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Loli Ban Not Rejected


Opponents of censorship have been disappointed by the LDP’s failure to disavow its efforts to ban much anime, manga and games with vague and overly sweeping new restrictions on child pornography, as a final verdict on the new law has now been put off until autumn.

Activist mangaka Ken Akamatsu explains the current situation, which under Japan’s arcane parliamentary procedure essentially amounts to a stalemate which mildly favours ban opponents:

The current session of the National Diet has concluded. Because of the fight within the LDP between proponents of the ban and those who urge caution, in the end the bill remained under deliberation when the session ended.

It is unfortunate we could not see the bill abandoned, but I’d like to think it will at least take some revision to win over the more cautious members.

We will continue to protest this in order to get creative works explicitly excluded.


As for what follows, although it is still “under deliberation,” in reality it will not be discussed again at all until the autumn session.

We need to fire up opposition to the bill in that time!

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