity for you, go and do something brag-worthy.

        • So being kind to others is nonsense huh? Do unto others what you’d like others to do unto you.

          If you’re paranoid that women are leeching opportunists and shun them, you’ll attract exactly the people you fear. In short, you’re simply digging your own grave.

        • >>Why a man should waste his time on turning into a superhero only to impress a moaning and annoying bitch who make mo invesment in the relationship and to make the things worse, she thinks like you?

          And what made you think women are all “moaning and annoying bitch who make mo invesment in the relationship and to make the things worse, she thinks like you?”

          To see that this is all you see in women only shows your horizon is as large as a carriage horse’s.

        • You’re the thing that is called in statistics as a “Outlayer”. A rare case, a some sort of a misfit and you pretend that your experience can relate to all people. Guess what? It is not.

          Why a man should waste his time on turning into a superhero only to impress a moaning and annoying bitch who make mo invesment in the relationship and to make the things worse, she thinks like you? You and the nonsense you spit from your mouth are the very reason why men and women are now alienated. Do us a favor, quit the internet. We don’t need a special snowflake like you.

      • Triti

        When younger I always had 3 sometimes 4 girlfriends at a time.
        We had a blast, Traveling around, Camping, Rock concerts.

        Rarely had arguements, never violence and most stayed close friends for over 20 years.

        Later on I would have one girlfriend for 5, 10, 15 years at a time.

        Now that I am 60 years old, It is not possible to talk to any woman for 5 minutes before it turns into a nasty disagreement.

        And I mean NASTY!

        Who the Fck wants someone like that around?

        One got super pissed because I did not watch Steven Corbert…. WTF.

        At my age I know when I am being an ass. BUT I am putting this all on the women.


        Got more to tell you later.. triti

  • It’s hilarious how many of you victimize yourselves so much and blame it on others. Lets put it this way. Your genes just weren’t made to be passed on ^^ Natural selection, you know? Haha. And I think it’s better that way, why would the world want more people who just won’t try to be better people.

    If you have no money and no good looks, then only a miraculous (rare) thing called love is the answer, right? But who can love someone so egotistical that expects men or women to be a certain way. A lot of women want “hot” and “rich” men, but a lot of men also want attractive, feminine and on top of that maid-like, submissive women… No one is at fault for others’ lives but their own.

    • Maybe more so beliefs like this.
      “..and get arrested right after you spoke to the first Japanese female you met…”

      If it’s true they all think this way or you really do stand a big chance of getting arrested just trying talk to someone then no wonder they’re so messed up socially.

    • Women can always excuse away any wrong thing if it’s done by a guy they’re attracted to.
      The more effort you have to put into a girl liking you, the LESS she thought of you initially.
      Women love the guy that other women like, in other words, the guy with the most options.
      They only find the top 20% attractive.
      without the suckerdom of the remaining 80%, those women have no “fall-back guy” to tell the sob story of “this hot guy dumped me, now I like guys because of their personality”.
      That is why women in Japan don’t have many men friends: the guys were wise enough to watch how they ACTED, not what they SAID.