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AKB48’s “Worst Cosplay Yet” “An Insult To Asuka Fans”



HKT48 idol Haruka Shimazaki disastrous efforts at cosplaying no less than Asuka Langley herself have proven even more provocative to Eva fans than her efforts at Miku were galling to Vocaloid devotees…

The spectacle in question:





Fans are not happy about this, although as AKB48’s marketing tactics have been likened to a combination of milking creepy otaku whilst trolling everyone else with endless minor controversies this may well be intentional:

“They are toying with us!”

“This is gross.”

“God I just want to punch her.”

“Especially in the head tilt one.”

“Mocking anime otaku again are they?”

“It’s far worse than I could have imagined.”

“What can I do with the rage I feel now!”

“Compared to the Miku one it is no wonder Eva fans are indignant.”

“At least use normal makeup.”

“It’s obvious they are doing this on purpose.”

“Someone put a stop to this, please…”

Just stick to 2D!”


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