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Square Enix “Will Focus On Social Gaming”

kaku-san-sei_million_arthur card by nardack

After having posted the worst losses in its history and sacking its CEO, Square Enix has announced its new focus will be social games.

Its final balance sheet for the last fiscal year showed an operating loss of 6 billion yen – the first time since the merger with Enix that the company has posted an operating loss – and total losses stood at 13.7 billion yen, the worst result in its history.

Most of these losses stemmed from writing off all the games it has cancelled over the last year.

Square Enix maintains its problems had nothing to do with it – according to group manager Michihiro Sasaki’s statements at a recent press conference, the massive slump in its revenues was because of “intense environmental change,” and its concentration on console and arcade games slowed its progress in the field of social and online gaming, damaging the company’s performance, whilst North American video game sales were “stagnant.”

He emphasised that for the next financial year “the driver will be social games,” and that the company is expecting to return to profitability by focusing on social gaming, forecasting profits of 3.5-6 billion yen next year.

Markets have actually responded favourably to the news, although the company’s shares still trade at rock-bottom lows:

square-enix-stock-price (2)

square-enix-stock-price (1)

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  • Yes, it’s current slump is due to environmental changes, and not because it’s murdered it’s own genre with progressively worsening Final Fantasy titles. I mean hell, even with Ride to Hell: Retribution on the market Final Fantasy XIII is still probably the most poorly written game on the market now.

  • The social market is more appropriate for smaller companies. Square-Enix is too big with too many overheads, and they will physically be unable to make enough money on the social market to sustain themselves. Especially if they are going to abandon their loyal fan base to aim at a new market.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hmm… I think I’ll go back to an awesome fantasy world and ride some Chocobo… until I reach my fuckin’ AIRSHIP and actually discover ALL the world has to offer… search for some special weapons, acquire powerful summons after beating them in turn-based /ATB battles (in which I actually have to use tactics and brains, direct each party members actions, use awesome limit skills, etc. and also get stronger after battles, level up abilities, or learn skills after having gotten enough AP)…. and some more, while listening to great music and looking at 2D art… IMAGINING what character’s voices might sound like, etc. etc. etc.
    Oh, and I’ll enjoy a fantastic story, full of philosophical themes, social critique, characters with psychological issues and moral conflicts… and awesome antagonists.

    *Kefka laugh* while poisoning all villagers, burning down castles, casting meteors on the planet, merging different worlds, traveling through time, turning everything into nothingness… you get it
    *Kefka laugh*

  • Anonymous says:

    Why didn’t they release versus 13? Why don’t they make more kingdom hearts games? I feel like this would have fixed it, rather than trying to bandaid over FF13 they shoulda just fuckin’ gotten over it and moved on rather than try to make people like 13 by making sequels. Would have improved international sales at the very least

  • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

    Played the english versions of ff (well.. no just the beginning), ff2, ff3, ff7(3 times no less!), ff8, ff9 (which was tedious), and finally ff10. When ff10x2 came out it couldn’t keep my interest anymore & I stopped 5hr in game.. so I moved on to ff11(which felt like I was going in circles trying to follow the plot that didn’t want be be found) and I stopped again!
    Then ff12 came out and I thought this was it! The company was trying something New! The story was strong and burst out the gate like a cocaine fueled monkey and I was on a great ride~~~~ but then I just stopped. I’ve bought ff13 and ff13x2 and played 20 minutes into both and never came back.
    Did I burn out or did something go Very wrong with this company? With time marching on, I saw that time became a big factor in deciding when to play these games and the archaic idea of forcing the player to find save spots became a major hazard to me enjoying this games. I couldn’t just open a menu -Save- and turn off the playing machine, so I didn’t play those game anymore~
    Now; I play instants like resistance 2 co-operation (done in 25 or less minutes) or just random shooting games. Fast-quick-easy & done. No thinking involved to relieve stress from a long long day of work.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think it’s partly that the formula of the actual gameplay can get old after a while. Once you’ve tired of the gameplay in a particular style of game, there’s just the story, art, characters and other supporting elements to hold your interest. And if the gameplay becomes a tedious slog, it brings up the question of why you’re playing through dozens of hours of something that doesn’t interest you just to view a few hours worth of content that does.

      Longtime fans of Final Fantasy likely have fond memories of earlier installments in the series, because the system was still fresh and new to them at the time, and there wasn’t as much to compare it to. They were willing to sit through 40+ hours of making menu selections and dealing with random battles because it was something new. After a couple more games though, they start to find these things becoming tedious, and would just like to get to the good parts of the game. Add to that the large time requirements these games require to get to those good parts, and they just don’t seem worthwhile.

      These days, more games are offering expansive story and character development, often coupled with gameplay that is more engaging than the Final Fantasy formula, so Square has a lot more competition to deal with. They’ve tried to make changes to streamline their games in recent years, but I don’t think those changes have actually addressed making the gameplay better, just less involving.

        • Anonymous says:

          No, you seem to be missing something here. The story was NOT strong. It had the absolute potential to be a strong story but the presentation, characterization, and progression of the story itself ruined that potential.

      • Anonymous says:


        Though I have to admit, I actually kind-of-enjoyed FF12 after a dropped first play… The first time I didn’t like the battle system, characters were boring, story was… boring and not much there… the world was too… boring, everything looked the same, sidequests were… not many.
        I dropped it and only restarted after several years. Not thinking about what I liked in previous FF games, I played through completely and it wasn’t bad, though story and characters could’ve been better. Compared to older installments it sucked^^

        Then I played FF13 and… that REALLY sucked! Forced my way through and even completed all optional content (which btw is only 1 thing, hunting mobs… everyone who says ‘after chapter 11(?) you can roam freely and do LOTS of sidequests’ is a retard without brain -no offense to fellow handicapped people- because there is only ONE boring plain with like 2-3 linear side-areas and the only optional task is hunting like 10 different species after running around forever… and most battles were really easy. Hardest challenges were that giant cactuar ‘required luck’ and the final mob with wings)

      • Story was actually pretty solid, the issue that made it feel strange was actually that they focused on a story-driven plot minus the usual character elements we were used to. The reasons drove the plot rather than the characters’ reasons, so it felt completely different than we were used to. I wanted more character moments. Vaan was an everyman dragged into a situation which was interesting because for once he wasn’t the hero, but the thief along for the ride. We basically took that game from the perspective of the thief in the party seeing the epic happening around him and seeing his reactions which I actually really enjoyed that they took that perspective.

  • Anonymous says:

    Watching the fall of Squaresoft is like losing a friend to a life of drugs. It’s painful to see the downward spiral as your friend loses their mind, makes completely daft decisions, goes bankrupt, and dies in a spasm-filled death throw on the hospital bed. You beg and plead with them to make the right decisions and turn away from the road they are headed down before it is too late, but they think they know what is better for them and don’t listen.

    I used to swear by Squaresoft gaming.

    Rest in Peace, bro.

    • Anonymous says:

      I still remember watching my brother playing FF7 and later FF8 when they got released. Since then I got into JRPGs and loved the FF franchise. FF10 was only so-so (too straightforward, characters not fleshed out enough etc.)… but then came the merger: Square-Enix.

      I played most of their games and don’t remember even one being great. TBH, I don’t even think of Square-Enix as the former Squaresoft or anything like that. The good people left Squaresoft and the company died. That’s the end of the story.

      Square-Enix is just something that shouldn’t have existed in the first place. What they turned into in the last couple of years is simply pathetic… first they ruin FF and what made JRPGs great, then they released games like Tomb Raider (which made me WTF and laugh for some time), and now they focus on social gaming…

      Quoting Wikipedia:
      Square – Defunct April 1, 2003

  • Anonymous says:

    Relying on their product backlog is probably the only thing that has kept them afloat and now even that is failing them.

    I hope they hurry up with the Steam release of Final Fantasy 7. The fact that it was released in their own online store instead of Steam is a complete misunderstanding or outright denial of how western markets work.

  • Anonymous says:

    We’re really in the throes of a tectonic shift in the games industry. This isn’t just happening to Square but to companies like EA and Ubisoft as well. What’s happening is that the Casual market is increasingly shifting towards Tablets and Social media while Hardcore Gamers are increasingly abandoning AAA Console titles in favor of PC gaming and small, indie studios and Kickstarter projects.

    The only company that’s really weathering this storm well is Valve.

    It’s a shame to see this happen to Square. Hopefully the Japanese gaming and anime markets will benefit from an Indie revolution soon. The current way of doing things is not doing them any favors.

    • Anonymous says:

      I lost all interest in gaming during the current gen. I only bought a X360 because of Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon and the then exclusive Eternal Sonata and Star Ocean 4… later I was pissed off that some exclusives got PS3 ports with additional content, better graphics, Japanese audio, etc.
      I did like LO and BD, but most other JRPGs were disappointing. FF13 sucked, ES was too easy, linear, boring battles; SO4 didn’t like the battles, weak story… Last Remnant was quite nice, but often frustrating… Vesperia didn’t really keep me interested + battle system is bleh for me (prefer turn based)… Resonance of Fate had good ideas, but too easy, weak story, really simple, easy and boring battle system…

      So yeah.. I wanted great JRPGs but got only mediocre stuff. There aren’t even new JRPGs!
      FPS bore me, and action-adv. are too short = not worth my money, sports are not my thing, Jump ‘n’ Runs are too easy and short… racers don’t keep me interested… MMOs are only nice when starting (because everything’s fresh), also I don’t play online & not a social person, so no interest in parties, guilds, etc…

      The PS2 was the last console with lots of good games IMHO… everything current gen is only about GRAPHICS, multiplayer, online, social gaming, achievements/trophies, rankings, buyable marketplace content (cash cow) and other shit. It’s not about actual gaming anymore!
      I won’t buy a next gen console, I’m done with new stuff. If I want quality I play NES, SNES, N64, PSOne, PS2, GBA, Master System, Game Gear or Dreamcast… just to name my favorites^^

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, I have absolutely no issue with this, now that Star Ocean’s developer stepped out there is no real reason for me to support Enix. Considering Square are the ones who turned their series into a flood of horrible dubbing and metrosexual boy-band-esque characters since it turned to PS2 and never thought about their roots even once short of remakes, created an MMORPG without any sort of valid PvP combat. I am hoping they will disperse into nothingness because they haven’t done much of anything good short of in some people’s opinions (not mine) collaborating with Disney and creating essentially an abomination, just like everyone else who has ever collaborated with Disney in the digital age. (Not that I have anything against Disney alone, but Disney + Other Media = awful watered down garbage people settle for), this is well established.

    I, for one have absolutely NO idea why anyone would be upset by this, this is AWESOME. Do you really want a company to kill the franchises you love even slower that it has? This is perfect because it means we have less of a chance of seeing more Akira Toriyama-quest, less of a chance of seeing more Final Direction,and more of a chance of seeing a legitimate company who can make good modern JRPGs fill the void Square-Enix made. Seriously, nobody should be surprised by this; the Squaresoft side has been dying since about 2001, and the Enix side has been dead since 2010 or maybe; being blunt about it 2004, not to mention Tri-Ace not following through on their other franchise.
    For the love of video gaming be happy about this, you can not expect a company this huge which has done so much wrong to live for even as long as it did as a primary game developer. Let it kill itself elsewhere, and what a better place to kill itself on the most minimalistic form of video gaming since Java clients in the 90’s, the cell phone.

    • Anonymous says:

      i agree with everything except one point – if by a “watered down game” you mean the kingdom hearts series, stop fucking there. a game being more ~kid friendly (which it fucking wasn’t because it is legitimately *hard*) doesn’t make it any better or worse than a “more adult” game. if it doesn’t suit your tastes, perfect, but don’t call it a “abomination” just because it features kiddie stuff.

      you purists are the same or worse than square enix’s practices.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is an abomination, however I can see it being “fun” for some people. The main issue I have is that whether you’re playing Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy 10, you are pretty much playing a pile of awful dubbing and a franchise gone COMPLETELY off track.
        However, if you want to argue about it; watered down relative to what? Relative to the actual games in their heyday? YES, it most definitely fucking was. Final Fantasy started out more medieval/feudal era-esque in style, then it became more bright for a while, then when 6 came out they brought in the steampunk. When 7 came out they really should have held the rails, either A. Keep the anime art style. or B. Go back to the badass feudal looking stuff. For 8-9 they seemed to experiment with the art styles, for example in 9 the characters sort of had a midway point between good/cartoony and what essentially was the bane of character design post 128 bit gaming. Once sprites were out of the picture the initial style was lost. Suddenly, 10 comes out and we have characters that look like marionettes, as well as some of the most awful excuses for dubbing imaginable.

        Then Kingdom Hearts came out and poured salt on everyone’s wounds. Square officially sold out, they lost all of what they originally were and went on to go downhill from then on. If someone likes Kingdom Hearts, good for them; but it is pretty much an insult to compare it to Final Fantasy, especially when the games are barely of the same genre, and KH merging two things that should never be merged. Now all of a sudden that Square-Enix is finally dying the death it deserved, I can’t even comment on how much I dislike KH. KH and FF are in entirely different leagues, to see that shit compared is hilarious. Then again, Final Fantasy has been shit since 2001 so you can pretty much say what you like since KH came out in 2002; there is your free basis of comparison, I can’t blame you then.

        To sum it up, yeah; make “kiddie stuff” but they needed to get their heads out of their asses and understand exactly where they went wrong.

    • I agree with what you said.

      With SqaureEnix going for social games it really opens the market for new studios to pop up and make good new IPs. SquareEnix had a pretty good stranglehold on the game market for so long that it really lowered the chances of small independent companies from stepping up. Since developing for a console (any console) requires a well established studio with the know how and contracts to make such games the chances that such a studio would be bought out at that point by companies like SquareEnix are pretty high. So hopefully with the new development we will see some new IPs.

      The next best step would be if the dev teams that used to make the good games for SquareEnix would quit and reform as their own company (this has been done MANY times with quite a few western companies) Which would give us a chance to see games that get back to the better days of SquareSoft.

      • Anonymous says:

        Square-Enix never caught my attention in a positive sense. I didn’t really enjoy any of their games. Back on the PS2 I rather went with “Level5” and loved their games: Dark Cloud 1 & 2 and Rogue Galaxy.
        If only more developers would release something similar… instead of all those mediocre abominations.
        Now that Squeenix is dead, there must be something new… and good

      • Anonymous says:

        Indeed, it would be nice; considering Square and Enix both were absolutely excellent companies in their heyday. I can not imagine the entirety of the talent going for the mobile scheme, if they branch off; I can see good coming from that as well. It would certainly open new pathways for the JRPG genre, that is the only way I can see this.
        Square-Enix is long past the time where someone could legitimately believe they can pop out something better than the original Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest games. They have been given innumerable chances for people to believe them but they never pulled through to any real degree.
        Out of all the genre which need to look toward the future, it is the JRPG genre. The FPS genre is doing absolutely great considering it is doing it’s job, WRPGs are doing excellently because that is all about world building and immersion. Platformers will always be for the sake of fun, and more competitively speed and scoring. JRPGs are none of those things, the JRPG differentiates from the WRPG with the idea that it tells a story, rather than has you write it. In a WRPG, Cloud would have been nameless, and traveled immense worlds gathering resources and slaying beasts. (You can not quite say Monster Hunter is an RPG, it is an RPG simply in role and concept, but by that definition Super Mario Bros for NES was an RPG as well.
        JRPGs tell stories about a cast of characters, and the problem with the current generation is there haven’t been enough good stories to tell. The big names deteriorated and even though their games were quality in many ways, the original charm was all but lost.
        I really hope that the next generation brings many games with many stories, rather than just a few games that are only passable because they had a name tied to them.

  • Anonymous says:

    What they need to do is take a good long honest look at themselves and what made them great in the past. I very much doubt it has to do with a “changing environment.” I think it’s pretty much the same.

    These blind fools see the success of Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and a couple others and think “OMG, we need to be there! Mobile/social is soooo successful!” Well, no it isn’t. Look at how many hundreds of thousands of mobile games there are versus the few that are successful, at least successful enough for a large company to survive. All others just rot away.

    Mobile gaming is a more brutal market than other gaming with more turnovers in companies coming and going. Everyone thinks they will be the next “Angry Birds” when they very likely won’t make anything back.

    If SE goes this route then they’re going to be in for a nasty surprise when their cash disappears even faster when no one cares for the games and old fans abandon ship.

    • Anonymous says:

      Chasing the next “angry birds”/”world of warcraft”/”call of duty”/”gears of wars” is the worst problem of modern publishers and some developers, they been trying and failing for 10 years but they still refuse to accept they were exceptions

      The market seems to be evolving into a “Long Tail” market (many more kinds of products, less sales of each, more sales in total) which is the completely opposite of what they want

    • Anonymous says:

      most of them are successful enough to warrant another, most aren’t runaway successes.

      see most mobile apps cost less than 50 grand to make

      a store release console game, 10 million$
      a store release console AAA game, 50-100 million

      for one non triple A game, they could take 100 shots, and for a triple A game, they get 500 to 1000 shots with the same cost.

      you see why social and mobile games are desirable now?

      the only way gaming will go forward is if we get engines that can take some of the cost burden off of the developers.

  • Choosing a niche instead of the competetive global video game market. Well I can kind of understand the decision.

    With Sleeping dogs and Tomb Raider creating losses for them, Square-Enix must think it’s not profitable right now to publish costly games. And this console generation is at the end of it’s life cycle.

    The social games bubble often features exploitive models for low cost on the other hand. This bubble will burst at some point though. After all those shitty years, we should be happy if they dissappear. We still have Atlus.

    • Anonymous says:

      they said ff13 would be ps3 exclusive, they said dual audio would be added if the fans cared enough. they said ps3 photoshopped screenshots were xbox360 screenshots. At this point, I don’t believe a single word they say.

    • Anonymous says:

      going back to core means investing money (they probably dont have or at least are not willing to bet, and be honest they are likely to waste on a FFXIII-4 anyway)

      social games are cheap and usually bring a profit (unless you are a bonehead and try to sell them at 20-40 dollars in a 1-3 dollar market… which they have done in the past), the profits will be small however, nowhere near to support the size of their current corporation so saying they will focus on that is kind of saying that they are going to start a fire sale and greatly shrink themselves

      i just hope their franchises dont end like the ones from Atlus, i’d like to see another Sleeping Dogs

        • Anonymous says:

          The game sold well enough, 1.75 million copies at retail by march 2013 (and most of PC sales were probably downloaded sales that were not counted) it was first in lists for several weeks, most reviews either from magazines or bloggers were pretty positive

          It was their unrealistic expectations and bad budget management that caused those loses

        • Anonymous says:

          Why was this comment given a down vote? Who here actually wants a FFXIII-4? I enjoyed FFXIII, granted it was at the time when I was in denial that it was actually a bad game overall, but when I completed that game, I was primed and ready for FF Type 0, FF Versus XIII and FFIV (before discovering it was going to be another MMO). The thought of sequels for FFXIII didn’t even cross my mind and I still don’t want them. I played FFXIII-2 and I will buy Lightning Returns, but I didn’t ask for them. If they have more story to tell then fine I will see what they have in store for Lightning and company but I’m definitely not getting my hopes up. They fucked up the first two, so there is nothing to make me think that this third and final installment won’t be fucked up as well.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is not that they are lazy, but that their former CEO already fucked too much up, remember he outsourced nearly all their work to China.
        Most of their own work Studios should be gone by now and they can’t simply back out of the contract their Prior CEO made with These Chinese companies.

        • Anonymous says:

          There’s really no point in blaming China or the XBOX 360 for the fact that FFXIII lacked towns and such. Square Enix simply didn’t want to take the time and spend the money to make the code for the towns and for the ability to talk to NPCs like in previous Final Fantasies.

        • Anonymous says:

          lol, they didnt whore themselves to microsoft, they realized there was no freaking way in hell they were going to shift as many units as they needed to break even by making it an exclusive and Sony was not willing to put the difference in an exclusivity deal

          its a wonder they didn’t port it into PC, wii, ps2, cellphones, tablets and everything else with a microcontroler, i guess the 360 port probably didnt sell enough to justify the porting costs

        • Anonymous says:

          Castian’s right, because clearly no good games were made with discs < 7.5gb. I mean, who really liked FFVII or even Chronotrigger, right?

          Therefore that MUST be what crippled the company.

        • They’re not lazy nor it was China’s work.
          It was that they developed their games for the 360, they were stuck with 7.5 gig capacity discs, so they had to downgrade all their games to fit such low standards.
          In those times, games were stacking up to 11 and more gigabytes.

          They were making the game Ps3 exclusive, the game WAS 18Gig big, but as they prostituted to Microsoft they had to hack off and downgrade the game, leaving the crap it is now.

          The issue was Money, gaming prostitution, bad buissnes practices and lame ass choices.

    • Anonymous says:

      The core is just a bunch of fucktarded, greedy idiot suits who have absolutely no idea of what Square and Enix was all about. This is a testament to rampant capitalism ruining everything in the name of the quick buck. Back in the day, failing figureheads were kicked out/hanged for creating such a mess.

  • Anonymous says:

    The entire games industry needs a fucking business model. Publishers, licensors and marketing are killing the industry, it needs to fucking backpedal a couple decades and fix itself up, the whole thing is imploding.

  • Anonymous says:

    to be fair lots of developers have at least put one foot on mobile/social games, but good luck catching the casual market here in the west with that premium pricing of them.

  • They might as well… They’re known for making games with stupidly high production values, and they tried to do that half-assed with cheap labor and it didn’t work… Well, if they’re not willing to do what it takes to make a flagship title, they may as well go into retirement and make little cheap games like any other upstart.

  • Anonymous says:

    They could go back to their former glory by substantially revising th JRPG genre, seeing what it is that makes it tick and why people like it and improving it strenghts and updating it for the modern market while preserving their identity and core.

    But instead they release another done and seen style jrpg, a sequel no less, and focus on social games.

    They’ve fallen so hard.

      • Anonymous says:

        ALL JRPG titles will eventually shift to handheld & smart device only. Japan does not have the user base to support spending countless millions on god tier A-list console only titles. It’s cheaper to produce on less powerful handheld/smart devices, the user base is much larger & Japanese console sales are in a steady decline. Don’t go blaming Nintendo just because you’re dumb.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well, developers think like this:
          People know about a console’s hardware specs, so they expect/demand high quality graphics. If it looks bad/cheap, people won’t buy and reviews will be negative. So we have to make it look sooo awesome, which not only is really expensive, but needs more disk space = less game content.
          Thinking straight… why spend tons of money on something that might not reward us enough, when we could make some crappy looking, cheap and simple game for a smartphone, tablet or social networks… add lots of cheap DLC and it’s a win

          Hm… maybe you just don’t understand something like that

        • Anonymous says:

          This comes across as a horrible opinion to me. Yes, Japan does not have as many people as the rest of the world. But, according to your comment, they can only sell their games to Japanese people. Despite the fact that people everywhere like things from everywhere. Are JRPG sales down? Sure, probably, as this generation has been FPS saturated out the ass. And yet, that doesn’t mean sales will always be low, or that they shouldn’t try to capture foreign markets. If anything, the last generation proved that they could be successful. A new generation is looming, and anything can come out an change things. Another JRPG with a huge development and marketing push can become the next FF7. An amazing platformer with the same can become the next Mario. An amazing FPS with the same can become the next Call of Duty.

          Also, I like how your post basically says only “god tier A-list” titles are worth being on other devices. Just because a system has 835235y2037031513t8980t2h*2 gigs of ram or can factory infinity*2 polygons doesn’t mean everything has to use it. I don’t care how advanced gaming gets, fun is fun, and I’ll play Super Mario Bros. ’till the day I die. I’ll also keep playing Skyrim, Super Meat Boy, Zelda, NIS titles, FF13, Duke Nukem Forever, and anything else I find fun (and yes, this even includes some CoD and other FPSs), because I couldn’t care less about the graphics or supposedly “boring” gameplay that has yet to actually bore me or anyone I personally know that has played many of these non “god tier” games…

    • Anonymous says:

      Anon be crazy. They ARE reading market trends and adapting their games to what the MARKET wants. You’re complaining because they’re doing exactly that now. The market wants phone-card-games.

      For a long time they were successful in spite of the market. FF1,2,3, even 7 to some extent were in SPITE of the market trends. They said “Huh, these shooters and platformers are really popular… Let’s make a 40 hour RPG!”

      And they succeeded. Now they actually go WITH the market, and you complain they are ignoring it?

  • Anonymous says:

    …this move they are making, is just going to spit out the same kind of mobile game applications, that if you are lucky in the first few pulls will make you continue the game, and if not just throw it away.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why is it that all the company’s I care about are either having serious problems and are not really going to be putting out good games anymore or have already gone under/are in the process of going under and they can’t do anything about it, but the company’s that make games I couldn’t care less about are thriving and look like they have no problems heading there way anytime soon.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because you’re a filthy weeaboo, whom fails to acknowledge Japan does not have the user base necessary to compete against western developers. Nor are you capable of admitting western developers are the only ones putting out quality products for the last 6 years.

  • Anonymous says:

    dear Sankaku, do something about the retards downvoting everything and fail trolling. It’s a pain in the ass to comment and read what others say now. Block their IPs, something! It’s so annoying!

    • Telling the Trolls to stop isn’t going to help them realize anything but Trolling isn’t going to solve issue ether.Here is an example even when people try to Troll Anita Sarkeesian because she made a bad documentary how women are portray in video games.

      Did the Trolling Anita Sarkeesian solve the issue?

      Not really, all it did was did was give her a lot attention from media,and game developers on the issues she had brought up about online harassment among female gamers on Xbox Live and PSN which does happen.

      • Anonymous says:

        i’m not telling the trolls to stop, i’m telling the admins of sankaku to do something about them. reading comprehension, please.

        and as a side note, pfffft, speaking of retards. that cunt should just vanish from the internet forever. she gave all feminists a bad name.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with this 100%. Oh Square Enix, how low you have fallen. If only you released Final Fantasy Type 0 to the rest of the world on the PSP and Vita, released a Kingdom Hearts 3, left Final Fantasy XIII as one stand alone title, released an upgraded FFVII instead of FFX and X-2, and put more of your resources into Final Fantasy versus XIII and new IPs instead of shit like another FF MMO when you already had a successful money maker in FFXI.

    • Anonymous says:

      True, it could have saved them, because a remake of ff7 is a sure milking cow whether it sucked or not. Put a decent hype builder, release the game, add fan service DLCs and boom, many many cash.
      Now that the fans of the game -being an old game as well- is continuously growing old and that the jrpg trend growing smaller and being overshadowed by fps games and MMORPGs. The gold that is ff7 remake is slowly disappearing from them.

      • Anonymous says:

        They milked FF7 more than enough and the sequels/prequels were pretty shitty (IMO). FF7 was a great game, but with every new release, it became more stupid. Nowadays everyone who “loves” FF7, names Crisis Core and Advent Children first, and many don’t even know the original game.
        As long as Sephiroth, Cloud, Zack and Vincent are in it, the product will sell like bread, no matter how bad it is… that’s why a remake of FF7 could be a tremendous profit for Squeenix.
        But if you think about it… the game’s got too much content = production is too expensive… and Squeenix don’t really have that money^^
        Well, they could split FF7 into several parts and release like 1 episode per year… but that would turn the game into shit

    • Anonymous says:

      Atari was long dead before that. The name only exists to sell tshirts to nerds with nostalgia glasses glued to their faces and to swindle casuals out of their money through bad games.

    • Anonymous says:

      They’re probably gambling on their company name and past reputation to sell those low cost mobile games.

      That piece of stinky shit that was All The Bravest, despite how obvious it was as a cashgrab and slammed by reviews everywhere still got enough fanboys and retards paying for it. They’ll just keep repeating the same shit again.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, they’re completely full of shit. Their western devs are probably the only thing that kept the company afloat this year, and all three of the games (Tomb Raider, Hitman, and one other I can’t remember) did extremely well, just not the impossibly well they somehow expected to cover up for the losses of the entire Japanese division. Basically they’re throwing the western branch under the bus to try and save face for all the stupid shit they’ve done the last couple years, like All the Bravest and Final Fantasy XIV’s disastrous launch.

    • Anonymous says:

      They’re not drunk. They’re just going into panic mode. Big projects returned too little money back.

      FFXIV 1.0 in particular was one collosal failure and although ARR is setting up to seem awesome, it’s still not even released yet and developing for it continues to take money. Of course, you won’t see them admit that as a reason, and instead point to foreign studios as their fault despite Tomb Raider and Hitman actually selling more than 2-3 millions. I mean, how can one just write off 5 years worth of development for FFXIV 1.0 like that?

  • Anonymous says:

    —–Rest In Peace—–
    Here lies Squaresoft, who is survived by loving family and friends. He bravely battled with cancerous tumor since 2003, but it gradually took control of his body that couldn’t cope with it any longer.

    He will forever be missed.

  • Anonymous says:

    I admit I’d still wish to play/try FFXIV: A Realm Reborn for PS3 (I have a crappy laptop) because I enjoyed FFXI and I’d be pleased if it could recapture any of it’s charm.

    However, sometime I wonder if I’ll ever get a chance to. I almost wonder if they’ll somehow crash and fade away. Granted I’m not good about stocks and the market but even though they still manage to sell their most awful games in strong quantity, I have long lost faith in this company and it actually took me the first release of FFXIV and their lies to make me realize how fall they have fallen.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ahh… the seething hate of people that hates the FF MMORPGs is so deliciously predictable especially when it’s obvious that they’ve played 1 hour top or not at all. Never fail to disappoint me.

    • Gamers’ expectations killed the FFXIII start really. As a story it’s probably one of the strongest and most adult stories of the entire series. The linearity is not a bad thing, people just perceived it as such because people judged it before their tried it. The actual mistakes in game play and execution were there, but nowhere close to as bad as everyone says at all. Not allowing full switching of classes until late is pretty much the only major issue it had in terms of gameplay, since it also caused issue on its balancing and growth over the course. Couple that with the fact that a large portion of the codex was never integrated well into the narrative worldbuilding, and sadly its atmosphere ended up being more confusing than it should have been.

      None of Squareenix’s games have been bad in the past 6 years that I can think of. May not have been peoples’ ‘cup of tea’ but that in no way designates them as a bad game. Where one aspect faltered, another excelled, they just hadn’t really refined a game into something that had all ends covered. FFXIII and -2 combined however are easily the best FF story in the series.

      This decision may not destroy the company, but it will destroy that which we loved. And like the fair-weather fans most of the morons are, they’ll miss it when it’s gone, because like most people in general, they’re too stupid to know what they actually want. If they did, they wouldn’t simplify it to ‘towns’ and pretend that meant anything.

      • FFIII was crap. The only thing it had was beautiful graphic and a ok story. But if i want to read a good story i read a book instead.

        When i think about Final Fantasy the first things that comes to my mind is a open world, towns, random encounters and a gripping story.

        FFIII stripped all that away, the story was ok at best, the graphic was truly beautiful, but that´s it, that´s the only thing the game ever had.

        The problem they have is that they believe that all gamers is graphic whores. But, most gamers would rather get a great story and gaming experience rather than perfect graphic.

        They have yet to understand something that simple.

      • Anonymous says:

        Final Fantasy XIII is slow as hell, has boring battle system, boring enemies, boring characters and nothing to explore. After beating the endboss there is nothing left to do. WTF?????? I played XII 3 times, Final Fantasy VIII 5 times….FFIX 2 times,FFX 5 time and FFVII 3 times. But I will never touch again FFXIII!! I speak it out what is clear for everybody with a thinking brain: Square Enix sacrificed a world to explore and a interesting battle system over the mainstream taste. Why again do we play Final Fantasy??? And yes, many people seem to like FF XIII-2, maybe its good, I don’t know. But no one should think “part 2 is good, that makes part one also good, because the stories are CONNECTED” That’s BS! If I buy a game it should be good alone…FFXIII is clearly not “good”.

        • Anonymous says:

          I liked FF13. It had a good story, if you’re not so slow that you can’t grasp it. It even had solid gameplay, with the maximizing combat efficiency thing (discovering that ATB paradigm switch was so helpful)…

          But it wasn’t really a “Final Fantasy”-ish game. Yeah, the legend of the crystals was there, some really re-spec’d summons, but not much else was. If they called it “The Epic of Pulse” or something more generic like that, it probably would have had much better reception.

        • Opinions all, fine. But FFXIII was good. Perhaps not great, but there was nothing about it that was crap. I don’t want to do extra crap after I beat the game unless it enhances the narrative, atmosphere or story like Lunar 2, otherwise let me move on. And for someone who enjoyed the entire atmosphere of the first one, and then saw how incredibly they let the story enhance beyond anywhere I could have expected in XIII-2, I know for a fact you don’t have the perspective to speak on what you do not know. If cities were a sacrifice, then the designers were geniuses to make the reasoning behind it so reasonable.

          Yet again FFers keep wanting more of the same while simultaneously complaining that there’s nothing new. Always the same.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t necessarily think the story was all that good in Final Fantasy XIII though. It had potential to be good, but it had a lot of really badly forced drama and not a whole lot of actual adventure in it in my opinion. I liked the combat system quite a bit, but to actually maximize your efficiency it’s a high learning curve. For instance, getting extra attack bars by swapping a paradigm to a second same type paradigm is never, as far as I’m aware, mentioned in the game and absurdly helpful. I didn’t end up actually playing more than 10-15 hours personally, but I watched a very good YouTube playthrough that taught the combat system better, and got me interested enough in the combat system to play XIII-2. But my god, the spontaneous drama, particularly around the aeons manifesting was so out of place. It’s almost as though they got so far into the game and realized “oh shit, we haven’t given 3 or 4 of the others a summon yet. we’ll have them randomly break down and the summon appear!”.

        XIII-2 actually improved things quite a lot, and I want to go back and finish it. It just has a fairly steep enemy difficulty curve after the first few eras and I shelved it for a while to take a break and forgot to get back to it. Going back to Lightning for another game? Not really all that interested… I’ll have to see what the gameplay looks like. I’ll probably still pick it up (perhaps at the inevitable price drop to $20 range) for my collection, but with the exception of XIII-2, which the time travel aspect may be skewing my opinion a bit as well, I’ve been pretty disappointed with the XIII world.

      • JeremyRPG says:

        I disagree with you. The company let down it’s fans. It was not an issue of people not knowing what they want. Quite the opposite. People know exactly what they want. They know how it felt to play an amazing game. I know that playing the newer FF titles didn’t give that sense of adventure and excitement that the earlier ones did. There are even other games made currently that still give us our “towns” and open world experience and they are regarded as amazing games that people will never forget. The very name of FF is legendary and Square had a duty to it’s customers to uphold that, and they failed. Maybe the company won’t die off completely, but now they will be a joke for the rest of time. They will never have the respect from the gaming community that they once held.

        • The FF-fans want a FF game. And every single game in FF have 4 things in common.

          1) Open World.

          2) Several Towns with NPC and stores.

          3) Random Encounters.

          4) Gripping Story.

          FFXIII didn’t have 3 out of 4 of those. And Even the story is weaker than the other games.

          As a stand alone game it could work with it´s beautiful graphics, but the problem was that it was introduced as a Final Fantasy game.

          And when it´s introduced as a Final Fantasy game then it will also be judged as one.

        • You gave nothing exact when you describe exactly what gamers want, which yet again brings up that you don’t know exactly what you want either. You describe other games with towns… and nothing else. so? Most rarely if ever have any capability to enhance your existence in the world, and nothing to reward you truly with a meaningful enhancement of your character or story. The games really have nothing but the initial awe of discovery, which isn’t really that worthwhile in the long run to a truly engrossing narrative world. Open-world experience is also a lie because nothing is truly ever open-world, just designed to make you feel like it. FFXIII actually impressed me because people complained of its linearity, but when I sat down to play it, the way in which they organically got to different locations didn’t feel forced much of the time (sometimes it did, but a forgivable amount in my eyes). It may have looked like a hallways to someone who wanted to whine about the maps, but that’s if you look at the map itself and forget why you’re in it in the first place.

      • Anonymous says:

        “The linearity is not a bad thing, people just perceived it as such because people judged it before their tried it.”


        I went into the game with an open mind, then any positive attitude I had was absolutely killed off after 30 hours of gameplay that amounts to nothing more than your average on-rails shooter. It’s ridiculously laughable for a once great RPG series. Also it speaks volumes that you feel you need to simplify “towns” to just a tiny throwaway feature that people are supposedly overreacting to.

        And then the final area, where the game supposedly “opened up”. Even after the preceding 30 hour “tutorial” I was still looking forward to that. No prejudice here.

        I nearly had to laugh if it wasn’t so sad. One empty grass field, with a couple of side paths. Filled with “missions” that were cut down to the absolute minimum of “go to the marker on the map”. That was IT! Compare that to FF12’s hunts, that took you all over the world, had storylines of their own with NPC’s and cutscenes, and you had to actually look for the mark, figure out under which conditions and what time and place they might spawn. It’s pathetic!

        FF13 was a dire disappointment in just about every aspect, and that’s coming from someone who didn’t even dislike the battle system for what it was.

        • Please feel free to explain what towns would have added to the atmosphere in a way that would have made it meaningful and work better than it did. You have your towns, they were actually there. One you ran through because soldiers were chasing you and you were in a flight for your life. Another was completely decimated for plot reasons I won’t spoil beyond that, and another was the one you start in basically and can enjoy the beach and playing with kittens like every other RPG.

          While I’ll most wholeheartedly agree that FFXII’s hunts were better, quite frankly did you want them to do it again? Did you just want a rinse and repeat? You, like every single other “fan” would immediately bitch for the exact same reason.

          FFXIII for the first time actually made me feel like they took time to make me feel the emptiness the characters were feeling. You basically felt like shit the whole time, but because you felt this hopelessness clawing at you the more you went through the game. The entire world was in its apocalypse, and as much as I hated and loved that despairing feeling, it was the most unique gaming experience I’d ever had and will never forget it because of it. No game in history has given me that feeling so thoroughly that made me want to stop playing not because it was bad, but because I was right there with the characters not knowing if I wanted to see what remained of the world around the next corner, as if your entire reality was not only an illusion, but even that illusion is crumbling around you.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Gamers’ expectations killed the FFXIII start really. As a story it’s probably one of the strongest and most adult stories of the entire series. The linearity is not a bad thing, people just perceived it as such because people judged it before their tried it. The actual mistakes in game play and execution were there, but nowhere close to as bad as everyone says at all. Not allowing full switching of classes until late is pretty much the only major issue it had in terms of gameplay, since it also caused issue on its balancing and growth over the course. Couple that with the fact that a large portion of the codex was never integrated well into the narrative worldbuilding, and sadly its atmosphere ended up being more confusing than it should have been.

        FFXIII and -2 combined however are easily the best FF story in the series.”

        Where to start…. adult themes? FF10 had religion and conspiracies, FF8 had college work and oprhans, FF7 had murders and cross-dressing, FF4 had betrayal and forbidden love… FF13 had what exactly, a girl pissed off with a guy dating his sister, so please stop.

        Linearity, look at FF10 again, if the story is good then you can stomach linearity, I gave 13 at least 40-50 hours before tossing it in a bin.

        Class-switching is irrelevant as you are given the characters from the beginning and that is how you come to love the game, it is very hard to care about the outcome of the game when every character is a whiny, bi-polar, maggot!

        I own/played 90% of all FF titles over the course of many years and numerous platforms and can tell you that it is the worst title in the series, bar none. I refuse to even play 13-2 based on principle and won’t buy any title/merch linked to it.

        • These comments speak of someone who grew up noticing themselves in the characters initially, and now that they’re older, refuse to accept that. The reasoning is always childish and stupid. “Whiny,” people are dying around them constantly and they are losing their loved ones and we call this whiny… do I have to explain the stupidity here? “Bi-polar,” this condition doesn’t exist, it’s the mark of stupid people judging people who have ups and downs when they have shitty days because they have never really figured out how to react in social situations to pressure; “Maggots” ….actually that one’s just entertaining, I won’t even argue 😀

          I will give you credit for being one of the only people to catch the irony that FFX, the most ‘linear’ or all FFs, almost moreso than XIII, is also one of the most beloved in the series, if not the most based on sales. Very few people notice that, so I give you sincere respect.

        • Anonymous says:

          “it is very hard to care about the outcome of the game when every character is a whiny, bi-polar, maggot!

          I own/played 90% of all FF titles over the course of many years and numerous platforms and can tell you that it is the worst title in the series, bar none. I refuse to even play 13-2 based on principle and won’t buy any title/merch linked to it.”

          Whiny bipolar maggots have been the staple of the series since the PS years.

          Not playing 13-2 based on XIII is arrogant and stupid since it’s a vastly different game and an enjoyable experience.

      • Oh yes, one thing I need to clarify since it’s a unique thought process for me and I know people will mention it. An MMO is not a game to me. It’s an MMO,a different entity. A real videogame to me has a beginning, middle and end with replayability. An MMO is an entirely different thing, because a normal videogame doesn’t involve a mandatory lifestyle change. So when I say I can’t think of a bad one, I wasn’t counting FFXIV. Even then, I’d say if people saw that game 5-7 years ago they’d say it was amazing. Just more lost perspective and expectations over time.

        • Anonymous says:

          The main reason why the magic is pretty much gone from gaming. Is simply because we’re not kids anymore. from the 80’s, 90’s and for some in the 00’s we only got games because our parents bought them for us. Since it was a gift we enjoyed it because of that fact. Yet now we’re shelling out our hard earned money for something and the blinders are finally off. Before we think “this is awesome” but now its more like “This is alright” “This is okay” “This is some bullshit” etc.

          It goes for the developers of these big companies too back then these guys were in their 20 – 30’s they we’re pretty much innocent to the whole bullshit of business. They were driven to tell stories and show people what they could do. Yet with time comes wisdom but it also carries complacency. The big devs / publishers got TOO BIG. They lost their vision, their innocence. It’s like a child realizing their is no santa, life goes on but that good feeling you once carried in your heart is gone.

        • @ Anon 12:32

          I appreciate your points very much, and all of them valid, but I’ll never truly accept a fan being angry at a game because the game wasn’t their exact game they wanted. No gamer ever knows what they want until they see it, and then one of two things happens, they say ‘it’s just trying to be this game’ or ‘this is shit because it’s not the last cool thing I played.”

          The entire reason this dichotomy exists is because we have been spoiled by games, and I was guilty as well until I finally one day just cleared my head and realized it was all judgements based on bullshit. Suddenly every game felt like it did when I was 13 and everything was new. How would you like it if all modern games felt like they did back when you played Chrono Trigger the first time? That’s how all RPGs feel to me now, and it feels so amazing I can’t even describe it. People can bitch and moan all they want, but every game I get is a new life experience again because I know how to make it one.

          The one thing that destroys incredible games like FFXIII is expectation. Look at it as if you’d never seen a videogame before, for example. Can you IMAGINE how you’d react? If you can’t, then that’s my point. We have completely and utterly lost our perspective on something being incredible from the ground up. Spoiled brats, all of us.

          You yourself said it. Gamers expected open-world because it was popular then. Why is that Square’s fault? They did something everyone else wasn’t doing at the time and did it very well as they always do. Every other game was a sandbox game, and most of them aren’t even very good sandbox games. I craved a straight story that didn’t try to pretend I was the protagonist and that wouldn’t be beaten in 5 hours if I decided I wanted plot.

          As for Hope’s decisions, I don’t understand why you consider them illogical. Maybe I need some specifics. A young kid seeing his mother die and reacting to it is very illogical, I’m not sure what you expected (magic word again). He reacted very much like a young boy faced with a trauma who hadn’t developed the mind enough to not place blame on someone. He looked to Lightning as a mother and a lover both because he was in the midst of growth he didn’t understand and to fill his loss. It’s all there for anyone to notice if they’re actually paying attention.

          Won’t argue that the gameplay was stagnant. This is merely my preference alone, but I liked the straight-forward aspect of it in the place I was mentally at the time. I really craved a straight story, and that’s what I got. The gameplay was fun enough for me, but of course not unlocked at an early enough time to grow well with the game. That one’s one I will never argue against.

        • Anonymous says:

          To HouseLife:

          I honestly don’t see why FFXIII is an attractive game to you with all due respect.
          you’re right in that the game isn’t meeting expectations. But to blame fans for having an expectation for the game is not very reasonable.The marketing regime strongly convinced everyone that the game plays like a sandbox game is where it really went wrong.

          The game came out when sandbox games made it really big. People enjoy rpgs that allow you to explore the world in, like oblivion or GTA.
          that expectation, coupled with the long development of FFXIII and the marketing hinting on a huge world to explore in, fans were waiting for the Japanese rival of a sandbox rpg.

          what turned out was a highly graphically enhanced game but without the depth in gameplay or vast world to explore in.
          the gameplay is without a doubt stagnant. It really was a slightly more sophisticated rock-paper-scissors game.
          the roles of the roster of characters are rather confusing. While you can say it allows for versatile play, the leveling and build is REALLY limited that no matter how you really build it, it doesn’t matter so much. it’s all back to the elements and the right formation.

          story wise, some characters do make some very awkward decisions to just keep the plot going.
          Hope is one of those character’s that from beginning to end, i don’t understand his mentality.

          the good things about the game is the character and environment designs and the music. but the story has made all of this trivial.

  • Anonymous says:

    With Project Eternity, Wasteland 2, Torment : Tides Of Numenera, Cyberpunk 2077, Divinity : Original Sin, etc the RPG market has at least 3 years of really good health before needing more “trying to get the top” games. Try to recover before that, there’s still time Squeenix.

  • Anonymous says:

    Squaresoft is pretty much dead now if this is their last resort. Sad thing is they are taking Enix down with them, which really sucks cuz the only decent games in the last few years out of the square and enix join, have been made from the enix side.