“What Free! Would Be Like If Haruka Was a Girl”


Dejected KyoAni fans have been taunted by a vision of what the enormously popular first episode of Free! would have been like had Haruka been a girl…

The picture in question, posted by a fan on Twitter, has inspired plenty of comment from the substantial contingent of unrotten Free! lovers:

“I think… there may be demand for this.”

“This could work!”

“It’s better with the hero as heroine. The rest of the cast are all basically girls in character anyway as well.”

“Damn, I thought this would be no good if the sexes were all reversed but this could be interesting. Do an OVA like this please…”

“I’m a girl but I think this works. Let’s have it like this from next week.”

“What is with all you moetards…”

“Just wait for the doujinshi.”

“It actually has a lot less impact than with boys though…”

“Remake it like this!”


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