“.moe” Domains Approved


Adorable .moe domains look well on the way to becoming a reality, as ICANN has just approved their creation.

ICANN, the body responsible for administering and approving new top level domains, has just issued a preliminary approval of Japanese company Interlink’s application for the creation of the “.moe” and their CEO is hopeful that the new domain will be available soon.


With little meaningful left to register under the traditional TLDs, ICANN has been busily adding increasingly liberal new domains, ranging from the controversial “.xxx” to the likes of “.google,” “.map” and so on, to the general relief of those stuck finding all the good names under traditional TLDs have been taken and the general annoyance of those who now have to pre-emptively buy up vast numbers of new domains in order to head off malicious squatters.

Other Japanese TLDs applied for include .playstation, .nhk, .docomo, .canon, .gree, .goo, .nico, and localities such as .tokyo, .osaka, .ryukyu, .yokohama, etc. An American company has apparently requested the creation of “.ninja.”

Interlink say that if the contract goes through in October they are planning to begin sales of the .moe domain to anyone who wants one.


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