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The fuck is erica hartmann doing on this list! SONUVABITCHQZ,!!!111one1!ONe!1 I MAD!!

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  • Top 25 Most Hateable Anime Heroines:

  • Top 25 Most Hateable Anime Heroines:
    heh. yeah. she’s already annoying enough for me to hate.

  • Top 25 Most Hateable Anime Heroines:
    Because Index>your life

  • Top 25 Most Hateable Anime Heroines:
    Tsubasa? really? she barely qualifies as “heroine”. Annoying, maybe. But heroine, yeah, no. Try Nagisa or Chieri (who can both be freakin’ annoying).

  • Top 25 Most Hateable Anime Heroines:
    No Haruhi and No Kirino, yet those Japs put Sakura Kinimoto?! Tsukuyo from Gintama really? REALLY? Why not Otae that always serving burnt fried eggs and being a cold bitch?! How about the obnoxious bitch with two ribbons from Mayoi Neko Overrun! that always beats up the MC to a bloody pulp when he’s nice to her, and asking you to “DIE TWICE!”?! This list is already unbelievable.

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  • Umbrella Corps Gameplay PV “Nothing Like Resident Evil!”:
    Resident Evil 4 had more tension in it than the other Resident Evil games that came out since. Remember those villagers and the crazy bag head guy with the chainsaw? Remember fucking up and having them form a lynch mob to kill yo ass? The way they climb through the windows and generally do everything possible to get in that building and kill you?

  • Atelier Sophie Trailer Cuter Than Ever:
    Because Atelier games sell like shit in Japan so they put no effort into them. They really should invent a new franchise and hope it attracts an audience. Seriously, look at the first week sales for an average Atelier title in Japan, they’re embarrassing.

  • Top 10 Games Owed Anime Adaptations:
    lol Disney was going to make a KH cartoon, but it was scrapped, so your “Disney won’t let it happen” is wrong. The story of Kingdom Hearts is not for kids, said by the creator, Tetsuya Nomura, himself. KH1, KH2, and Birth by Sleep, originally going to be on PS2, but Re:COM delayed it. Formerly known as Episode 0/KH0, but is now 0.1 due to X[Chi](the new 0) is another KH game worth playing. All the games are important even if you don’t want to play them.

  • Sword Princess FINE Immensely Voluptuous:
    1995 called. They want their Super Nintendo back.

  • Hidan no Aria AA Brimming With Action:
    I hope you’re not the guy who keeps spamming all the time about crappy male characters. Someone finally got what they wanted, removal of the male character, and people complain about that as well. Doubly shameful if you’re that person though.


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