“JK Walking” ¥4500/30min

leashed schoolgirl by ichi makoto

A police crackdown on “JK reflexology,” where patrons would pay for schoolgirl massages and bed sharing in a booth, has led to the advent of “JK walking,” allowing patrons to walk the schoolgirl of their choice around town alone and unescorted.

Leaflets distributed by girls in school uniforms on the evening streets of Akihabara to creepy enough looking passers-by promise “Sightseeing: ¥4,500/30 min, ¥7,000/60 min” and “time spent alone together feeling like a date.”

One first year high school student who started her street walking career in April says the profits are split half and half with her “agency,” but hints at allied trades, saying her “friend” “earned hundreds of thousands of yen doing enjo kousai with customers since she was at middle school.”

“Walking” apparently started up after the police cracked down on “reflexology” joints offering various mildly intimate and supposedly legal encounters with schoolgirls in the comparatively safe if unsavoury premises of their employers.

Police concede driving young girls onto the streets has probably not helped make those intent on prostituting themselves any safer, and it has certainly made a fresh crackdown much more difficult:

“It is difficult to assess what conditions girls are working under when there are no premises involved, and they are likely to cause trouble and crime.”

Aside from the usual criticism of police for creating the profession and creepy schoolgirl fanciers for being willing to pay for it, a certain amount of concern has been raised about how the authorities are likely to try whacking this particular mole – the options being banning minors from working (impractical given high school is not compulsory in Japan) or instituting a further crackdown on men walking in public with young girls, sure to see plenty of fathers arrested for taking their daughters for walks…

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