Crazed Seiyuu Otaku in Neptunia Rampage: “Bring Me Rie!”


A Hyperdimension Neptunia anime event attended by Rie Tanaka has been cancelled after an fan wielding a crowbar burst onto the stage demanding she be brought before him to face retribution for the crime of marriage.

According to online accounts by those in attendance or connected with the event, the incident began at an anime talk show event for the upcoming Hyperdimension Neptunia anime, which was attended by the seiyuu cast including Rie Tanaka.

Suddenly a man wielding a crowbar burst into the event and took to the stage, claiming “there is a criminal amongst you!,” and demanding “bring out Rie Tanaka!” whilst reassuring the rest of the terrified seiyuu that he would only harm “the criminal.”

The seiyuu immediately took the decision to flee the stage, and all escaped without injury. Staff bustled the man outside even as he himself demanded they “call the police!”

Unsurprisingly, the event was cancelled and the man arrested.

Various sources identify the man was as a seiyuu otaku fan of Rie Tanaka who had become enraged at the fact of her marriage, and was apparently also responsible for various attempts to disrupt her fan club.

Year-old posts from 2ch ranting about her marriage and the possibility of her being pregnant may well be the same individual, and certainly seem consistent with the kind of maniacally creepy behaviour both seiyuu and idol fans are notorious for.


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