Loli Ban Not Rejected


Opponents of censorship have been disappointed by the LDP’s failure to disavow its efforts to ban much anime, manga and games with vague and overly sweeping new restrictions on child pornography, as a final verdict on the new law has now been put off until autumn.

Activist mangaka Ken Akamatsu explains the current situation, which under Japan’s arcane parliamentary procedure essentially amounts to a stalemate which mildly favours ban opponents:

The current session of the National Diet has concluded. Because of the fight within the LDP between proponents of the ban and those who urge caution, in the end the bill remained under deliberation when the session ended.

It is unfortunate we could not see the bill abandoned, but I’d like to think it will at least take some revision to win over the more cautious members.

We will continue to protest this in order to get creative works explicitly excluded.


As for what follows, although it is still “under deliberation,” in reality it will not be discussed again at all until the autumn session.

We need to fire up opposition to the bill in that time!

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    Well Japan, here's your very last chance to protect your freedom. We all know this isn't about loli at all. It's all about you losing all your constitutional rights to right wing despots.

    I'm really curious if there's any fight left in the sheep.

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    they really want to create more jobless ... that's sad

    Comment by Anonymous
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    There is always the option of working for the NEET home security force.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    I don't see the point to the loli ban, I mean, its cartoons. I think they should worry more about the groping of women on their public transit systems than about some cartoon little girls. Besides they are a part of the culture over there and such.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    The country is run by scared old people.
    Naturally they hate what is new because it doesn't fit in their twisted understanding of the world which is still in the glorious WWII scenario.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    I still blame Agnes. She's both a christian extremist, a feminazi (aka not a real feminist), and a failed gravure model. That's many ingredients enough for one who could be seen as the instigator of this loli hate crime.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    The sad thing is that feminazis are feminists and have hijacked the movement the same way lunatics hijacked the men's rights movement.

    Comment by Anonymous

    The Men's Rights movement was never hijacked. It has always been mostly a bunch of disgruntled divorcees (with some definite issues to discuss). There have always been lunatics in their ranks as well, but they've never been the most vocal. It's only people who want to equate the movements who pretend that's true, when the movements aren't similar in the slightest.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    WWII? By that you mean how the "old farts" in question were rampaging around asia actually raping real women and real lolis... Sounds solid, maybe they're angry that the anime remind them of the "good old times".

    Comment by Anonymous
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    It's a battle between old and new generations.

    Comment by Dark Mage
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    We have the same situation in the US.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    I don't recall lolicon being in the public eye recently.

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    I don't understand why they would even bother with this when they can kill people and even destroy the entire world in anime, yet this whole loli thing gets blown HUGELY out of proportion.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    Yeah, I bet it's fine for little girls to be murdering each other like in Higurashi but it's offensive for them to be naked or shown as sexy... (even in a joking/funny way)?

    Comment by Anonymous
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    That's exactly my point.
    Violence is bad, sex is good. Our society has turned it upside down.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    "Your" society has always been fine with violence. For crying out loud, America was founded on genocide. Sex was ALWAYS "evil".

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    Actually, this bill was to close some necessary holes in the law that still allowed for CP to be transferred on technicalities. However, it's so over-arching, that it covers anime/manga/galge/eroge/etc that has noting to do with CP at all.

    Maybe it was written that way to cover the LDP's move to go after these industries while getting CP loopholes plugged up. Either way, this bill should be rejected and re-written to ONLY plug the holes that still allow for CP to be transmitted/shared, period.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    The entire bill needs to be struck down. It has no place in limiting anime just because there are people out there who find imaginary books with imaginary cartoon characters disgusting.

    Read something else, but don't violate our rights to read fiction! When has Japan gotten so weak and turned into a push-over. If they think banning lolicon is going to help their falling reproduction status in the real-world then their in for a fail surprise.

    Comment by Anonymous

    Actually, those holes don't need to be closed. What needs to be done is for people to realize that 99% of child pornography is made with the full consent and permission of the children/teenagers in question (yes, they are MORE than capable of consent no matter what the law says currently) and to move on past trying to illegalize anything but snuff films and hard-core physical child abuse in those things.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    Does manipulation have no bearing on consent?

    Comment by Anonymous

    I do think that CP should be legalized, but not for the reason you mentioned. Hell, I don't even like CP. Too 3DPD for me. But regardless, images of CP should be treated just like images of any other crime. If it is legal to watch a child get brutally murdered on camera, why is it illegal to watch a child have sex? Isn't murder a worse crime than child abuse anyways? It simply makes no sense to me.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    Feminist groups will stop at nothing to oppress their male superiors.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    stop confirming their beliefs, please... feminists suck but so do MRAssholes, don't be either one!

    Comment by Anonymous
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    You, dear commenter, are holy

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    Comment by ryusoma
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    Yes, but stopping train gropers is HARD WORK and doesn't have a tangible, simplistic solution where banning dirty cartoon pornographers is as easy as pie - just write a law and bang! problem solved!

    Clearly you've never been in politics, because the APPEARANCE of progress is far more important than actual progress.

    Comment by Anonymous
    15:45 27/06/2013 # ! Quality (+1.0)

    Not a big fan of Ken's works but god damn Iam becoming huge fan of him thanks to all his involvement in this whole deal.

    Ken Akamatsu. The hero lolis need.

    I can see a future for him in politics if he gets into a more lobby minded approch, gathers more support and improves his connections.

    Right now he is the fucking voice of anime, visual novels, manga and games up there, and the lolis everywhere really do need to be heard.

    The ban is wrong, plain wrong. Just a distraction, economics are going to hell and they are misdirecting attention to some easy target like poor lolis ;_;

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    Comment by Primus de Pedos
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    LDP better reject the retarded ban or they're going to lose what's left of the little otakus who actually voted for them.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    You meant to say "what's little left of Japan economics".

    Comment by Anonymous
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    Abenomics Seppaku or Bust

    Comment by Anonymous

    Hahaha, you think manga and anime are a big deal in Japan? Most people don't care about it, just the otaku that put them in pedestals.

    Comment by Anonymous
    09:47 28/06/2013 # ! Neutral (+0.4)

    @08:58 - read properly! he was responding to "you think manga and anime are a big deal in Japan?"

    Comment by Anonymous
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    Insignificant, huh? Weekly Shonin Jump sells nearly 3 million copies on a weekly basis. That's more than most video game titles sell throughout their life cycle. And greater than the number of viewers that watched Game of Thrones season one.

    With a combined total of around 156 million copies sold annually, Weekly Shonin Jump is hardly insignificant. Retard.

    Comment by Anonymous

    I didn't know Shonin Jump was a loli ero zine

    Comment by Anonymous

    Says the Europian with no industry or economic actvity, lol

    Comment by Anonymous
    21:42 27/06/2013 # ! Quality (+1.0)

    Lol, what a fool. European economy is just fine on the whole. You should be more concerned over the dying economy of Murricah and the fake/illusionary one of China.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    lolis and world economics there has to be an anime/manga idea in there somewhere

    Comment by Anonymous
    19:18 27/06/2013 # ! Neutral (+0.4)

    so, you're a pee on? ahaha...
    Correct orthography is your friend.
    Also if you haven't noticed, economy is wrecked all over the world.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    It's mainly eastern europe without any economic growth. Which is to be expected, when the government funnels everything into their own pockets and filthy gypsies run wild.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    Exactly. You cannot piss off a big group of your supporters like this and expect to be elected once again.

    Comment by Anonymous
    08:07 01/07/2013 # ! Neutral (0)

    Japan will kill its own manga industry off with these retarded bills. The bright idea started with that idiot asshole Ishihara now this is a follow-up.

    Old ass farts passing gay laws that do nothing but restrict entertainment. Does nothing to help real people just makes artists and reader material persecution able.

    Japan is becoming as bad as the west with this silly worship of putting cartoon characters on the same level as real breathing people.

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    Comment by Maikeru
    Comment by Anonymous
    13:44 27/06/2013 # ! Good (+0.9)

    They should focus on uncensoring their porn instead. Everyone can agree to that.

    Comment by Anonymous
    15:46 27/06/2013 # ! Quality (+1.0)

    First the lolis then the porn.

    Comment by Anonymous
    01:19 29/06/2013 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    Its only censored in Japan. They make uncensored porn for sale outside Japan.

    Avatar of Yamato
    Comment by Yamato
    09:13 28/06/2013 # ! Neutral (0)

    would there be something wrong with me if I said that I actually like hentai censorship? I mean, aside from being accustomed to it, it does leave a little to the imagination. And considering some artists can't draw genitalia well enough worth shit, that's probably a good thing. Of course, quality of censorship varies as well (tiny mosaics or little black bars can still look good, though the same can't be said of some big black splotch that covers not only the offending areas but also the entire pelvic region).

    Nonetheless, I do agree that it shouldn't be mandatory. Options are always a good thing to have.

    Comment by Anonymous
    06:59 01/07/2013 # ! Neutral (0)

    I don't believe that ANYTHING censored should still be restricted to 18+ though. Something rated for mature adults but is still censored doesn't make any sense to me. If the censoring of anime can allow it to show on tv or at earlier times in order to get more viewers, I think it's great (but late night, 2AM and still censored? weird).

    Comment by Anonymous
    08:09 01/07/2013 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    You can have sex in real-life yet we're not allowed to see some cartoon's genitalia? That is lame friend, LAME.

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