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The Imams do NOT dictate the religious laws. The Hadeeth and the Qur’an are the one that does.
Any Imam that doesn’t follow those two are astray. Take Shi’ah for example, They do not take in any Hadeeth that isn’t narrated by ‘Ali, despite the companions of Muhammad being the most trustable men to Muhammad, yet the Shi’aites doesn’t believe so. That’s blatantly going against the teachings of Muhammad if you ask me. Anyway, this is a long ass topic so I hope you guys keep the generalizations out of your ass and do some research. Google doesn’t cut it, read a book.

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    If you want the Death Note characters to be played by Japanese WATCH THE FUCKING 3 MOVIES, 1 TV SERIES, AND LIVE THEATER PRODUCTION you weeb fucktards!

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    keep your scat to yourself

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    Because bullshit. Regardless on how smart can one be, how could he predict actual death gods doing the deed? If anything, L being able to plan even after his own death proved that he was the better man, unlike whiny Light who only got as far as he could by abusing the fact that only he and his followers knew the full extent of the powers and restrictions of the death note. In equal conditions, Light would have surely lost.

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    What, no Jojo characters? Have you seen a Jojo fight? It’s pure fucking mindgames everywhere. Giorno Giovanna once cured himself of a deadly virus by turning a fragment of its container into a snake to produce natural anti venom and inject himself with it. Like holy shit, who the fuck would think of that?

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